Quote of the Week

I only have time for a shorty tonight because I’m off to the pub for Trivia Night. So I thought I might give you a wonderful quote by Dr. Steven Novella of The Skeptics Guide to the Universe fame (amongst a ton of other great work he does). While discussing acupuncture in episode #263 of the podcast Dr. Novella made me laugh out loud with the following statement:

If by their own admission it doesn’t matter where you stick the needles, it doesn’t matter if you stick it to any depth, it doesn’t matter if you do any of the things that acupuncturists are trained to do, why do you need to refer to a trained acupuncturist? You could have Bozo the clown poke you randomly with toothpicks and you’d get the same effect.

I wish I was that funny!


4 responses to “Quote of the Week

    • Thank you for your compliments, BabyDoc. I thoroughly enjoyed your blog and hope to see much more!

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