“Paper Moon” article makes me MAD

I’m an easy going kind of person, it takes an awful lot to make me angry, but when you push me too far I get really upset. Today I happily clicked a link e-mailed to me by my boyfriend and faithful skeptical sidekick and what did I find on the other side? Today the Telegraph.co.uk, a news site I often visit for inspiration, published an article which made me very unhappy. “Moon landing anniversary: 10 reasons the Apollo landings were ‘faked'” is a disgraceful attempt at journalism. If they are trying to drum up some debate, maybe drive up their webtraffic, they may (or maynot) succeed. Whatever their intentions, by breathing new life into a conspiracy theory on it’s last legs in this way, they will surely do more harm than good.

It was only a few months ago that the incredible crusaders for reason on the Mythbusters took a cloase look at a few of the more popular reasons that the conspiracy theorists give for why the moon landings must have been faked. The results? Unsurprisingly they showed excellently thought out and executed experiments designed to test the conspiracy and on every test the results showed that the claims of the cooks have no merit.

And then this ridiculous telegraph article shows up. Ok, so I guess that I will spend a few minutes going over the conspiracy theorists claims and once again pointing out how they do not hold water. But FIRST I would like to point out that this is the 40th anniversary of the FIRST landing of people on the moon. People. From Earth. That’s amazing and it should be celebrated, not questioned, again, by fools who are too lazy to even think up a new argument.

Here are some of the ways you can explore the amazing achievement of NASA and the Apollo 11 astronaughts, hopefully you will be inspired. Head on over to wechoosethemoon.org for an immersive “real time” experience. This website allows you to track the mission as it unfolded. It’s an amazing website – but rather heavy on the bandwidth so be careful.

NASA (of course) has a fantastic, information rich website dedicated to the Apollo missions and it is well worth a look, they have lovely photographs, many of which I have not seen before.

Finally the Popular Mechanics website has a series of “untold story” articles which are fascinating to read.

I’ve changed my mind, I’m not going to repeat the same answers to these points which have been raised over and over again. Instead I will point you to Bad Astronomy (if you are wondering about the veracity of any of the claims, Phil Plait will set you straight).


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