Five headed snake

Yesterday I received an e-mail from a colleague with images of a five headed cobra supposedly found in “Kukke Subramanya, Near Mangalore, Karnataka, India”. The colleague in question seemed to believe that this is a real snake. Being of Indian descent she has been exposed to the idea of the five headed snake god Nagaraja, and she happily accepted that the snake in the e-mail is an earthly representation of the myth. Here are the pictures;

What’s that you say? Obviously Photoshopped? Yeah, that’s exactly what I said. But, some people might argue, if you can get two headed snakes, why not five headed snakes? Luckily that question is very easy to answer. Animals born with more than one head have a condition called polycephaly (literally “many heads”) and polycephalic animals only come in two kinds; bicephalic (having two heads) or tricephalic (having three heads). Animals with more than three heads have not been found in the real world.

Searching for images of polycephalic snakes on my favorite search engine yields many images of two headed snakes, and if you look closely you will see that truly polycephalic snakes have morphology which supports the extra head/s. I think that a few images will clearly illustrate my point;

And here is another one;

Both of these images clearly show that the snakes have two distinct heads. There is no blurring or smudging of the scales where the heads split. Now lets take a close look at the middle image from the e-mail sent to me, it is particularly egregious. The only clear thing in this image is the fact that it is obviously fake!

Other images available on the internet which claim to show a snake with five heads are just as blatantly false, the following image is a particularly good fake, perhaps too good (pity about the thin strip of background just visible beneath each chin);

And this image looks more like a child’s toy than anything else!

The Verdict? Five headed snake e-mails are rubbish, press delete!

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380 responses to “Five headed snake

  1. i wont say 5 headed snakes do not exist i never seen it but befor 60 years it was seen my village peoples i referd many old peoples many old man and women even my grandmother said she saw the snake under big banyan tree after then they didnt see that..can u say that all the peoples are liars

  2. may be this 5 headed snake’s photo is fake… but there are many places in the world like in ocean which are undiscovered.. so there is a chance that these snakes are real …

    • At what level of zero evidence do you say “I doubt it”? Using your reasoning, maybe there’s a snake out there that is a dead ringer for for Marilyn Monroe. No reason to believe IS reaon to not believe.

      • Bill, do you agree that this cosmos is not constrained to operate within the confines of your belief?

        • What part of “That’s exactly the point” is it that you don’t get? Wanting one leeeeetle shred of evidence before I say “Well, possible” is only reasonable. Or maybe you’ll buy this rock I have for sale. If you carry it around, it’ll make you a wealthy person, on special this week, only $100 U. S. If it doesn’t work, you just didn’t have enough faith.

  3. The first photo shows the snake has 6 heads. Because the liar that made it didnt do a good job. Totally fake.

  4. I’m not sure I should add on but truth needs to be told… in 1967 whilst camping en-route to Amarnath cave I have seen an immense pillar-like object emerging out of Sesh Naag lake (Himalayas) & it was like a half-umbrella swaying over heads & covering more than half the sky. Maybe I was hallucinating, but then so were 500 more people & the ice-cold water that sprayed on us was real.
    Of-course you won’t believe me…….but then Its not a question of belief… this cosmos would have been fairly chaotic if it were constrained to operate within the confines of human belief!!!

  5. All of u just read dis See we can guess the creature but we wouldn’t able to give the full stop apart from human sense there is an infinite thing that we shuldn’t able to predict or unknown so better u try to search the reason dnt be silly people

  6. I think you are all a bunch of small minded people .Many years ago the earth was thought to be flat and man could not fly .Now we know differently .If two headed people can exist ,why not a five headed snake .You are all a bunch of shallow minded idiots .God can make anything Exist or not

    • So, provide evidence. Belief without evidence is gullibility, and you’re begging to be robbed. The pictures were clearly phoyo shopped, all they need to do is provide a clear picture or, even better, the actual animal and it’s proven.

  7. Hi. My name is Ketul. From Gujarat.
    I heard about Sheshnag. Many years ago they alive. People called him Sheshnag. They was alived in Tretayug. But stil now. Sheshnag not alive. No budy heard about. Them . 2 headed snak are alive but not more than. 2. If any buddy say see real multy headed snak plz send me pics. And address.

  8. ya i agree that above points. its realy fake. by photoshop some other software, i think.
    its fake fake fake fakeee!!

  9. its fake only,,,,if in the world no any kind of snak like that,,,hindu religion believe bcoz they said snak them god,,,,, thats y they making editing and making fool to world,,,,,,dont believe in that,,,,wen u see in ur eyes then only believe,,,,

  10. To quote you: “Animals with more than three heads have not been found in the real world.”
    “Have not been found”, which implies they can be found. They might still exist.
    I think you know that it is estimated that only about 15 or so % of the world’s species have been found. There is still a good chance that five-headed snakes will be among the 85% left.

  11. The one you see in the pond. That is not real. That is a statue.Snakes never open their mouth like that and that too all at the same time… great thought…

  12. My maid saw a 7 headed snake from like 20m and she photographed it herself. She does not know computers at all – she photographed it from her low end mobile phone. Knowing her and seeing the photograph, at least first order it has to be true.

    Can you help disprove that

  13. If dis is true,den de world is going to an end.i hav seen one head and two heads and not three or more dan dat.we are in de world of endless,is possible.but let it be a true fact not illusions.yea

  14. Just got through reading all the comments. It was very entertaining, I ate popcorn while scrolling down the page.
    It appears to me, after reading Christian, Muslim, Mormon and Hindu responses to scientific analysis that I find on websites, such as your blog; that religious people, irregardless of their particular brand of religion share some similar traits: A.) They feel threatened by science and take offense when it is explained to them, apparently viewing it as an attack on their brand of religion. They then feel the need to become defensive about their religion. B.) They are woefully ignorant about science and refuse to educate themselves. C.) They lack basic reading comprehension skills. They fail at being able to write coherently and fail at being able to articulate an intelligent argument, offering only childish defenses of their viewpoints. D.) They are gullible and suspicious of new ideas. E.) They are xenophobic and are often racists. F.) They value ignorance and despise curiosity.
    The sad thing is, there is nothing you can do about it. You can either suffer the fools silently or try gently and compassionately to open their eyes to the truth. Since they are willfully deaf and blind to logic and reason, this is a tedious process and is often meet with hostility. But it needs to be done.
    I feel religion is a cancer on humanity and needs to be eradicated, preferably with love, education and attrition. I say this a former Born Again Evangelical Christian (Southern Baptist no less!) and now happy atheist.
    Thank you, Skeptic Detective. I love your blog and I love how you are trying to make the world a better place by teaching essential critical thinking skills. You are truly one of the good people in this world. Live long and prosper.

      • Actually, rrr, I welcome comments from people of all religions, and those who don’t have any religion as well.
        In fact, the more atheists who comment on my blog the better, it makes me happy to be surrounded by like-minded people.

    • everything you state is exactly true religion is a disease and causes more harm then good never read such an amazing comments 🙂

      • You must first define religion. every dictionary i have found defines religion as nothing more nothing less than” way of life or living” & this is taken from the Latin word” religo “.

        • Religion: 1. a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe (note that science does not address purpose, hence doesn’t saisfy def.), esp. when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency, or agncies (note, again, science specifically not included), …
          “The Random House College Dictionary”, 1982.

          I don’t know what “dictionaries” you’re looking in, this is (the essence of) the standard definition presented.

    • I’m highly Christian and I love science and actually want to go into zoology or marine biology…so…yeah. I dont feel threatened by science at all. In fact I think it backs up belief in God. I mean it glorifys him. It shows us just how amazing his creations are. There is so much more to science then just the age of the earth, evolution and the big bang, though I don’t find evolution to be a scientific theory, just a belief. But thats just me. Those are the only three I’ve found to not be biblical. Everything else just shows how beautifully and detailed he made the earth in such little time. I think it shows his power.

      • How do you mean “it’s just a belief”, as in it’s just a belief that the Earth orbits the Sun (which it is) or as in it’s just a belief that leprechauns exist (which it isn’t)? Stating something is a belief without stating the reason for the belief is nonillustrative (i. e., not all beliefs are equal, note the folks posting who claim to believe the five-headed snake is real).

        • It is “Just a belief” because there is ABSOLUTELY no evidence to prove it.

          There is, however, copious evidence to show that the Earth orbits the sun. You can believe it or not, it will not make a difference to the fact.

          • Angela, it appears we had a disconnect, I was referring to Vicky’s silly comment about evolution not being a “scientific theory”.

  15. This article is very good.scientifically it discards the presesence of 5headed only i have red in kannada news paper 7 headed snake is found at roadside of i realised that it is reading your scientifically disprooves. worshipping god is ok.but making the devotees of god tobecome foolish is injustice. I am verymuch thankfull to you for clearing doubts.

  16. the five headed snake images are fake.thank you for explaition to give energy to me.

  17. Yah, hey jus received that first 5-headed snake and was told that it was found in South Africa, Limpopo at a local Hospital, it was under a bed of an old lady who later died when the snake left and nobody attemted to kill it because it is belived to be a Witch craft, LOL- thank you for clearing the rubbish-

  18. Who can unfold the mystery of the almighty God.there are lots of things existing in this world that no one can dıscover them except God permits it, in other for us to understand our great God is.therefore five headed snakes may exist.

    • I am sad to know that there are’nt ant 5 headed snakes cause i was planing to buy a 5 headed snake. cause i love snakes

  19. these pics may(it is) be fake, but there is lot where human mind cant think also. it may exist also and science had explained just a little(including other things) which we think we had made explored many.

  20. I have reached an age where I no longer deal in absolutes. I deal with possibilities. I have never seen a 2-headed nor a 5-headed snake but that does not mean I will say a 5-headed snake does not exist. I will simply say it is possible but I have never seen nor read about it in science books. Now to those cultures that deal with that belief, who am I to disagree with them. Many things I disagreed on years ago, I have had the opportunity to experience. So today, I say all things are relative based on our beliefs, experiences, knowledge, culture, personality and social background. The truth of yesterday in many circumstances has proven not to be the truth of today and so will it be for today’s truth. Therefore, I say thank you to the writer for this info. And also to each of us I say that the future is the real truth as it changes continuously. As an aside, last month I went back for the first time to the street I grew up on and I couldn’t believe that the same street that I had thought so wide is now so small in my eyes!!!!!!!!!

    • Your experience of reality may be subjective, but that does not change the facts. Science does not deal in possibilities, or subjective experience, it deals in evidence.

      There is no evidence anywhere of 5-headed snakes having existed at any point in time. Myths and legends are not evidence. Faked photographs are not evidence.

        • That’s exactly what science does – leaves an open door to new discoveries. Your case in point is how science works, present the evidence, your claim is validated, all else is speculation. If a 5-headed snake, why not a 50-headed snake? How about a 500-headed snake?

    • BTW by no means am I saying this pic you have of a 5-headed snake is the real deal. All I am saying is that one needs to always leave a crack in the door for knowledge to attempt to flow in. A closed and absolute mind is the antithesis to growth and progress. Quantum physics allows me to see and view things that many scientists would deny because they have not tabulated, verified or validated any of them but that does not make them subjective…:) 🙂 🙂

      • If someone showed me verifiable evidence of a 5-headed snake I would immediately update this blog to say “hey! Here’s a 5-headed snake!”

        There’s a difference between having an open mind and believing every half-baked idea that flows past our heads.

        I’m not sure what to make of your reference to quantum physics.

        • At Bomdila, Arunachal Pradesh, India In 1993 when I was 5 years old me, my elder sisters and two other friends saw the Five Headed Snake. On the month of June or July. It was a small baby snake maximum 17 cm long.

    • I completely agree with you Sirene!

      The place that we live in, is amazingly amazing beyond the limits! Yes, I’m talking about this universe, our planet, and the whole system. The way it works, is magical. Isn’t it?

      Now, science is based on research and evidences but there ARE many things in this world which are unexplained and found clue-less by today’s science! Please refer to these links that might help you understand what I’m talking about.

      Must See:

      Well, I’m not defending any myth or religious belief but at the same time I also can NOT deny it. For example, there was a very old myth in Hinduism about a “bridge” built by Lord Rama and his “ape” army to get to Sri Lanka from India! Hard to believe that but please refer to this for the evidence found and believed by science.'s_Bridge

      I’m NOT saying that these pictures here, are fact or present any truth. However, I also can’t deny of its existence in this world as the world that we live in is magical!
      As Sirene says, “always leave a crack in the door for knowledge to attempt to flow in”.

      Thank you for your time, have a good day! 🙂

    • hi im vignesh from india tailnadu im very intersed among 5 head snake its true are false pls reply me

    • yes i completely agree with Sirene. According to hind myth the five headed snake lives under water that is deep dark sea. When place like bermuda triangle sych a mystery then its true that five headed snake still lives. when a 40feet titanoboa snake was alive long ago and they found the skeleton of it also then its true that the five headed snake is alive. You are absolutely right Sirene.

    • sirene frin i have seen the five headed snake with my EYES in when iam way to Frndz marriage
      Karimnagar Village road, Andhrapradesh, India i snapped also and if u want i will send u a pick

    • Please do some research on ten headed man who once lived in Sri Lanka.(May be also present today.)

    • these are not fake If ALLAH is creating one head snake and human but not difficult for him five as well

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  23. This is so jobless…….
    it is so obvious that this entire thing is base less……………..
    So for the intelligent….rational…….smart……practical…….people please stop explaining to these people about this any more…………………….


  24. WHY are all these “VIDEOS” simply NOT videos but STILL pictures (PHOTOS) of so called 5 headed snakes that have been put into Youtube format?

    Are you foolish enough to think a still picture in Youtube format is a REAL video???

    Show me a REAL video of this stupid snake actually moving around somewhere. DO NOT show me still photos and argue like illiterate FOOLS

  25. Amazing, the comments here. What a bunch of gullible fools we have in this country.

    I have only ONE question for you idiot believers. Answer it and I will try to believe.

    Why s it that ALL these videos only have STILL pics of a 5 headed snake that can be photoshopped so easily. Why is it that NOT EVEN ONE of them is a REAL video of a moving 5 headed snake?

    Are you foolish enough to believe in still pictures just because they are on Youtube, so you believe they are videos and not PHOTOSHOPPED PICTURES???


  26. Go to hell. You westerners always want to sound like scholars and want to prove everything you feel is right. Somehow you will find fault with what you can not understand or accept. You are the donkeys who will accept loch ness monster as possible reality but not 5 headed cobra.

    • No, I accept neither Loch Ness nor five-headed snakes. And hell doesn’t exist except in the minds of gullible men.

      • Hi i have never heard of or seen a two headed snake,but i remember a story my dad told me about a Nine headed snake who holds up the universe,maybe im wrong its a Hindu belief i think,and considering this is a very old religion then how know there are Nine planets ?

          • Lol when i went to school.there were Nine planets,so lets go on that theory and forget about a group of men saying Pluto is not a planet,have you or any others heard the same story ?

            • There are eight or nine planets is not the point of debate in this case.The point is how they came to know.In Hindu astrology Sun and Moon are planets.Rahu and Ketu are planets though there are no substance in the universe according to their description.So this is the reality.

    • You idiot. Show me a VIDEO. Not a series of STILL PHOTOS put into video format. Show me the snake MOVING on the ground with 5 heads.

      Are you a FOOL to think that putting a still pic into Youtube makes it a real video???

      None of these are videos because the effing snake DOES NOT exist you moron

    • you just go to hell. what you know about our western people. We are the example of life and culture. You cant understand it because you want a separate brain to understand us. you just stop this non sense. We are not saying that it is true if its there the researchers can get it by researching it well. you go to hell.

      • Yes, and if people make up photoshop images, then I research it and show that they are FAKE, why should I go to hell?

        • yes angela I will agree with you. You should mention what is true and fake. You should not talk about the western peoples.

  27. I am also a Indian and the follower of Hindu culture. The Hinduism is the Oldest Religion in the world what the Hinduism mentioning for its follower is true and every one know that I don’t know whether it is fake or true If its there You can get it by researching well

  28. I am also a India And Hindu What our holy mentioned are true and also it is apart from science technology Hindu religion is the oldest religion in the world it may true you can get it after researching well

  29. According to me a snake with 5 head is not at all possible even scientifically not at all proved.
    pl don’t mix fake things with the god. both are different.i am also god believer but we should not encourage this kind of people ever.

  30. all the comments previously only one answer for u all is tat we ppl as indians knw wat our gods are i knw and we all knw wen vishnu can take 10 avatars y not our god nagaraja should not hav 5 heads.,….when the rakshas Ravana can hav 10 heads and if u believ tat y not the god i worship daily should not hav…..if god is der even is creations r lik this!!!!!!!! also u guys always say everyone are unique special and master’s piece and everyone r completly diffrent frm each other…..between u wan only 1,2,3, headed snake only….???????????i can just say THAT IS NOT YET TOL A FAKE!!!!!!!THAT IS TRUE AND THAT IS OUR GOD

    • No, it isn’t. It’s a poorly photoshopped fake. This post has nothing to do with the religion, it’s about the fake picture.

      • @ angela if u still agree tats a fake…………just hav a count on ur hairs and ur forehead and den count the hairs of others and defnetly u will find a marvellous diffrence and the same thing is with these snakes all snakes doesnot hav only one or two some can also have more than 2 and this is a live example

      • @ angela yes i do agree with u tat is a fake……..but what u r upto….. R u saying tat there is no snake lik tis in the universe…….and ya i dont hav no understanding of biology for tat defnetly i need ur help thanq so m uch

      • @Nandini, I can’t talk about biology on other planets as we have not found living organisms anywhere else in the solar system, let alone the universe. The only biology we can talk about is what we have on Earth, and what we do know is that there is absolutely NO EVIDENCE for any animal having more than three heads. No fossils, no living creatures. Myths and legends are not evidence.

    • Show me a REAL video of the snake moving on the ground.

      DO NOT show me a photoshopped STILL photo that has been put into Youtube you illiterate fool.

      NOBODY has a live video of this snake moving and slithering on the ground. WHY???

      Because it is a PHOTOSHOP FAKE you idiot

    • @ angela as per the facts i got……these types of snakes are exicisting but they wont survive for a long time…………..and it was wroth by talking to u thanq u so much……<3 love u

  31. Those who don’t belive this come to arunachal where in 1991 a cobra with nine head was found and killed.

  32. It could be the real snake due to there is 150 years old books said that there is a true snake with the head of fivesss i have learn that from a book hindu, and what was written on that book it have come true by research thank boddy

    • so, you think that this obviously faked photo shows a real snake because you read a fable about a five-headed snake in a 150 year old book? That makes no sense.
      Old story books are not a good place to find information about the world today, just look at the Christian bible for example.

      • hey if u don’t about Hinduism then don’t say anything rubbish about it. and its not just a 150 year old book. They are sacred Vedas. So watch your mouth before mocking any other religion

      • Ok…You mean Christian Bible also comes in same cateogory of OLD BOOK’s isn’t it.??? & if not then…….One of our very old book said that Lord Ram travelled by AIR to reach back his home….English mens laughed at it….& certainly now its very common & most trusted mode of travel……AEROPLANE..

      • christian bible is newest one while comparing to the Hinduism’s Holy book because christian came to the world before 2000 years but Hinduism is about 50000 years back so it might be true

      • so what do you think about satan baby is it real or angels??
        do you thinks there are dogs with 5 heads swthrt?
        isnt it rubish??
        so please kindly uptake to yours and then comes to ours
        thnx bby!

    • its true that there are many myths besides the naga that appear in places seperate from east india like the hydra. But this is totally fake a real five heades snake would be like other multi headed victims of fighting over which direction to go!

    • You are such an idiot!!

      And, seriously dude? He traveled via an airplane how many thousand years ago? or did he magically float across the sky? Pleaseeee think about what you say before you say it, you only make yourself sound retarded!

      • So! I have also seen a statue when I visited nepal! But I dont think so that it is in real! And but when seeing video why they have dont caught it in the camera when it was roaming!

    • hi rishi, if u hv seen that, where is it now? will u please specify the place so that I can have the glimpse of it. I vl be highly thankful to you

  33. Try getting atleast one video of the 5 or 10 headed reptile. I scanned Utube…has videos that are made up of these fake stills and write-ups.

  34. u say that it’s true and others are fak can we know surely ur photo is true?normaly no one stays that close to a snake specially if it have many heads.

  35. hi i want see the five head snake
    please send narayana hrudayalaya hospital-hyderabad


  37. It took me sometime to get a hang of the way the thread seemed to be running! Phew! talk of being “Nutty as squirrel poo!” Snake or no snake, a discussion on the validity and might of any faith, belief, religion is uncalled for. I thought the whole idea was to agree/disagree with the existence of such a creature? Yes, the Lord Vishnu does sit on Seshnag , the thousand headed serpent, but is he likely to manifest himself to raise the TRP ratings of a sad excuse of a News channel? (BTW this very “NEWS” channel seems to be routinely airing only shows which have firm grounding on nothing more than thin air: the Yeti, Existence of aliens : during the afternoon, i suppose for the benefit of couch potatoes and bored housewives! )

    Scientifically this kind of anomaly isn’t possible. Angela, Kudos for being a mythbuster. I’m proud to be an Indian and of my heritage, history and culture, but I will not take it lying down, when people use this and the belief of innocent god-fearing people, to make money.

  38. those shots are obviously faked but there is no biological reason why a five or more headed snake couldnt exist it is just extremly unlikely as the conditions have to justright in the mother snake

  39. n wat about the shadow of first five head snake in this video….is tat possible in photoshop…..

      • so u wanna say tat there’s no such thing as five head snake…..or may be it is there but no one found out….

    • Yes, I’m saying that there is no such thing as a five headed snake. If you missed that point in my blog post, please read it again.

      • i don wanna argue but still in india some peoples believe tat there is some kind of thing as five head snake….but no one caught it till now….as nature(or god as they believe) shows us many uncommon things which human’s brain thinks it is impossible….

      • so u don hav any answer for ma question….i believe in god n nature around us….but i donno whether there is some kind of thing as five headed snake or not…..but i trust miracle’s…..m searching for it… 😉

    • You didn’t ask a question, Pranav. You merely made a garbled statement.
      I don’t think that miracles happen. I don’t think that there is any evidence of five headed snakes, I don’t think that there is any god that intervenes in happenings on Earth.
      If you want to ask a question, please do. But don’t accuse me of not having an answer if you didn’t ask a question.

      • i did ask ya a question about miracles….surely i to donno about five headed snakes or any evidence about it….but i trust miracles….u don believe it but i hav examples for tat….like a simple one i’ll giv ya….like human brain never thought tat there will be any chances for aliens but now they r getting evidence about aliens living on other planets….is tat not a miracle….

      • or human brain never thought tat there will be any chance of living on mars but now they got tat there are chances of living on mars too….is tat not a miracle….i know u’ll call it as a scientific research but believe me it is a miracle….

      • @ pranav:-There are no magics in this world…. Only irrational people believe in magic. If there is anyone who says that an event has no scientific base then either that event cannot take place or that person doesn’t have sufficient knowledge

  40. Check this video once….the first five head snake in this video have a perfect shadow…as it is real….now can u tell me is tat fake or real….

    • It’s fake. the three headed snakes look less ridiculous, but the five headed ones look completely faked. They even use the pictures I have on this blog.

      • Angela :It’s fake. the three headed snakes look less ridiculous, but the five headed ones look completely faked. They even use the pictures I have on this blog.FAKE

    • Come on How can you believe in these images. I can manufacture a toy with 100 heads and take a snap of it. I will get its shadow also!!!!!! See i m also an indian and if any literature prohibits you from applying logic then that literature isn’t probably correct….

    • You completely idiotic and mindless moronic fools. Why is it that NONE of these are a real video of a moving 5 headed snake, but always of still pictures which are easily photoshopped?

      Answer this question before getting all offended about your religion or believing in bullshit….

    • This is NOT a VIDEO you FOOOOOOL! These are photoshopped STILLpictures that have been put in sequence into a video format using the simplest transition called FADE!

      Show me ONE MOVING video of a real, slithering 3 or 5 headed snake and then talk you illiterate FOOOOOOL!

  41. Angela :
    Snake’s name is “Figment of Imagination”

    u r right, there all are photoshopped images. please check the shadow of ten headed snake caught from Srilanka

  42. the shots are just horrible.. we must really congratulate the person who has dared to take the snaps and the videos of the five headed snake…… really hats off to the mother nature for creating such kinds of creatures..
    pranav bhaskaran

  43. Most of the comments posted are just sad, sad, sad. What a shame.

    I can only hope that future generations will learn to read, write and think without prejudice. May logic and reasoning are your become your best friends in life.

    Thank you Angela and Owen for an insightful article. Sorry, for all the ignorant comments you have posted on such a great blog.

  44. Ok…what if the snake is real or unreal…how does this change one’s life. The one thing that would change everyone’s life is to use this time in purposes that would help to society where we live, feed and breed. Too much importance for trifle matters and ignorance of those that are important. Bad article to begin with. Why not post the many number of poor children/men/women in all parts of the world…

    • because teaching people critical thinking skills so that they are not ripped off by con men is important.

      “Why not post the many number of poor children/men/women in all parts of the world” – What exactly are you trying to say?

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  46. this cobra is a truth.i think that this snake is a creation of god Vishnu.I heard a story about a 10 headed snake in jaffna srilanka.I am not sure about the 10 headed snake.but i can belive this 5 headed snake.

    • sandeep, dont know how old are you, but one small advice.believe in god. and believe that god dont do miracles and show them to humans to make them believe him. this is a fake thing.

  47. I’ve been to the Bangkok snake farm a few times and those top three pics are all photoshops of a large cobra they have and show on their old display platform. How do I know? I recognize the display platform, grating, ladder, etc. Here’s a pic I took of a large king cobra on that platform in 2007:

    • That is absolute garbage. The smudge lines are clearly visible where this image was FAKED. Don’t insult my intelligence by trying to pass this rubbish off as being real.

      • at least whoever made this one had the forethought to flip the face around between the left and right heads… but yeah, seriously obvious use of smudge tool is incredibly obvious

  48. its a fake picture. i know about photoshop. its a software , used to add artificial things in our photos, albums. etc. i have done so many photos like that. even i have 10 headed snake picture. that was created by me.

  49. “well,there are lots of secrets of nature, yet to come in our knowledge-account;and there for we should not make any commitments against nature.

    • why not? We know that this picture of a five headed snake is a fake. Why should we not call it out as such?

  50. Hi

    we are looking for 2 head’s snekas well we want that 4kgs. kindly help me.

    i want 2 see that snake when and where should i come .

  51. Sojan :
    Hi, Indian vedhas are written in Sanskrit, which is not even from India.. its a language from Indo-Iranian language and Indo-European language, and when ariyans came to india from the iran and other middle east countries they bought that language into India. Please study the history of India

    Sojan, History of India is not really what we learn or what is in our books,actually our history is fully manipulated by the foreigners.

    • Areyou in sane Sojan, the one who needs to get his facts write is you and not anybody else.
      Sanskrit is a Indian language its been proved many times. Sometime back there was a debate whether its an Sanskrit originated in India Or not But its been proven.

      As you can see…the History of India has been tempered by the foreigners & this is one of the case aswell.

      All foreigners tried to destroy Indian culture by either destroying it Or either claiming there own.

    • Dear Sojan.. SANSKRIT is the mother of all languages.. you r shame 2 India. Dont follow the ROMAN RULING.. & 3000 years b4 we have a University.( 1000 Years B4 Christ). ok

    • Hi,This is for sojan to say that if Sanskrit language com from Indo-Iran then like India Iranian also should know Sanskrit upto some extent but it does’t found is’nt it? and dont ever say about vedas before anything knowing and thinking.You merely shows your foolishnes tht you dont know be silence

  52. Most of us only believe what we see …. Some of us even believe what most others don’t see …. Take any major invention …. say Copernicus, Aristotle, Newton etc etc believed what no one else in their era had a wrong idea …. At this point if U don’t believe life in sun is possible, then you will never accept anything beyond ur thoughts ….. Its a thought block. May be we’d have read abt the temperature around sun …. But certainly we wud not have thought what else might make life possible in SUN ….. Mankind is still evolving and its not that everything thats found is correct … Most pupil believe only whats proven (thats Y most pupil googled) and accepted by most and not thinking beyond one’s imagination, be it anything GOD/OCEAN/LAND/AIR/SNAKE ….. END of STORY

    • do you even know how a two or three faced snake is born???? It is similar to the way you must have seen a human baby with 2 heads. They are basically 2 different baby who couldn’t seperate themselves in womb. Same thing happens in snake’s egg. now it is highly impossible to have 5 yolks in one egg.. Probability = 0

  53. it`s the fake picture i know, but recently i saw on a news channel of real five headed snake found in Indian temple with real video. has any one save that news?

  54. Let all discussion put to rest…..we humans believe what we see..n what we dont see is all rubbish…but we do not believe that there are parasites which make us ill but then we do get ill…and than take medicine… justifies every thing but yet most intelligent do call for gods help when things went wrong in space station….

  55. I think its fake b’cas my frinds unkle told him that i have seen it and captured image of that snake.
    but when i compair this image and my friends given image they were exactly same of 26kb .

  56. I too think its just a fake pic. people who play with the innocent and “god dependent” indians(nt evry 1 are) shud really be punished!!!! but as far as the pic goes its all rubbish!!!!!!

  57. Religion is a belief, if you are atheist then keep your opinion upto you, refrain from making statements where you criticize other for their belief.
    you have to feel GOD presence yourself in the things around you. He will not make you feel himself.
    And there was no point of linking the face photograph with religion. If you come across any such thing where you can easily notice that its fake, just ignore it.

    and one more thing, just that any body is HINDU or Christian does not make you big enough to disrespect others religion, if you believe in GOD then believe in all GOD. otherwise you are as good as atheist.

    I am born Hindu but love humanity along with that I respect all religion.

  58. If it has been a scientically proven fact that not more that two headed snake or an animal can exist in nature (meaning heads not joined) why do these Indians belive in religious God based scriptures & belive this RUBBISH to be true. Indiots, idiots, idiots, idiots, idiots -5 times for each of these five TOY snake heads!

    • the same could be said for any religious group really. Jesus walked on walter? Rubbish. Jesus healed the sick by laying his hands on them? Rubbish… and so it goes.
      Does that make Christians idiots? No, I don’t think it does, perhaps it makes them delusional or misguided, but not idiots. And the same goes for Hindu’s and any other “Indian” faith.

      • As an athiest myself (born Hindu) I think that the concept of GOD is nonsense (no one has seen him % felt him), making all the religions a brainwashing. In today’s world, all the religions should be banned (ones’ because of which there exist violance/killings). Humanity deserves to be only religion and people should obey the CIVIL LAWS (not the Supreme laws) and be happy. Hinduism is actually a nuicence to me because it’s crossing my roads in my daily walk of life ON STREETS. Does that make Christianity any better: NO, it too is a BELIEF but I can not criticize it for being an outsider. It too should be banned as a nuicence -telling the world that others being non-Christians would go to HELL (?)if they do not believe in Christ as a savior-WHO WAS A HUMAN BEING & DIED for the sake of ME??????

    • Balmohan :
      As an athiest myself (born Hindu) I think that the concept of GOD is nonsense (no one has seen him % felt him), making all the religions a brainwashing. In today’s world, all the religions should be banned (ones’ because of which there exist violance/killings). Humanity deserves to be only religion and people should obey the CIVIL LAWS (not the Supreme laws) and be happy. Hinduism is actually a nuicence to me because it’s crossing my roads in my daily walk of life ON STREETS. Does that make Christianity any better: NO, it too is a BELIEF but I can not criticize it for being an outsider. It too should be banned as a nuicence -telling the world that others being non-Christians would go to HELL (?)if they do not believe in Christ as a savior-WHO WAS A HUMAN BEING & DIED for the sake of ME??????

      mr. BAL For feeling air what u do , I think u switch on the ac or fan right ??
      Why Air is already there but to feel it you have to do something ok
      Similarily to feel god you have to do something
      I think That will make u think some

    • Whoever is hitting any religion should be just banned from this site. Here you can give your thoughts but not comment on any religion, if you do so, comeout in public and say the same thing and than see the idiot.

      • Actually, Indian, I am more than happy to have intelligent, thoughtful discussion about religion.
        I don’t see your name on my ID book, so please don’t try and enforce your own rules on the comments of my blog.
        Especially if you don’t have the balls to sign with your own name.

    • Did you even LOOK at the close-up of this thing’s “neck”? Do I even have to point out that the left-most head appears to come from behind the snake, and the second from left’s scales weren’t properly faded and blended in? Need I bother to mention that the lighting on ALL 5 heads is exactly the same as the middle head? Oops, too late. I already did!

  59. if jesus ,born without sexual intercourse .then why dont five headed serpent exists
    you shit westerns

  60. Wow! No wonder religion continues to draw huge amounts of money in the form of “charity” worldwide, when all that is needed for most people is to find something that confirms to their belief, and reject all that does not.
    The images are surely photoshopped. I actually wonder how people actually believed it without any other source/description from whoever mailed it first.
    I’m beginning to wonder whether the next such mails start showing some animal mutant in the form of devil, and lo, we have a vanquisher and a vanquished!!(the common theme in most if not all religious dogmas).

  61. Hey Angela. You are correct. The photographs clearly shows they are mixed and not true. I am an Indian and I read some comments from other readers they reached to level of religion and nationalism. Its only my suggestion that its not worth to waste our time on this and lets join and share our knowledge like you do.

  62. guys! may be you can find five headed snakes. but remember GOD is one and cannot be considered in the form of real world things. He is supreme and no living creature or any element on earth can be worshipped as his form. its an insult to him if we worship his creations instead of him.

    • well, considering the fact that you have just posted this comment on a science / critical thinking blog, may I suggest you google the term “atheist”.

  63. UTIYN if u want to say that this is fake then say it in a proper manner. Has your religion taught you to speak such words for other religions and beliefs. If your answers is yes then u are surely a black spot on your religion. All religions take us towards god. So dont be so harsh and use proper words while communicating which will not hurt any religious sentiments. I dont want to say that these images are true or false but my intention is proper way of expressing your thoughts.

  64. at first sight i also believed the fact of 5 headed rubbish my thought would be if did’nt check net about multiheaded snake’s history .just worthless such news .please be united on opposing such reports.

  65. To put an end to an argument. One of the original (one headed photo) snakes is at this site:

  66. Wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo!
    why don’t you bloody indians upload a video of this shit??
    that makes sense!

    • Try to keep racist slurs out of my blog. OK? I find it offensive, and I am sure that any Indians would find it more so.

    • @@@N.A :Keep your toung in control , from which shit country are you from, people from west think that they are superior, and have all the knowledge of the world, they copy ideas from the rich ancient vedas and yogas and sell them in their shit countries. dont ever call indians by that name. I dont thnk science is advanced enough to give answers to 99% of the questiions thet we face.

      • Hi, Indian vedhas are written in Sanskrit, which is not even from India.. its a language from Indo-Iranian language and Indo-European language, and when ariyans came to india from the iran and other middle east countries they bought that language into India. Please study the history of India

  67. My answer is as follows:

    I stongly object that people questioning hindusim or hindu mythology for these emails..

    People /scientist does not seen such snakes does not mean that it is not existed…So far they even do not know 100% how human body is created and how is works. With such an improvement with medical science, yet we do not have any solution for thounds of deceases, does it means that solution is not there? Ëven “”DEATH ” explained in medical terms as pulse stops, heart beat stops, no respiration etc etc provided that not in case of himalyan Hindu sadus. Mean they can all these things and still leave.

    One more eg, recent Sadhu / yogi, who has not taken anything from last 60 yrs, which has been told it is wrong and whole media tried to cover up with great tamasha…but what happend, with all medical knowledge and modern technology, they could not proove it as wrong. He was right…what do you say for this…

    Our ancistor seen 5 headed snakes in temples, for eg. my father used to tell about incident happened in Manjeshwar TEMPLE..which people have seen…so do not question peoples believe for just sake of these so called “‘ buddi jeevi'” ……they put thier finger only it comes to something about hindus….

    Why do not they talk about the Zesus christ’s Indian connection and he lived in India. Why they do not accpet it as all proofs are there …Why do this women rights commisions talk about women poojari at temple and not talk about Lady Pope? why they call such an mature culture and do not have any lady pope Yet? why they loose voice for such topics?


  68. Hey… tell me one thing…. are polycephalic animals only recent findings or they existed previously also…. definitely they have existed prior to recorded time… so why dont we accept the existence of the 5 headed serpent… (of course not today)….mentioned in our scriptures prior to exitence of recorded times… and maybe …. this kind of 5 headed condition in reptiles has receded over the ages… if this arguement of mine is acceptable… then there wont be any arguement… about scientific findings…. coz… if this 5 headed condition in these repitiles has receded for some scientific reason… then the 5 headed serpent god mentioned in our scriptures is definitely true… coz … such an imagination for a paleolithic (prehistoric)person is immopsible.

    • Hi Prakash,
      If there were five headed reptiles at any point of time we would probably have some kind of archeological evidence for their existence. No such evidence exists. Until something reliable is found it is more reasonable to assume that no such animal did exist.
      Intellectual caution is prudent in this situation instead of just saying
      “Oh well! I have an open mind, I’ll believe they existed based on unprovable scripture and a boat load of faith.”

  69. Oh god, thanks fr making me think in so many ways from all of Ur comments. from the research of sum smarter, its clear that this photo’s r edited, even me who doesn’t know anything of photo editing, once saw the photo itself, agree that it was modified. few, we are talking of the photo’s, its fake, but not the bout the 5head snake..i don’t assume that the 5head snake still exist or not, but its a believe of Indian religion. its OK IF U DUN BLIVE THE RELIGION’S but dun insult it.. anyway, this photo is fake, 101% sure, but 102% sure 5head snake exist in real or history!! my point of view!! cheers..

    • As there is no solid evidence for the existence of a five headed snake, either now or at any time in history, your opinion is, unfortunately, not worth the bits it is made up of.
      I’m not insulting any religion in this post.

      • but you are directly abusing our country…. Who gave you that right miss? Indians are 1000 times better than any country in this world this is something which you don’t realise, But wait and watch baby.

        • ummm…. no..? I don’t see any evidence of this abuse you speak of… Please quote the abusive bits and be exact.

  70. U know, in the 1600s, 3 headed snakes were myths? Greek mythology to be exact. It wasn’t very very well know (like da chimera) but it was popular. And then…BOOM! Three headed snakes found in eastern lands….so a possibility exists that Indian myths may be tru too…Early man wouldn’t have made up soooooooooo much on his own, just for entertainment. his life was far busier than ours. Just hope for da best! (dis picture is obviously fake, the heads don’t appear like this even in da myths, the heads split from below, as if da body itself is splitting into 5 parts (not much unlike the 2 headed real snake’s pic)

    • I can find no reference to tricephalic snakes in Greek mythology. Please provide evidence. Be exact.

  71. I also got the mail few months back. I phoned my brother near Kukke Subramanya to verify the fact. What I came to know is that the snake came in the flood from Kumaradhara hill and jumped on to a boat in which some people were sailing. I also got some news that people in Subramanya have seen the snake. where is the snake today? No one knows. I do have some relatives working in Subramanya temple. None of them is aware of this snake. I do not know whether to believe or not. If it is fake, I hate people playing with sentiments of other people. If it is true, those who have seen it are lucky. There are mythological stories about snakes with five heads and seven heads. There is a Lors Shiva temple in Mumbai known as Nageshwara Temple. The Shivalinga is covered with a five headed snake made of silver. If you believe, fine. If you do not, still fine!

    • Hi Subbie,
      Thanks for your comment, but unfortunately all you have is completely unverifiable anecdotes. This cannot be regarded as evidence for the existence of the five headed snake. We know that the picture is a fake. So far the only rational conclusion is that this snake does not exist.


  72. This is obviously fake..
    if this is real then there will be news around the world.. ad there should be atleast a video..

    Obviously PhotoShop

  73. And Polycephy or whatever
    Truth is Snake Talked about in Puranas actually Exists
    It’s said that Pythagorus actually IMMITATED Indian Theory in Trigonometry
    During his times in India
    So All PAtils etc.
    keep up what your Paranoia or rather BIAS
    Hind Jindabad

  74. How can you speak without proof?
    You want to delete it.
    Delete ;
    But never ever call it FAKE
    Jesus waking on water
    & You Christians talk of SCIENTIFIC!
    What a JOKE!

      • un-skepticizer,
        let me tell you some thing why you idiots shift the topic,don’t you dare to speak on the actual topic? bgdc showed the original picture,which was taken at the same place,the above picture was 100% fake and its not a miracle check the original picture at:

        Angela: its not impossible a snake with 5 five heads or less or more heads,and we can find them in any country,i’m Indian ,and i’m not a criticizer ,its just a birth mistake, mixing of organs in a single egg due to abnormal maturity errors may cause these births, its not only found in snakes we can find them in many animals too

        don’t make everything religious ,these are just abnormal born creatures ,i have seen many pictures of these kind,if we criticizing or arguing with one other its just waste of time,think everything practically

        Angela thanks for your blog

  75. I am a strong believer of the creator. Please people use your sixth sense. Don’t believe in stupid emails. When are we gonna change? Do some research online. Why you guys are believing these kind of hoaxes blindly. God is not going to punish you if you don’t believe them. Definitely God will love you, because you are using your sixth sense which is given to you by the creator to differentiate which is true and which is false.

    By the way I did some search online and found the original pictures
    Here are the links

    • Devan, I think you are halfway there. Yes, people should definitely think critically about the e-mails they receive / the news they read and hear, but to say that this would be using “your sixth sense” betrays a deep confusion. Being a rational thinker would lead a person to reject the notion of a mythical sixth sense entirely.

      • Dude,
        Dont talk about evidence. There are many things in the world that dont have any kind of evidence.
        Also dont talk about rationality. I dont think you understand rationality.
        You are not even 100% skeptic or 100% rational.
        If you really understand science, then you should neither believe nor disbelieve the existence of theses snakes until some kind of proof for either of them is found.

      • This is a completely off the topic post. Its about why you have a intuition that by studying science you will be rational.

        Being a Physicist you might have a feeling that Science can explain everything. You can either prove or disprove all the things. But this is wrong.
        For the proof of this statement you should read about the Godel’s incompleteness theorem.
        This is mathematics.

    • Hey … thanks Devan… these pictures nearly bowled me over…. of course i do believe in the serpent god… but the person who has made this picture in the image editing software is certainly a cheapster…. a wanna be for publicity… or may be more….. anyway thanks again devan

  76. Don’t relate this with any religion, see the scientific side.

    Polycephaly is a condition of having more than one head. The term is derived from the stems poly- meaning ‘many’ and kephal- meaning “head”, and encompasses bicephaly and dicephaly (both referring to two-headedness). A variation is an animal born with two faces on a single head, a condition known as diprosopus. In medical terms these are all congenital cephalic disorders.—Source–Wikipedia

    • Hi Sandeep, I thought I might point out (yet again) that I do not claim that this fake five headed snake is in any way the earthly representation of any kind of imaginary sky wizard. I clearly state that the two and three headed forms are real, but that five headed-ness can only come about through malicious tampering with photos.
      It’s not real.
      It is bogus.

  77. This is Polycephaly(related to parasatic twin), which is very common in reptiles. Two or three headwd snakes are very common but I am not sure about five headed snake.

  78. Good article. Faking is common and people fake to make money… but this kind of fake in god’s name.. huff… It all started because people are mad about god and belief on god. If you leave that belief, people stop faking it. Then you can understand the reality.
    This is true in case of anything…. if you start getting mad about music, people fake music. If you start getting mad about cricket, people fake cricket and so on. Do not be mad on anything and you can see the real real world.

    Hope to see a no fake world.

    • I agree Triguna. Not being shackled by the intellectual restraints of religion can really help you to think more critically. It’s not essential, but it does reduce cognitive dissonance.

  79. This pics are fake. We can admit that. But guys, dont close your eyes against anything. This kind of snake is not a myth. Here I can direct you to one place in Kerala, that is ‘Mannarasala snake temple’ in Alappy Dist. If you are more curious and not scared to see a big snake, you will be allowed to see that, a terribly big real five headed snake. If you are genuine the ‘Amma’ will allow you to see it. Its my own experience. Chances is yours. Good luck.

    • Dear Mr. Menon,

      Should i believe that you are also in the faker’s list!!!?? coz i have been to mannarasala for three times now and even i have not seen a single snake in the compound itself. neverthless to say, i have a baby boy by the grace of lord nagaraja and this year too in the month of october i am going to the temple with my family becoz i simply believe the almighty. please advice me how to have a darshan of the five headed huge snake as you have described in the comments

  80. last 2 photographs…the GREAT creator of this photograph havnt considered the relative sizes of head and body

  81. hi…frnds i dnt thnk this is a thing which is to be discussed over n over…from the photograph its clear dat its a modified one.. the one who creatd this could hav atleast takn care of avoiding copy paste of same head 5 times

  82. wooooohh!!!

    Its a child play dear
    I am a photoshop artist & i know how to find truth behind photos
    i can also do this
    dont spred roumors in hindu community
    check my website
    and artwork

    dont do again

  83. Science is a body of information that we have discovered and know NOW, but it is ever expanding and ever changing because our science is imperfect. We have not reached a state where our science can proudly declare, now we know everything and have an explanation for everything. GOD is definitely great, because He has created everything, while we, forget about creating it, are not even able to understand what has been created by Him. We are only capable of creating pictures and raising storm in a tea pot. So GOD IS GREAT, but the certificate of His greatness is not dependent on the existence of a 5-headed snake! Every creation, every development, everything visible and invisible is a proof of His greatness and presence. There are 84lakh of living species, we have not seen all of them. There can always be a possibility of anything. He has created all that we have seen so far…if HE desires He can also create what we have never seen before. It is all HIS wish. He is the cause of all causes – He is “sarva karna karnam”. So let us not waste our time in speculation MR SKEPTICET.

    • @Dr. Vrinda from your statements it is clear you are not a scientist nor do you know how it works. You are a creationist who does not know basic evolutionary theory and natural selection. Theory in science is not a mere hypothesis as the word theory is used in every day language. A scientific theory is the result of experiments and validation. Like the theory of gravity. Don’t believe in gravity? Jump of a building. You are the one speculating as to the existence of a god. So far there is no evidence of any creator. Science does not have all the answers but that does not mean you assume there is a god or creator. And for you it must be a hindu god whereas for a christian it is his god likewise for a muslim it is his allah. First of all, you religious people have to agree on which god !! And then provide scientific evidence. This fake snake story is proof that religious people will believe any nonsense which confirms their bias.

      • Science is expanding. But there are a lot more to be discovered by science. I can clearly see that you don’t believe in religion or God. There are many people like you. But science cannot explain many things in the world. There are things beyond the explanation of science. Science is not complete, scientists are discovering more & more from nature. This snake might be a hoax. But that does not mean religions or the existence of God is a fake.

      • you would be lucky to be graced by the belief in god. without god there isnt peace – heck maybe in your next life eh?

  84. Hello Mr.Skepticdet Sorry to say that But you are 100 % wrong.I am talking about this 5 head snake picture but i have seen in real life not one two times,First time at GOA andsecond time at Kuke subramanyan.So how can i convince my self ?

    • ok i believe you. your uncle did take the pictures of it……. and THEN HE PHOTOSHOPPED IT AND TRIED TO SELL LIES LOL!!!!

  85. Its real snake. If you have doubt come anbd see in the place Kukke subramanya near Karnataka.

  86. Quoting on of the most critical paragraph,which rather is the essence of whole article is:-

    ” What’s that you say? Obviously Photoshopped? Yeah, that’s exactly what I said. But, some people might argue, if you can get two headed snakes, why not five headed snakes? Luckily that question is very easy to answer. Animals born with more than one head have a condition called polycephaly (literally “many heads”) and polycephalic animals only come in two kinds; bicephalic (having two heads) or tricephalic (having three heads). Animals with more than three heads have not been found in the real world.”

    The above lines can easily be rephrased as in case of “polycephaly” only two headed and three headed condition has been discovered or rather in simpler terms if something has been discovered yet doesn’t means at all that particular “condition” cannot exist.

    Now taking the second most crucial argument

    There is no blurring or smudging of the scales where the heads split. Now lets take a close look at the middle image from the e-mail sent to me, it is particularly egregious. The only clear thing in this image is the fact that it is obviously fake!

    Well blurriness of the scales can be contributed to the low quality of the image(a possibility) rather than saying it to be “fake”.

    Well inferring my post, i am not saying that the image found in bangalore,india is real or fake but the fact i want to put forward is there is always a possibility which cannot be denied.!:)

    • @abhiequal so you are looking to confirm your bias on the existence of this 5 headed snake. This one is a fake beyond doubt. So wake up. When you find one please put up the pictures!

      • dear sir/madam

        it’s 100% true.i seen that five headed snake very nearly because i am from the kukke subramanya, mangalore,karnataka

  87. i heard tat if tis kind of amazing animal just will appear when something un expecteda very strange things tat will happen to tis world,its may be true and may be not

  88. According to research not being exist more than two heads. For argument we can accept it.People will go to the place and should check physically whether it is true or not. Myth & believes not a man made. Therefore,we called it is myth that is created by God.In this technical age we can make any thing. But, before we reach any conclusion, bounded science or technical ways we should check it physically that alive or not.

    • @Manoharan why don’t you check it yourself? Because most sensible people conclude it is a fake as this is clearly a poor photoshop job and a 5 headed snake cannot exist. If you find one please let us know.

  89. Thank you very much for the analysis done on the picture! Otherwise superstitious people would have been misguided by the modern science!

  90. This is totally treak photography….I have original pics of same location… please chech out (). When my brother saw this pic in a newpaper he told me about this…than i search this pic. and than i got this pictures…

  91. Sorry folks, these pictures are not proof of any god’s existence, let alone a great one. These images are clearly man made and do not depict a real animal. Click here ( for a forensic analysis of the clearest of the five headed snake images. There is no room for doubt or the intervention of mythical deities, these pictures do not depict a real animal

  92. Today, i was just checking my inbox, i found one email from my friend (sangram).
    by Seeing that mail,





    • @pushjaraj That is exactly what the people who put out these fake photos want you to believe.


  94. i have read about thid abigail and brittany too….. they were amazing…. thanx 4 da info about this pics… i had a strong feelings dat it was photoshop.. not only the neck but da texture of skin of the head and the body in the pics also differs… so interesting man…

  95. wow awesome this is really cool i never knew there is a 5 head snake , i have seen a 2 face snake in front of me n i got it

  96. I love studying about snakes ,but it is 5 head snake i search i came . I know that 5 head snake are the rupa of load subrmania i will go to temple always i have seen only in carvings not a live snake like the above photo given in web site . Thanks… I hope you will put more photos.

  97. Last one is a sculpture from a park . Got this info from another blog. Iam having the same feeling seeing the mail. Thanks for explaining it. 🙂

  98. Good analysis. I got an email today & searched “five headed snake” in my fav search engine. Your article was among the first few searches; was wondering how can such a creature exist.

  99. The Wikipedia page says a bit about the brain and locomotion but I am dying for more detail – :

    “Each head of a polycephalic animal has its own brain, and they somehow share control of the organs and limbs, though the specific structure of the connections varies. Animals often move in a disoriented and dizzy fashion, with the brains “arguing” with each other; some animals simply zig-zag without getting anywhere[9] Snake heads may attack and even attempt to swallow each other.”

    It would be so interesting to investigate their neuroanatomy further – does one brain have primacy for certain functions, or do the two brains relinquish and regain control at different times and across disparate modalities? One of my quirks happens to be a fascination with mutants and unusual biology, so this post was great.

    That you managed to combine the sceptical debunking of a hoax pic, with the fascinating subject of polycephaly made for a mental meal of great satisfaction.

    • I agree with you Clint, I am deeply fascinated by “freaks of nature”, not just with how they form, but with how they live and it took me a long time to write this article, not because it was complex, but because I kept clicking links and reading more!

      One thing that stands out is that polycephalic creatures don’t generally have a long life span. Especially the snakes. But for a fascinating insight into cooperation between two minds in one body you HAVE to read about Abigail and Brittany Hensel. Their story is remarkable!

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