The Carnival of the Africans – The Phoenix Edition

Hello people interested in science and skepticism and Welcome to the 13th edition of the Carnival of the Africans! This is a blogging carnival dedicated to highlighting interesting blogging of a skeptical or scientific nature, written by Africans. This is also the first Carnival for 2010, and after a short hiatus I hope that we can get back to enjoying the hard work of our colleagues on a more regular basis. So, here goes!

One of my favorite reads of the past two months was James’ explanation of an encounter he had with a colleague who has been fooled by the national lottery. James clearly explains the maths behind why winning the lotto is highly unlikely and gives clear examples to illustrate. I’m looking forward to the follow up articles!

Staying with the mathematics theme I am proud to introduce Muza, a lady after my own heart with a passion for science. Muza is a science engagement tourist, and she makes a grand Carnival Debut in a very enthusiastic mathematics post. Spend some time having a look through her blog, it’s very interesting!

One of my favorite South African blogs is Other Things Amanzi; a wonderfully entertaining peek into the life of one of South Africa’s very hard working surgeons. The post I have chosen for this carnival is about a traditional healer who showed up at Bongi’s hospital with an impressive tumor, not only is this post gruesome, it also has a distinct skeptical edge.

The Skeptic Blacksheep has spotted the smacking of another South African quack. I think that it is incredibly important that we call these con men out and expose them for the charlatans they are. You go Sheepy!

Mike, my trusty sidekick, has an excellent short article about the recent expose of human sacrifice in Uganda.

Of course, if you’d like to hang around on my blog you could always check out my musings on a chain mail which claimed that Canola Oil is a health hazard.

That about sums up this months Carnival. If you haven’t already done so, please click through to NerdMag and nominate your favorite South African internet celebrity for a little bit of fame, that’s right the Nerdies are here. The prizes are pretty cool too!

Good Night!


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