Heartless Bastards!

It is not every day that I get really, REALLY angry. Today is one of those days and this article is the reason for my anger.

I may be an atheist, but I have no problem with people following whichever religious / spiritual path they choose to follow. Provided of course you do not hurt anyone in the pursuit of your chosen religion. Harming anyone in the name of religion is not on.

Then there is the crack-pot craziness of STARVING a BABY to death because he refused to say “Amen”. That is pure insanity. I have a three year old son and I know as well as anyone how stubborn and contrary a toddler can be. He is not an evil demon, he is a developing personality. Testing the boundaries and asserting himself in any and every way he can.

The claim that the mother, Ria Ramkissoon, had no control over the situation is ridiculous! If my son was starving to death I would do anything to save his life. I do not accept her excuse.

A religious group which does not understand this, and kills a baby, has crossed the line, overstepped the boundary and gone too far. These people have to be stopped. Freedom of religion is one thing, but there has to be some kind of safety system.

Murder is Murder. Murdering a toddler for being a toddler is the most heinous crime and there is NO excuse.



7 responses to “Heartless Bastards!

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  2. A cult leader can convince any follower to do any thing the leader wants. The leader most of the time sees them selves as a self proclaimed messiah sent by god. Queen told this woman that god would raise her baby from the dead and she believed it. Queen had the power and the mother was a mere sheep and followed. The mother had no power. Religion has no play in this human nature does. It is basic Sociology in play. Queen is the king rat she is the one percent of the five percent. While I understand in the concept of god and faith it is of no reason to condemn those who can not think for them selves. They lack self esteem and they lack for the better terms basic self control. You pass judgment on things even they can not under stand and I am not trying to be mean but I am studying this and even I do not. I can not under stand why some one would want to harm a child but in the en it has happened and there is nothing that can be done. I however find it interesting that is woman this “Queen” based her religion off another close religion but included a level of messiah power and god related communication into the mixture.

  3. yes, well Rachel, I agree that these people were in the wrong, however I do not hold your religious views on this matter.

  4. I am so deaply heart broken due to the sick and ungodly acts of these animals! How can a Mother slowly watch her baby die? What is becoming of “human beings” today? Jesus died for our sins and this is how we repay him? I hope these animals burn in hell for enternaity!!!! May God bless that little baby boy (Javon) as he is now living in great peace.

  5. Why in the name of religion? Why? Why? Why? Why do human beings think they can be holier than God? If God forgives the worst sinner and allows “both the wheat and weeds to live together till the harvest”, who are mere mortals to kill a tordler because he committed the worst sin on earth by not saying amen after meal? Why? Why? Why? Why do this in the name of God? Why not use the name of satan for once?

  6. Yup, religion as a philosophy is (mostly) harmless. It’s the unquestioning contradiction to reason that it promotes that negatively affects people. And that is why it should be fought.

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