Saturninan light show

I would like to share something amazing with you. This video, taken by instruments aboard the Hubble Space Telescope, shows aurorae on SATURN! Once every 15 years Saturn orients itself to Earth such that the gas giant’s rings are edge-on to us and Saturn’s north and south poles are visible simultaneously.  Ok, enough talking, look at this!

Those ethereal dancing lights at the top and bottom edges of Saturn are the aurorae, caused by the interaction of the solar wind (a constant stream of electrically charged particles emitted by the sun) and the planets magnetic field. When the particles of the solar wind encounter Saturn’s (or the Earth’s) magnetic field they become trapped within the field and ‘dance’ through the atmosphere, colliding with other particles and creating the gorgeous light show we can see from the ground up on our home planet;

Northern Lights, Credit & Copyright: Philippe Moussette (Obs. Mont Cosmos)

They are also visible on Jupiter;

Aurora on Jupiter

And, of course, on Saturn;

Aurorae on Saturn


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