Some random facts

Writing this blog has really broadened my horizons. I started writing SD blog almost two years ago, and when I was a freshly minted blogger with big ideas and an empty “Post Tags” folder I had only one or two faithful readers. I’m sure that I’ve mentioned my mom’s invaluable contribution; in the long days between multiple hits I always knew that that one daily reader was my mom showing her support. Well, this little blog of mine has come a long way since then and this week I officially passed the 70 000 hits mark (that’s 70 000 in the history of the blog, not 70 000 in one day). That is just phenomenal to me! To think that I have actually had 70 000 people read what I wrote… Unless it’s my mom, 70 000 times…

So that is Random Fact #1: Skepticdetective blog clicks over 70 000 hits!

I have also learned that people find my blog in the strangest of ways, that is, I expect searches for “homeopathy+pseudoscience” from google or yahoo, but what I do not expect is for my incoming links to be dominated for three days by a discussion forum entitled “Sensible Erection”! And the search terms some people use to find my blog! Wow! Try this on for size;

1. “galileo grave” – Well, if you are looking for Galileo’s actual grave sight, you might want to look here. Goodness knows why you’d come to SD!

2. “a” – Yeah, I’m not kidding. You won’t believe how many people find there way here by searching for “a”.

3. “fuck the bushman” – I’m speechless. There’s none of that here!

4. “breast inducing ringtone” – LOL!

5. “can eating ants kill you” – I guess that depends on how many you eat…

6. “moon landing alien pics” – Wait, you’re looking for pictures of aliens on the moon? I don’t think there are any. I might be wrong.

7. “astrological” – And you wound up HERE, you want to know why? Because there are no astrological remedies for anything!

And Finally, I have learned that I am a massive NERD! More massive than I ever thought, I mean, I blogged two Star Trek Captains in a row, without thinking that anything was wrong! (check out ScienceBlog, WTF? and John, it’s woo woo).

P.S. Mike, I think you will find that Randomness Is Clumpy.


6 responses to “Some random facts

  1. Hey! This is your MOTHER speaking! Glad I got another mention…. Thanks Angie, it is a REALLY interesting read and I know how much work you put into every posting. So, well done my Girl, I’m proud of you and you DEFINITELY deserve the Nerd Award, so I’m going to vote for you, but – what to say?….what to say?…… I’m sure I’ll think of something!

    70 000 is a serious number – here’s to the next 700 000!

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