Dangerous and Stupid!

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know how I feel about homeopathy. If you are new to my blog, suffice it to say, the fraudulent use of sugar pills to treat dangerous medical conditions really pisses me off! A few months ago I wrote about the Maun Homeopathy Project which is an initiative to provide homeopathic remedies to people suffereing from the stress and trauma of being infected with AIDS in rural Botswana.

Perhaps the placebo effect can have some benefit in treating the psychological difficulties of living with a disease which carries such a terrible stigma in Africa. When I wrote the Maun article I pointed out that my grave concern was (and still is) that prescribing homeopathic remedies to treat stress and trauma would progress to prescription for HI virus and AIDS itself. When Jeremy Sherr went to Tanzania he started telling people that homeopathic remedies can cure AIDS.

I do not want to link to Jeremy’s blog because I do not want him to get a higher google search  ranking then he already has. So I will link to an excellent article by Martin Robins of layscience.net. In this article Martin goes to great lengths to expose Sherr’s fraudulent activities.

Once Sherr caught wind of Martin’s activities he started to censor his website, retrospectively editing out the offending material. Sherr decided to write a whingeing “you can’t test homeopathy like science” reply to Martin’s first article, and Martin then proceeded to annihilate Sherr’s response as well.

What this all boils down to is that Jeremy Sherr is putting peoples lives in danger by offerring them an ineffective course of treatment for a deadly disease. This will almost certainly lead to a death toll Jeremy, don’t you realise that you are putting peoples lives at risk?

Perhaps one of the most shocking aspects of this entire episode is the fact that Sherr is supported by the leading homeopathic organisations in the UK. Gimpy’s blog highligts the fact that the British Homeopathic Association (BHA) and Homeopathic Action Trust (HAT) support Sherr’s activities.

Homeopathic remedies are not a suitable treatment for any real disease. Despite all the noise that homeopaths make about their “alternative” to mainstream medicine being effective it is pure pseudoscience. To offer people sugar pills for HIV/AIDS is lunacy and these people should all be burned at the stake.


3 responses to “Dangerous and Stupid!

  1. I really wish you scientific fundamentalists would do some proper research and make a positive contribution to the debate. I haven’t tried homeopathy but I am very happy to live in a society where I could choose it if I wanted to. Your arguments are unconvincing and your tone hectoring. I have not read your blog before but I am shocked at the lack of any kind of genuine engagement with the issues. In my view it is an insult to your readers’ intelligence

    • “scientific fundamentalists ”
      Oh dear. Why not just say “nasty reasonable people who don’t believe in magic” and be done with it?

      Anyway, the links need updating, as layscience.net has moved to Guardian Blogs.

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