It must be Halloween

you know it’s October when the paranormal  stories really start to make a show. Every crazy with a spooky claim gets heard because Halloween is near. Today’s tale is a little early, but if you can put up christmas decor in October, you can get freaky in September.

Kansas city news ran an article  today about a “ghost” light which appeared on the CCTV footage of a 24 hour gym, have a look;

The gym is open all night, so anyone can enter the premises. It appears that the light in the video does not cast any shadows. This may be caused by the high compression, but I think that it is caused by someone standing out of the camera’s range of vision, shining a small LED light directly at the lens of the camera. Furthermore, you will notice that the light is narrower at the periphery of the frame then it is in the center. Again, I think this is due to the fact that it is a light being aimed directly at the camera.

HOAX! Case Closed.


One response to “It must be Halloween

  1. alternatively this is about 5-6 frames of footage of nothing happening, on loop, and a bit of photoshop work with the dodge tool or something similar. considering the supposed total length of the footage (my sound is right down but I think it was about 2 hours, on and off..?) I could create exactly this in about 2 hours using nothing but the above mentioned, plus some rendering software to output the edited frames into a video.

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