The Nerdies 2010 – Semi-finals

Only last week I found out about the 2010 edition of the Nerdy awards, an award intended to raise funds and public awareness for a South African charity and at the same time give a few lucky dorks a shot at the big time. The good news is that I cracked a spot in the Semi-finals, and I am asking you to take a few minutes out and head on over to the Nomnom Semi-finals page to cast your vote. Voting is as easy as leaving a comment which includes my name and blog title. While you are there, please cast a vote for Owen Swart as well.

I bet you are asking yourself, “Why should I vote for you and Owen?”, well let me give you a few reasons…

Angela Butterworth – The Skeptic Detective

Ok, so I don’t like to blow my own trumpet, but here are a few things I do / have done which I think qualify me for Mega-Nerd status;

1. I write this awesome blog. It’s about science, skepticism and demanding real evidence for factual claims made by everyone from astrologers to crypto-zoologists. I regularly write about the second great love of my life; astronomy and have had articles mentioned in the official news site for the International Year of Astronomy and The Bad Astronomer himself.

I was also a finalist in the 2009 SA Blog awards in the Science and Technology category.

2. I am an active member of the South African skeptical community. This might not seem like much until you realise what it takes to inspire skeptics to do anything. We are a notoriously tough group of people to organize because we all have such strong opinions. The fact that I have effectively instigated Skeptics in the Pub meeting in Johannesburg and Durban should go a long way.

And Carl Sagan is my Role Model 🙂

Ummm…. I’m also crazy about maths and I am currently making my (slow) way through a BSc in Physics through UNISA. Don’t tell anyone at work, but I also know quite a lot about fixing computers. I have been an AD&D fan since I was about 15. I also, know that I am an aerobic chemoorganoheterotroph, and I LOVE Star Trek!

Which brings me neatly to;

Owen Swart – 01 and the Universe

Well, firstly I’m going to let Owen speak for himself. Owen is a tireless campaigner for reason and scientific skepticism and he trumps my nerd count by wearing a Star Trek captains uniform on a regular basis. I love you Owen, and you are a NERD!

Owen uses his nerd powers for good causes, such as regular blood donor drives and you can see Owen (and some of the other SA skeptical bloggers – including me) doing his thing in a six-part video series he and his wife Heidi produced; God Idols.

The good news is that you can vote for both of us because the competition allows for a winner of each gender.

Go on, Do your thing for Science and Skepticism – Vote for Owen and me! 🙂


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