I could not make this up!

Picture this, it’s Sunday evening and your family gathers around the TV with cool drinks, eager to watch your favorite game show. That;s right folks, it’s time for “Faith Off”!

The first word that comes to my mind is “degrading”. I simply cannot see rational, self respecting religious people of ANY faith jumping with excitement to get a few minutes on national television in order to show how much more omnipresent and omnipotent their particular God is then the false prophet of that bunch of heathens in the blue team.

My bet is that there will be a punch-up in the first ten minutes of the pilot episode.

Let us take a deeper look at why this is such an unbelievably bad idea;

My first question is, how are school children in the UK educated on religious matters? Quite simply; from my investigations, the Christian faith is dominant while other faiths are glossed over to give the appearance of inclusion. One school begins their religious education with the endearing topic “Who is Jesus and why is He special” and then proceeds to “Christmas – The very special baby”. Although other religions are mentioned, the scope of Christian material far outweighs anything presented on Judaism, Hinduism or Sikhism.The BBC‘s own version of religious education is even more geared towards the Christian point of view.

The second flaw in this plan is how contestants will be attracted to this program; online advertising on Muslim websites and through the Islam channel’s network. Why is the recruitment of contestants so narrowly targeted? How many execs at the BBC do you think said

“Sure, Abrar! You can advertise your insane religious stand off show on our channel.”


I think that Mr. Hussein has latched onto one sure way of making money; controversy! He has unfortunately dreamed up a game show so ridiculous that I think he is just making a fool of himself.

I think I should make my own game show “Atheism – Faith Not Important”.


3 responses to “I could not make this up!

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  2. Maybe a punch-up after 10 minutes will be a good for a laugh – I’d love to see them all falling over themselves to be all PC and tolerant…..until, WHAM! someone drops a particularly sensitive clanger and all Hell breaks loose! Man, I hope it comes to SA TV….

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