Homeopaths KO!

If you didn’t already know about last weekends anti-homeopathy demonstration, you must have been in a coma. The protest, dubbed “10:23” saw masses of brilliant people skeptical of the claims of homeopathy stand up, in very public places and try to commit suicide by taking “massive” doses of homeopathic pills which, if they had anything in them, would kill you.

What started out as a UK protest aimed at local retailers selling homeopathic “remedies” took on a global flavor as objectors from as far away as New Zealand. And that is where the knockout punch was landed.


That’s right! What more can I say?

Oh, yeah – We’ve got ’em by the short ‘n curlies now boys – don’t let go!


6 responses to “Homeopaths KO!

  1. Thing is, it’s not a remedy at all… it’s just water. People like us “hate” homeopathy because it actually does harm to people.

    Not direct harm, mind you… because, as I said, it’s just water. The worst it can do is drown you.

    The problem is that Homeopathy and other worthless alt-med philosophies divert time, attention and money away from legitimate medicine that actually has a chance of having an effect (other than the placebo effect).

    Don’t take my word for it though. Take a look at the data: http://whatstheharm.net/homeopathy.html

    • like i said, i’m not disputing that there are fly-by-night’s out there. but a lot of homoeopathic treatments are the exact same medications used in conventional therapy, just in the form of their root. garlic, for instance, has proven results that show it lowers blood pressure. i’m a point in case. how is that a false effect?

      some of it is pretty miff too, though. take rhododendron for example [i’m sure that’s the one i’m thinking of]: it has extracts of penis excrement in it. i shit you not.

      • It sounds to me as though you might be confusing homeopathic and natural medicine. If there is a detectable amount of an active ingredient in your medicine, it’s not homeopathic. That’s the whole problem with homeopathy; the active ingredients are so highly diluted that you will not have a single atom of active ingredient in a bottle of pills / drops. Homeopaths are starting to cotton on to this fact and so they invoke a completely baseless concept called “water memory” to explain how shaking the water with the ingredient as you dilute it somehow helps the water to “remember” the remedial properties of the ingredient. Bare in mind that NONE of this has any reliable evidence of efficacy whatsoever.

        Natural remedies are different, and there are LOTS of natural remedies which do seem to work. When they do work, scientists embrace them and they become… Conventional Medicine.

        Garlic may very well lower a person’s blood pressure, but homeopathic garlic pills… don’t have any garlic in them. What good can they do?

  2. i’m not sure why people hate homoeopathy so badly, hey. it’s not like it’s putting conventional medication out of business.

    sure, there are some complete fly-by-night versions thereof, but i worked with a homoeopath for years, and despite starting out as a skeptic, i soon converted and saw how much it helps with most illnesses, if caught & treated in time. homoeopathy isn’t just a remedy, it’s a life style.

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