Sunday Linking

It’s Sunday and I thought you might enjoy a tasty sample of goodies from around the internet to read and relax before you hit the grindstone again tomorrow. I know it’s lazy of me, but it is Sunday…

If you are looking for a single resource which provides a rational opinion backed up by thoroughly researched facts, you should have a look at freethoughtpeida. I have spent hours roaming the site and would like to share one specific article with you, 20 reasons to abandon Christianity. I like this article because it is so reasonable, so meticulous. You may have heard some of these arguments before, and you may have been struggling with these questions yourself. Either way, it is worth a read.

Crispin Jago of Science, Reason and Critical Thinking is a very creative and clever fellow and today he provides us with the highly entertaining and surprisingly accurate Homeopathic Treatment and High Street Chemists. I wish I could print this out and hand it out at the door of my local chemist.

Nancy Atkinson over at Universe Today presents us with a gorgeous view of symmetrical sand dunes on Mars. Beautiful and interesting… I love astronomy! The suspected cause of these symmetrical dunes according to Alfred McEwan, from the HiRISE team and the University of Arizona, is changing wind directions. The UT post has many more gorgeous images of the Martian landscape.

Finally, Mike hosted the 128th edition of the Skeptics Circle this week, my favorite is the article by the Skepbitch about her encounters with Frank Sumption and his “Ghost Box”.

Before I go; here’s something awe inspiring;


2 responses to “Sunday Linking

  1. Hi Ewan,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I didn’t feel that the article was narrow, but I am not particularly good at the whole philosophy of religion thing. With so many different christian sects their is a lot of room for error when writing an article of this sort. As usual it is, of course, the fundamentalists who are being targeted with the discussion about homosexuality.

    I’d be interested to know how you reconcile your religious faith and your skeptical mindset, the two seem mutually exclusive to me.

  2. Crikey, I don’t think much of that freethoughtpeida article – talk about a narrow viewpoint, it really reads like the author(s) have been hurt by religion. The images seem hand-picked to be controversial and anti-religious too.

    I’d hate to get into a debate, but as someone who considers themselves a rational Christian (and a Skeptic 🙂 much of it is one sided or simply ignorant. #3 for example – invoking Pascal’s wager as supporting evidence for the claim that Christianity is based on dishonesty is illogical. And #9 and #10 – wow. Speechless. I also happen to think Catholics are crazy in a few ways, but wow, some sweeping statements in there made from some narrow assumptions. Homosexuality again, they need to realise not all Christians are anti-gay. I’m not, and I one of the best churches I ever attended was all-inclusive, and definitely preached love for all. Of course there are dishonest, egocentric, sexist, depraved, arrogant, sexually dysfunctional, miserable, authoritarian, misogynistic and homophobic Christians – in fact those are the newsworthy ones. But that doesn’t mean we all are.
    Goodnight 🙂

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