Somebody got enough CRAZY in their breakfast!

Whenever I am looking for a story to blog about, I head on over to for a little inspiration.

Tonight I stumbled upon this little gem which I will reproduce here in full, because it’s short and so full of absurd BS that I don’t want to have to keep switching between websites to see it.

The UFOs that chase the NASA’s(sic) mission may not be operating in our threee(sic) spatial dimensions
India Daily Technology Team
Jul. 26, 2008

It is well known to UFO researchers that NASA missions are well monitored, observed, and chased by strange UFOs. But interesnationla(sic) UFO researchers are convinced that these UFOs are very advanced, not harmful and impossible to encounter in our tems because do not exist in our three dimensional spatial environment.

These UFOs are actually projections from their actual existence in the higher dimensions. The projections are obviously not real. These UFOs are actually monitoring space missions of all the different space missions of different countries for a long time.

The space agencies including NASA are confident about their nonexistence because they know their existence in higher dimensions.

The 3D projection take with the help of the gravity waves that become feable in out spatial environemnts and is equally strong in higher dimensions.

Oh, buggerit. There are so many grammatical and spelling errors in this article that I will not even try to correct them, it’s better that way anyway.

This reminds me of an example put forward by Carl Sagan in his excellent book, The Demon Haunted World. He refers to the Dragon in his Garage, I have posted the full extract in my blog on the page entitled “The Dragon in my garage”. This UFO story fits the garage dragon exercise perfectly. The ‘journalist’ (and I use that term loosely in this case) claims that UFOs exist, NASA knows about them, UFO researchers know about them, yet nobody has any proof because they exist in another dimension.


So what’s the difference between a UFO you can’t hope to detect and a UFO which does not exist at all?

The answer to that is a guy who clearly does not have a firm grasp on either English or reality, who does not check his sources and then gets PUBLISHED!


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