Just a quickie

I have received yet another bogus e-mail, this one warning me that my sinus medication could give me a STROKE!


The worst thing is that some idiot in the South African Police Service seems to have printed out this e-mail and ENDORSED it! Why would you ask a SAPS commissioner for verification of such a thing? Surely your doctor would be a better source of information than someone trained by the same people who gave this guy a badge.

I do not want to turn into an e-mail hoax busting website, although I see so many hoax e-mails that I would never run out of inspiration. Instead I will point you to my two favorite sites, snopes.com and breakthechain.org.

I have been writing these posts for a few weeks now and am starting to get the hang of it. I have a few ideas in the pipe-line so please check back regularly. I value all feedback and any suggestions will be carefully considered. Thank you for your support and please send anything which tickles your skepticism my way.

I would highly value input from other skeptics and if you would like to contribute to the skeptic detective, please drop me a motivating e-mail and a sample of your writing.


One response to “Just a quickie

  1. I saw the same e-mail. I think it’s probably been devised by a disgruntled ex-employee of the pharmaceutical company that produces those medications. Who else would relish the idea of some poor innocent switchboard operator being inundated with thousands of calls from frightened sinusitis-sufferers demanding a refund for their R25 box of over-the-counter Schedule 2 meds?

    Having taken several of those medications myself, I can attest to the fact that they DEFINITELY DO NOT lead to stroke! (Unless I’ve died and gone to wherever skeptics go….)

    It’s funny how the article mentions that only women are at risk – are guys immune from the effect of that particular “deadly” chemical due to their y-chromosome? I think not!

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