Exorcism fails to cure 14 year old girls convulsions

Sangeeta Persaud

Here is another entry in the long list of ways in which religious inspired stupidity can kill you. The details of the tragic death of 14 year old Sangeeta Persaud in a farming village in Guyana are somewhat sketchy but by sifting through the report in a local newspaper I have been able to piece together what appears to have happened.

While eating breakfast on Sunday,  28 March 10, Sangeeta Persaud started to experience convulsions, these convulsions continued for some time and soon neighbors and a pastor arrived to help the girl. The pastor convinced everyone that the convulsions were caused by demonic possession and he tried to cure the girl by performing an exorcism on her whilst still in her house. When this did not work he convinced the girls grandmother that she should be moved to the church where he could continue his attempted exorcism.

While at the church the young girl’s abdomen was “pounded” to try and force the demon to exit her body. Some witnesses also claim that the girls “privates” were rubbed during this fiasco and she was made to drink a concoction of salt, lime and “anointed oil”. After hours of this senseless behavior the battered and bleeding Sangeeta was finally taken to the hospital at 6pm where she died.

How could such a senseless tragedy have happened in this day and age? Why are religious leaders still being  allowed to make medical decisions for people? Sangeeta should have been taken to the local hospital as soon as her convulsions started. Seek medical attention! Do not call the local pastor!


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