The Intrepid Aardvark

It seems that rainy weather is my nemesis. I have noticed a strong correlation between heavy downpours and our DSL exchange dieing a sad death. We were finally re-connected this afternoon and I have finally managed to post the first article over at The Intrepid Aardvark.

The Intrepid Aardvark is a collaborative blog between myself and a few of the excellent, highly talented and (dare I say) Very good looking bloggers in the South African Science and Scepticism blogroll.

Early in January we met at the Skeptics in the pub evening and decided that a group blog focusing on South African issues would be an excellent idea.

It is early days yet and things are always a little slow where sceptics are involved, but with any luck the Intrepid Aardvark will become a force for reason on the South African landscape.

The esteemed list of contributors includes;

Please show some support and click through to the blog. Do so regularly, add us to your RSS reader and above all, leave lots of comments so that we can learn from your feedback.


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