There is something wrong with you

Seriously. If you starve your baby to death for not saying “Amen” during a prayer, there is something deeply wrong with your mind. But I have already had my rant on that topic. Today Associated Press ran an article which actually managed to re-ignite the passionate outrage which Ria Ramkissoon managed to spark two years ago. It turns out that the murderous mother has pleaded guilty to child abuse and as such her jail sentence has been suspended and she will be transferred to a “residential treatment facility”.

That might at first make it seem as though Ramkissoon has managed to escape the blinding influences of the cult she was involved in when she killed her son, but she has not. Notice, for example, the fact that her plea bargain included a clause which stated that she would withdraw the plea if her son is resurrected. NO SHIT! The baby she created in her womb has been dead longer than he was alive and she still thinks he will be resurrected!

This heartbreaking accident is a stark reminder of why we should not allow religious commitments to cloud our judgement. Life is too precious. Freedom of religion should not mean freedom to punish and kill your baby, or anybody else’s.

Javon Thompson and his idiot mother


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