Our Strange World

Jesus The Jew! What the hell is this?

According to all of the reports I have seen, including boingboing.net, this beast apparently washed ashore on a beach in Long Island. We have no information about it, only this one photograph. Nevertheless, this is quickly becoming an internet phenomenon. The creature is grotesque, shocking to look at. The level of detail seems convincing enough. But what the hell is it?

The most popular theories put forward by internet denizens are as follows;

  1. It’s a hoax, drawn up in photoshop,
  2. It’s a weird demon-creature created by mad scientists in a nearby research facility,
  3. It’s is a de-shelled turtle, and
  4. It’s a dead dog.

My personal favorite is the idea that it is a genetically modified creature. “everyone” knows that Montauk is the site of some pretty freaky science experiments. In fact there are so many crazy ideas in that conspiracy that I could devote my life to trying to disprove them all and still fail miserably! Time travel? Mind Control! It’s like a skeptic training ground!

Basically the claims made for the government behind some kind of crazy science falls flat on the complete lack of any compelling evidence what so ever.

Whether or not this is a PS invention, I am not sure. It looks remarkably life like, but there is always the possibility that it has been digitally created. Unfortunately it is hard to prove this either way. If it is a PS hoax, it is an incredibly good one.

The possibility that this creature is a de-shelled turtle is alluring at first. I have never seen a turtle without it’s shell before, but the shape of the skull, the tail and the appendages seem plausible. Many people suggest that actually removing the shell from a turtle is extremely messy and leaves terrible wounds along the animals sides and back where the shell is ripped off. I scoured the net and only found two pictures of turtles without there shells and neither look much like the Montauk Monster at all. Click here for de-shelled turtle on a bed of ice or on rice.

These turtles do not show the wounds, but there bodies are still very much shell-shaped. They do not look anything like this picture.

Finally, the theory that it is a dead dog. Maybe a hound which fell from a yacht and drifted at sea for a week or more before washing ashore.

However, a better match would be made with a young raccoon. The short snout with what seems like a beak certainly do not belong to any dog I know of (not even a pug – you noticed the resemblance in the eyes too?). However a raccoon skull looks remarkably similar to the “monster”

And a raccoon’s hand also bears striking resemblance to the paws of the “monster”

It would appear that there is nothing mysterious about this creature. It is simply a dead, ocean soaked, naked raccoon.


2 responses to “Our Strange World

  1. Well, madonna, I am not the only person who has come to this conclusion. The consensus among rational thinking people is that the creature in the picture is a dead raccoon.

    Jeff Corwin holds a bachelors degree in biology and anthropology and he too identified this creature as a dead raccoon based on the evidence available.

  2. man that is not a dead raccoon!! I had a raccoon for a pet fro two years before he got too aggressive to keep and even with out his hair there is no way he would have looked like that.
    definately a hoax.

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