Johannesburg Sceptics in the pub Jan 2009

Monday, 5th of Jan, saw the second installation of the Johannesburg Sceptics in the pub meeting. This month we had a far better turnout than November (when it was only James and Myself), we had about 10 people, and we hope that the attendance will grow in the future.

The conversation was cheap and the drinks flowed freely. No, wait, the drinks were cheap and the conversation flowed freely.

Here are a few pictures of the event, to whet your appetites for the next one;


From left to right: Ivan Meyer, James Hough, Michael Meadon, David, Machiel Posthumous, Paul Putter


James Randi put in a guest appearance


From left to right: Ryan, Paul Putter, Owen Swart, Heidi Hertz, Ivan Meyer


9 responses to “Johannesburg Sceptics in the pub Jan 2009

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  3. Oh yeah. For anyone interested in the chemistry experiment I was talking about, it’s the Briggs-Rauscher Oscillating reaction. A video here and the steps to recreate it (and a far more detailed explanation than I could give) here.

    Now … where can I find that Pi song?

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