I love a testable claim

And none is more tesatble then this claim made by a psychic who calls herself Blossom Goodchild.

Unbelievable is another word which comes to mind. As I write this we are a mere 6 hours from the 14th of October. Although I am sure the aliens use Eastern Standard Time….

Well, keep your eyes to the skies skeptics, and should you see a spaceship with a diameter the size of the MOON (!) in the atmosphere,

Just drink beer, eat peanuts and grab your towel.


5 responses to “I love a testable claim

  1. Well, predictably, the 14th came and went!
    What idiots Blossom and her acolytes are!
    Maybe it’s the special herbs she mixes in with her dandelion salad!

  2. Hmmm, perhaps they were delayed? Maybe shortly after departing the youngest one realised that she forgot to tinkle before they set off. Turning when travelling at a million times the speed of light is so tricky. By the time that the time dilations catch-up and they finally do arrive here the entire earth solar system would have gone super-nova.

    P.S. You beat Randi to this story, well done!

  3. The problem with getting Krugels help is that he would need a sample of the space ship material before his KTT would be able to find it

  4. I packed my towel – but no sign yet (could be because it’s cloudy over KZN). You’d think something moon-sized would affect the oceans, but sea level is also normal. Very disappointing. Maybe we can enlist Daniel Krugel to locate the UFOs?

  5. It shall be in the south of your hemisphere and it shall scan over many of your states.

    Front row seats!!

    Any suggestions for a hoopy who won’t down two pints of beer? “Prepare to have your brains liquified”, I suppose.

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