Astronomy Goodness

To finish off my blogging today (because it’s almost lunchtime and I’m going to hunt a sammich or something) I’d like to share some of the awesome astronomy news I’ve been reading today. Because it’s interesting. And I like it.

First up Phil Plait provides a detailed look at the first known binary solar sytem in formation. That’s a binary star system, each of which has a disk of matter around it which may be in the process of collapsing into a solar system. It’s awesome because although we have seen stars with proto-planetary disks around them, we haven’t (until now) seen a binary system with disks around both stars.

Next up NewScientist shares the knowledge of the most ancient supernova known to exist. The newly discovered type II supernova is thought to have occured 10.7 billion years ago, 1.5 billion years earlier than the previous record holder.

Lastly WiredSceince takes a fascinating look at two of the universes most mysterious inhabitants; black holes and gamma-ray bursts and how the two might interact.

Enjoy 🙂


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