Photo’s of Hubble & Space Shuttle Atlantis

Today I have a little something wonderful for all my readers. One of my favorite pieces of internet goodness is The Big Picture which illustrates news and events in gloriously big pictures. It’s marvelous. If you remember I recently linked to a series of pictures of Saturn and it’s cosmic neighbours taken by the Cassini space probe.

Today I would like to point you at the Big Picture’s 31 awe inspiring photo’s of the launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis and the repair of the Hubble Space Telescope. I would love to see more images of the actual repair and maybe this will be forthcoming (hint hint).

I would like to quote one of the commentors on the Big Picture because she sums up my feelings on the matter perfectly;

“Glad to know that I’m not alone in the tears of awe when I see such a clear example of the glorious mind of mankind and what we humans are capable of achieving.”


I’m with you on this one Gail!



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