I agree with the Catholic Church!

The Vatican’s Conference on Evolution has been criticized for not inviting creationists and proponents of Intelligent Design to participate in the proceedings. Who was doing the criticizing? None other than the Discovery Institute, leading proponents of the theory that some features of living creatures are too complex to have evolved through “random” natural selection and must therefore have been created by a higher power.

On Thursday the organizers of the five day conference at the Pontifical Gregorian University responded to the criticism by informing the world that they had barred the ID crowd from their conference because they wanted to encourage an intellectually rigorous conference on science, theology and philosophy and that “We think that it’s not a scientific prospective, nor a theological or philosophical one,” (Rev. Marc Leclerk).

That’s right; the Vatican thinks that ID is STUPID! I love the Vatican.

Ok, before I get carried away, there is one other aspect of this mud fight which is interesting. The evolution conference is funded by the Templeton foundation and the Discovery Institute has butted heads with the foundation in the past. The Institute is claiming that they have been barred from the conference because of their tainted history in dealing with the institute. The Templeton Foundation goes so far as to state on their website that they do not support any research projects which “deny large areas of well-documented scientific knowledge.” The organisers of the conference deny any conspiracy between themselves and the Templeton Foundation in barring the Discovery Institute from their proceedings.

I think that this whole episode illustrates how the hypothesis of Intelligent Design is on its way out of our culture. Thank goodness! If the Vatican (arguably the largest church on the planet, especially in the Christian world) thinks that ID has no social value, then it can only be a matter of time before they disappear from our landscape. In the meanwhile, lets just hope that influential groups such as the Vatican continue to point out the idiocy of ID.

Mark this day people – an atheist agreed with the Vatican!


One response to “I agree with the Catholic Church!

  1. Well… I’m not so sure that one can infer from Vatican criticism of ID to the conclusion that it will disappear. Remember, the Catholic Church has long prided itself on its rationality and they’ve maintained evolution is compatible with a belief in God since the ’50s. Besides, Protestants (the power-base of the ID movement) are hardly going to be influenced by the Vatican.

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