Skeptics Circle #117

It’s that time of the month again. No, not THAT time. It’s Skeptics Circle Time! This time ’round the carnival was tirelessly researched and painstakingly put together (I know, I was trapped on the UKZN campus with no chocolate for half of the process) by my great skeptical boyfriend, Michael.

So head on over to Ionian Enchantment and learn all about what the sceptics have been up to in the past few weeks. The over-all theme is a tip-of-the-hat to Simon Singh for his tireless efforts against the forces of unreason and oppression, and Mike has scoured the interwebs for scientific and sceptical writing about chiropractors and chiropractic treatments. The British Chiropractic Association has pressed charges against Simon for writing a critical article about their chosen field of quack medicine. Unfortunately the utterly ridiculous English Libel Laws mean that Simon faces a large fine for having the balls to publicly say what we already know.

Anyway, I have to stop now otherwise I might get locked into the university building and wind up sleeping on the floor of Mike’s office. Good night.


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