Well, we have come to the end of another fine week and I have found something very funny for you to read. This extract comes from a forum called b3ta which I frequently browse when I need to kill some time. Here are one b3tan’s thoughts on religion;

A message to the believers:
No, ID does not have sound arguments, and its claims are bogus. In no sense are they comparable to naturalistic claims such as one finds within evolutionary biology.
No, evolution is not “just a theory”.
No, there is no reason at all to respect your beliefs. You, perhaps. Your beliefs, not so.
No, scientific uncertainty does not mean that we ought to listen to every single hypothesis. Some are clearly wrong.
No, you don’t have a right to your beliefs. If they turn out to be mistaken, you have a duty to ditch them; and a person does not wrong you by correcting your errors.
No, your failure to come up with an explanation of the world that does not include god is not evidence for the existence of god; it is evidence of your ignorance.
No, the persistence of religious belief is not evidence that there must be something behind it.
No, the belief in god is not a prerequisite of morality.

To the agnostics:
No, sitting on the fence does not indicate humility and open-mindedness. It indicates intellectual barrenness. Grow up.

To the atheists: don’t think you get off. You happen to be correct, but that isn’t an excuse for being a prissy little blockhead – and being correct counts for nothing if it’s not for the right reasons. You could get that from blind luck.
No, the persistence of evil is not an argument against the existence of god.
No, the persistence of evil actions by religious people is not an argument against religion.
No, you don’t have a right to your beliefs, either.

And, finally, the hippies.
No, god is not “inside you”.
No, your claims to be a “very spiritual person” do not demonstrate that you are “profound”. They demonstrate that you are a cretin.
No, things do not happen for “a reason” if, by “reason”, you mean something more than “mechanistic cause”. If that is what you mean, your statement is trivial, and it doesn’t make you sound deep. You are not even shallow.

If you’d like to read more on the “God” topic click here.


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