There is no “player 23 in green”

Tonight I have another update on my post dealing with psychics and their predictions for the 2010 world cup. Last night I updated my original post by going back and comparing the predictions made for Bafana Bafana’s prospects in the cup with their actual performance (hint: the psychics did not get it right). Tonight I would like to look at one particular prediction made by Tash Bassani. She claimed that a player in a green shirt using the number 23 would be in for a bad time at some point during the competition, she said, specifically:

Alarm bells ring around this man and it can result from anything – injury, crime, anything. This player must be cautious. It could be a player from Brazil but that’s uncertain, although the number is 23 and the shirt is green, without a doubt

I checked FIFA’s website for the colours of the kits which would be worn by the teams playing in this World Cup and cross checked the green kit teams against Wikipedia’s list of the numbers which the players used and found one possible hit. I stated at the time that the only player who would be wearing a green shirt and the number 23 would be the Algerian player Raïs M’Bohli. I was wrong. Raïs is the Algerian goal keeper which means he wears a different colour kit to the rest of his team.

He doesn't wear green!

That means that there is no player 23 in green kit this year. Good thing we didn’t believe anything those psychics said, hey?

Thanks are due to a commentor, “mi3”, who pointed out my error and provided the link to the picture of M’Bholi. Good job buddy, thank you!

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2 responses to “There is no “player 23 in green”

  1. Oh, my I inspired a new entry! I feel so important now … I am serious – it’s the first time thishappens. Anyway, I am sorry but I’ll have to inspire another. There are 13 GKs with the number 23 on their shirts. Sadly Joe Heart is pictured green here In addition to this you cannot check all GK’s kits from here -> Why? Because GKs have 3 different kits to be sure that their colour is different not only from their team mates kit but also from the opposition. So you should watch out for Joe and keep an eye for the other dozen of 23s (at least for those that will make it to the 1/8 finals). So off to the second half.

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