Have you all lost your minds?

I love South Africa. I really do. I spent three months on an Israeli kibbutz after grade 12 and I felt a deep disconnection in my heart for every day that went past when I was not in the country of my birth. My family has lived in this country for at least six generations and I am sure that none of them ever heard anything as stupid as what the ANC puppets are vomiting onto our airwaves in the run up to this years’ general election.

First of all we hear high ranking members of the ruling party declaring that judges who find against the honorable Jacob Zuma in court are counter-revolutionaries and drunkards. As Chief Justice Pious Langa points out in his response to the attack on the character of himself and his colleagues; fair and reasonable criticism of the court’s findings are legitimate and acceptable, however, trying to undermine the legal weight of a judicial order by attacking the character of the judges is what is known as an ad hominem argument.

Ad hominem, literally “to the man”, attacks are a specific type of logical fallacy in which the person making the flawed argument tries to counter anothers arguments by attacking the person rather than addressing the argument itself. We seem to be witnessing an awful lot of ad hominem arguments in SA these days, undoubtably the man at the forefront of the crusade to insult anyone who disagrees with Zuma is Julius Malema, the president of the ANC Youth League. Not only have we been subjected to utterly outrageous calls to “kill for Zuma”, and “eliminate” the forces opposing his political agenda and now it seems to be catching on.

The uncontested Free State chairperson of the ANC, Ace Magashule, urged us this weekend to follow Jacob Zuma like Jesus! WTF? Have we completely lost the plot? That’s Jesus over there on the left cuddling a little lamb. Are we actually being asked to blindly support Jacob Zuma, a man who sits idly by and condones Malema’s calls for blood. What Would Jesus Do?

Magashule actually wants the ANC members to sit quietly and do as they are told, or to put it in his own words,

“If you go to the big churches, you will see there are thousands of people, but they are so quiet and disciplined. We also want to be like that. And we want to show unity in the way we follow Zuma.”

We live in a CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRACY FOUNDED ON SECULAR PRINCIPLES Mr. Magashule. To suggest that people vote how they are told to vote because that’s what pious Christians would do is utterly outrageous! Your comments undermine our political dispensation and you seem to have completely forgotten the tenets enshrined in the most important document in our country (the Constitution, not the Christian Bible);

From the Bill of Rights (ss 15.1); Everyone has the right to the freedom of conscience, religion, thought, belief and opinion. What that means is that if I were a card carrying member of the ANC I could damn well express any opinion I felt like, vote for whomever I wanted to and worship (or not) whichever deity I felt an aliegance to.

Wait, I think I have just noticed a striking resemblance between JZ and JC!


One response to “Have you all lost your minds?

  1. Good post, I agree with everything you’ve said.

    This, unfortunately, is the result of the “Liberation before Education” that the ANC encouraged during the late 70’s and early 80’s ;of which Malema is clearly an example. The sad irony is that in order to be free and enjoy the fruits of liberation, one needs to be educated.

    Oh, and that’s an excellent picture of the resemblance between JC and JZ! 😛

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