Ritual child sacrifice in Uganda

There are few things in this world that make me more angry than when people intentionally hurt children. Recently we have been hearing about children being labeled witches and subjected to dangerous and emotionally terrifying exorcisms, a shocking enough prospect. However, today I found out that Ugandan witchdoctors are responsible for the ritualized mutilation and murder of hundreds of children. What is this world coming to?

Please check out Mike’s blog for his reaction to this abomination. After reading Mike’s article I clicked through to the BBC site to read the original, here it is. Tim Whewell’s film is disturbing, listening to a father describe how he deceived his family so that he could murder his own son makes my blood run cold.

“Three a week with all that the spirits demand from them”

African traditional witchcraft is the bastard child of a highly superstitious society and the human need for understanding. This is ancestor worship twisted to horrifying proportions. What kind of ancestors do you have if they demand an INTANT’S PENIS from you so that you can supposedly become wealthy?  The “harmless” kind of witchcraft includes a recent rise in the belief that smoking the brain of a vulture will make you win the lottery. This is, as my trusty sidekick says, “astoundingly stupid”. Yet it is not surprising. We are talking about a culture who could be led to believe that raping babies was a sure fire way to cure a man of AIDS.

I can’t even think of what to say next. I am enraged and terrified at the same time. I can’t help but ask myself; to what extent are these things happening in South Africa?


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