Stop Danie Krügel

As the saying goes, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”. In South Africa we have a unique phenomenon known as Danie Krügel and his, possibly, revolutionary device known as the Krügel Theory Tester (KTT).

The following quote is taken from a report hosted by a krügel fan site;

The KTT uses novel technology for the detection of a wide range of substances across a similarly wide range of distances and in terms of specificity and sensitivity the technique has been claimed to be extraordinarily powerful

Despite krügels claims, he refuses to have his device tested by independent authorities. As a result the skeptical community of South Africa is determined to put a stop to his campaign of voodoo science. Please show your support by visiting, linking to this site from your blog (if you write one) and spreading the word about this fallacious use of “science”.


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