Bemer me up, Scotty!

Quackery comes in all shapes and sizes, and it is often presented to you by someone within your own family. It is easy enough to cry fowl when you read about magical unicorns of wart removal on the internet, but far more difficult to tread the narrow line between truth and faith with someone whose feelings you’d prefer not to hurt. The subject of this post is just such an encounter I had with an acquaintance who is dear to somebody in my family.

While discussing my persistent knee problems (caused by a motor cycle accident) Lisa* suggested that I allow her to demonstrate her amazing BEAMER3000. A device which, she claimed, has magical healing abilities and has cured everything from her sore back to her horses spider bites. Always game for a laugh, I agreed. Twenty minutes later I had a small box strapped to my right knee with pretty lights blinking at me and Lisa sat expectantly awaiting my declaration of miraculous healing. Before I tell you the result of my BEAMER session, perhaps I should tell you exactly what it is and what it claims to do.

I am holding in my hands a pamphlet for the BEAMER3000 and am pleased to discover that “BEAMER” is an acronym for Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation. Isn’t that clever? Well, that’s about as clever as it gets I’m afraid. On the first page of the brochure they make some pretty bold (and in complete opposition to the germ theory of disease) claims:

The human organism is created in such a way, that if it has a sufficient supply of energy, it can compensate for illness and disease with natural regulatory mechanisms and self-healing capacities.

Each form of illness has at its foundation an energy deficit.

When further considering that BEAMER treatment is non-invasive, has no negative side-effects and is safe and easy to apply, it is a no-brainer to at least try it out for yourself.

And my personal favorite:

Are you Skeptical?

You don’t believe in scientific exploration, clinical tests, experiences of numerous physicians, therapists, naturopathic practiotioners and delighted users?

Then why not try it yourself?

After reading this brochure a few times I feel no more enlightened as to what scientific exploration or clinical tests they might have run in order to establish the truth of the claims about the BEAMER3000. So I reach for the second flyer I have picked up regarding this device, a black and white slip of paper with personal testimonies on one side and the following claims for what the BEAMER VET can do for your horsey:

  • Ease muscles
  • Reduce tension
  • Relax mentally
  • Increase suppleness
  • Maintain performance
  • Reduce lactic acid build-up
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Assist with natural healing
  • Reduce recovery time
  • Warm your horse up before you ride

Nothing there except more bold claims, taking the next logical step; I Google it and find a bewildering array of unsubstantiated claims, personal testimony and pictures of people smiling like idiots.

I am particularly interested in two things: firstly, what claims are being made for the health benefits of the BEAMER products, and secondly, what evidence do they have to back up these claims? There is no shortage of supposed benefits, here are a few I have gleaned from local BEAMER websites:

What the Bemer 3000 can do for you:

~ Chronic pain relief/recovery

~ Chronic condition relief/recovery

~ Improved vitality and quality of life for disabled

~ Accelerated healing (wounds, surgery, injuries)

~ Boosts and supports immune system

~ Prevention and relief of “age-related” conditions

~ Optimising fitness and performance in sports

~ No overdosing. No side-effects. No risk.

~ More….

And as if that isn’t enough:

This is exactly what BEMER therapy accomplishes, nothing more, nothing less:

•  Improved macro circulation (dilation of blood vessels)

•  Improved micro-circulation (opening of capillaries and thus increasing capillary blood flow)

•  Increased partial oxygen pressure

•  Improvement of the blood’s ability to attach and transport oxygen to the individual red blood cells

•  Improved cell metabolism

•  Strengthened immune system

Those are some pretty bold claims! I imagine they have plenty of high quality clinical trials available to substantiate these statements.


All I could find was mumbo-jumbo about the shape of the electromagnetic wave emitted by the BEAMER, and a .pdf entitled “Superiority: Classification / Comparison to other PEMF devices” – a long winded marketing brochure touted as “scientific evidence”. I have requested copies of studies claiming to show remarkable effects, but won’t hold my breath about receiving these.

Let’s take a step back and look at what we do know:

  1. Magnet Therapy is Bullshit
  2. When I hear “No bad side-effects” I immediately think of homeopathy – if it has no side effects, it probably doesn’t have any real effects either.
  3. The Placebo effect can account for most, if not all, of the claims made for the BEAMER

Allow me to quote the indestructible Brian Dunning of Skeptoid fame:

Got some chronic pain? An itchy rash? Hypertension? Depression? We’ve got the solution for you. It’s guaranteed to have no side effects, but it’s an extraordinary treatment for your symptoms. It’s the placebo, a completely inert and ineffective intervention, that does nothing to your body at all, except to convince you that it does. Whether it’s a pill containing no medication, an expensive looking electronic device that does nothing, an inhaler that provides the same air you’re already breathing, or just a manipulative treatment that doesn’t manipulate anything, the medical placebo is not only a crucial component of clinical trials, but it can also be an effective medical treatment in itself.

Understanding the power of the placebo effect is crucial to understanding the value of a claimed alternative therapy. If it’s well designed and well delivered, an implausible therapy with no clinical value can indeed produce a subjective improvement in the patient’s symptoms. To debunk a worthless alternative therapy, it’s not necessary to prove that it has no effect at all. Rather, understand that under the right conditions it can, in fact, have a sometimes significant effect; an effect which can almost certainly be fully explainable as a placebo.

What effect did the BEAMER have on my knee? None, I had to undergo a second operation and many months of physiotherapy before I was able to walk without pain. That’s after the BEAMER therapy. And my father who was using it extensively for a shoulder injury also returned to the physio. But those are just anecdotes, and anecdotes (such as the pervasive drone of personal testimonies from people who use the extremely expensive BEAMER) are worthless in the domain of science.

BEAMER3000 – no evidence for any effect beyond that of placebo.

*Not her real name

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204 responses to “Bemer me up, Scotty!

    • Mishara, Journals of Alternative medicine are not acknowledged by the actual scientific community. As world-famous physicist Garrett Lisi told us, “The articles they’re listing are in ‘alternative medicine journals.’ These are basically journals that exist purely so hucksters like this can claim to have published research supporting their BS. I think Tim Minchin summed it up best: ‘You know what we call alternative medicine that’s been proved to work? Medicine!'” Apparently we didn’t even need a physicist for this argument, just a musician.

      Most of those “journals” you posted are bullshit alternative medicine compilations, and some of the things you posted are merely websites. Others were “published” before the Bemer company claims to have been doing studies themselves (nor do they mention any technology that remotely resembles the Bemer). The articles I perused that do seem to come from actual scientific journals don’t mention anything about the Bemer or Bemer technology (you know you can search them, right?). I mean, is Bemer really doing tests on genetically engineered mice, and cutting off their heads to examine their bones after not using the Bemer? What the hell is the point of that? And why would they be testing the dosage of an oral medication while not using Bemer technology at all? Why would Bemer even be conducting research on ANY medication? “Double-blind” studies involve both a human patient and a scientist. “Blind” studies can be done by scientists on a plant or an animal, but a “double blind” means both a patient and a scientist are trying to keep from being either consciously or unconsciously influenced (mice don’t have that problem).

      Again, I’m going with the guy they built a supercollider for, not some crap journals made up by uneducated children.

      And I don’t know why anyone from Bemer hasn’t thought of this before but: BED SORES. I worked in a nursing home through high school, and my family runs a company that, among other products, makes pads for beds and wheelchairs to prevent bed sores– which are freakin’ horrible, and painful, and difficult to treat. It’s one of our goals, to stop bed sores from happening altogether, and we’re constantly on the look out for a product or a technology that could help do that. I brought this “technology” up to the board (mostly my siblings) to see if they would be interested in incorporating this “technology” into ours (which we could do because there is no patent in the U.S. for it), and it was a bust. It’s no good. One of my brother-in-laws, a doctor of internal medicine (and a member of that group from which you posted an article that doesn’t mention Bemer) says it’s evil scam artist crap. IF the Bemer worked, we’d be jumping all over it (to quote my sister who controls the company). Doctors, physicists, producers of medical soft goods, we all say Bemer is a piece of nothing. You just post those articles to fool people who don’t know that “alternative medicine journals” were created by people who can’t publish in the REAL scientific journals.

    • hi Meghan,
      Prior to posting the google search results for ‘double-blind studies on Bemer technology’, I shared 3 business extracts from Bemer, and 6 PubMed articles. Curiously, Angela has chosen to allow the general search results from Alt Med journals rather than the specific PubMed articles. I imagine that she’s simply vetting them.

      FYI: BEMER is FDA registered, and anybody can look this up on the FDA’s public website. In fact, BEMER has recently concluded all clinical trials in preparation of an FDA 510(k) approval process. It will lead to BEMER being the first and only PEMF device of its kind to obtain an FDA “Approval” (not a mere ‘registration’) for its physiological efficacy in its field of investigation.

      In Germany, BEMER is fully recognized as a class 2 medical device, successfully used in hospitals, by clinicians and health professionals. “Physical Vascular Therapy BEMER” is trademark protected, has its own billing code and is reimbursable by some health insurance carriers. Medical Doctors can actually “prescribe” BEMER Therapy.

      Here are those PubMed links again:

      PubMed articles:
1. 99 SEARCH RESULTS for Bemer: 

      2. 31 SEARCH RESULTS for Dr Klopp: 

      3. Long-term effects of Bio-Electromagnetic-Energy Regulation Therapy on fatigue in patients with multiple sclerosis. Ziemssen T, Piatkowski J, Haase R. Neurological Outpatient Center, Dresden, Germany. Altern Ther Health Med. 2011 Nov-Dec;17(6):22-8.

      4. Synergistic effect of EMF-BEMER-type pulsed weak electromagnetic field and HPMA-bound doxorubicin on mouse EL4 T-cell lymphoma. 
Říhová B, Etrych T, Šírová M, Tomala J, Ulbrich K, Kovář M.
J Drug Target. 2011 Dec;19(10):890-9. Epub 2011 Oct 10. 
PMID:  21981636  [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

      5. [BEMER (Bio-Electromagnetic-Energy-Regulation) therapy].
Ostendorf GM. Versicherungsmedizin. 2010 Sep 1;62(3):140-1.
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      6. Effects of weak, low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields (BEMER type) on gene expression of human mesenchymal stem cells and chondrocytes: an in vitro study.
Walther M, Mayer F, Kafka W, Schütze N.
Electromagn Biol Med. 2007;26(3):179-90.
PMID:  17886005  [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

      • Hey, with the ACA in effect, I say if you have thousands of dollars to spend on feel-goodery, freakin’ do it. It won’t affect the poor. Now that we have national healthcare, I really don’t care what stuff people want to sell that isn’t covered. It’s not covered now, and it will never be covered. LOL And I see Fritzy just can’t resist insulting me. Sometimes he does it in German. I must be super special!

        • Yeah, it’s kind of funny that now that everyday Americans have access to real medical care, I don’t feel the need to protect wealthy morons from themselves. It’s hard for me to feel sorry for people who have more dollars than sense, and a fool and his money shall soon be parted.

  1. I’m wondering, does the BEMER offer anything that the MAS, Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy, does not? They had a booth at the 2013 Star Trek convention, so I figured it much be much better. From their full-page ad in the schedule, “Starship skickbay frequency therapy beds are now a reality. Take health care into your own hands using electromagnetic energy to promote cellular regeneration, detoxification, immune system enhancement, and pain relief. •Based on NASA research to support their astronauts while in space and outside the earth’s magnetic field. •Safe, affordable, and easy to use •Waveforms: Sine, Rectangular, Saw Tooth •9,999 Frequencies •100 Gauss •94 Preset programs and capability to program custom settings •In-home or clinic use •Rental program available”

    I mean, WOW, compared to the MAS, the BEMER seems like a piece of junk! I can actually rent a whole bed just like in Star Trek sickbay! Whoa! Magnetic flux density to 100! Almost 10,000 frequencies! NASA! Star Trek! This is going to be better than Velcro and lasers combined!

    • I read the “Based on NASA research to support their astronauts while in space and outside the earth’s magnetic field” too. Just to be clear to anyone actually belive this: NASA don’t implement any type of magnetic field on board their space crafts =)

  2. That was very helpful, my very new age neighbour sells these things and so far I have managed to escape her but now my huband has had a massive op and she’s pushing her gadget. I don’t want to be rude but I think its incredibly insensitive of her

    • She believes in her gadget, although part of that belief may be caused by the amount of money she’s spent on it and she has to convince herself it works.

    • Hi Kim, I’m a 63 year old fellow from Munich, Germany. Criticism and scepticism are without any doubt very important in all fields. The issues of Angela though just express pure ignorance and fault-finding energy. She doesn’t even know the right spelling of the BEMER item and obviously doesn’t know what she is writing about. My background comes from a physician family and a family owned pharmaceutical company back to the 1970ths. So from young age, I had a permanent input of all sorts of views and discussions in regards of medical, biochemical, homoeopathial and alternative healing processes. I myself studied physics and economy and – I’m NOT selling BEMER – I just gathered information over 1,5 years and have it in use since only 7 days, to get my own experience. To make a long story short: I had the enormous effect on my circulation the second day and besides, I’m surprisingly released from heavy, 10 days tooth ache with strong painkillers (had no time to visit the dentist yet). The statement of Gerry – I just can truly underline and will not treat you with physical and biophysical basics of electromagnetic therapies. There is a lot of information around. Years of scientific research, my own – very short term – BEMER experiences combined with the long term and positive experiences of many others show, that this technology has its tremendous effect on the blood vessels and the microcirculation, which is essential for nearly all body functions such as the immune system. Angela’s biased and cynical verbal diarrhoea also can have a strong effect: It might keep people away from trying something really helpful! To avoid this negative effect is the reason why I right this lines, otherwise it’s your decision Kim, to do what you think is right. By the way – the Angela-Blog is around the OLD item BEMER3000. The new system is far more advanced and additionally stimulates and regulates the tonus of those muscles, responsible for the motion of the blood vessels. I wish you all the best. Fritz

      • Oh, mein gott, what a worthless reply.. sorry but you make so many fallacies that I just had to reply.

        First of all. The medicinal experience of you family doesn’t mean that you are an expert in the field of any kind.

        2nd of all. The inability of spelling Bemer right has no bearing on her opinions about the product. Trying to dismiss her criticism because she misspells the name is just an Ad hominem attack.

        3rd: Your own experience is nothing but hearsay and should be dismissed without evidence.

        4rd: Claiming that you have ache and the being cured from this ache without even going to see a doctor is just anecdotal – and stupid.

        5th: Your claim “It might keep people away from trying something really helpful.” also has its faults. Because Bemer promotes this product as something that “treats”. Not cures. Although people (like you) tells your anecdotal stories like it cures your illnesses. (I can treat my illnesses with all kinds of things. By drinking Tea for example… That doesn’t mean it helps with whatever disease I have). And on Bemers own website, they listed diseases that were recommended for the Bemer treatment. Including such diseases as tumors and heartissues.
        But they have removed this list since then.. Probably because it’s illegal..

        If you think that I’m wrong in what I say, Please let me know.

      • One should never trust a person who admits to taking high doses narcotic pain medications, but has not had a chance to see a doctor to receive that medication. They tend to be drug addicts. I also find it a bit dubious as to how one could not have the time to visit a doctor for 10 days in a society where it is available to all, despite swelling, infection and a pain so bad it caused the use of addictive painkillers, YET have the time to purchase and be “cured” by this particular device. That infection could kill you, give a heart attack or stroke. Seriously, go to a dentist and get some antibiotics before you die. This thing has never claimed to cure infections.

        • Thank you – I appreciate your reaction and your care. Don’t worry though – I’ve been to the dentist last night and received the proper treatment including antibiotics. It was not my intention to dig into my personnel matters, but I was out of town the week before so I took painkillers to make it to my dentist who I trust and who knows my teeth. Last Sunday I returned and somebody who introduced me to the BEMER technology (he just tested it himself for a couple of months with positive results) had organized this very day one item for me to test it myself (haven’t bought it yet). Due to the effect I was telling about before (without drugs), I was able to wait until yesterday before seeing my doctor (he was also away until wednesday). I’m no drug addict but rather the opposite, therefore the painkillers probably let me endure all these days. As far as I know do drug addicts tend to not response so easily on medications. Other than that, I again point to the issues of “Gerry” and want to advise all those of common sense to make their own experiences, test things themselves (if possible), before following know alls and self-appointed “experts”. I’m no expert and even those must admit, that the more we find out – the more questions appear! Have a nice day.

          • But if you’ve been using it for 7 days, and the first time you tried it was this Sunday… well, that’s only been 5 days.

            • Yes you are right, I miscalculated it. The main point is though that my circulation improved significantly the second day (monday) after the the 3rd application, as well as the release from my tooth ache. I’m a sceptic too you must know, so I hope I can test the device for another 4-5 weeks at least to make my final decision. In the meantime I will look for more information from other users physicians and phasiotherapists who don’t sell BEMER. If you honestly are interested in more info, just let me know.

              • Well, you are the first “skeptic” I’ve ever seen use the phrase: “fault-finding energy”. Skeptics don’t believe in that kind of silliness. What instrument did you use to measure your improved circulation before and after the use of the BEMER? Do you know any reasons why I should use a BEMER instead of a MAS? The MAS seems to offer a much wider range of options, and claims to have more functions than the BEMER.

                • I’m obviously the first sceptic you see who tries to be factual and empirical and not subjective or sentimental. I rather test things and try to discover cons and pros, before making a final resolution – after just one try – like this stupid statement by Angela:
                  >>>”While discussing my persistent knee problems (caused by a motor cycle accident) Lisa* suggested that I allow her to demonstrate her amazing BEAMER3000. A device which, she claimed, has magical healing abilities and has cured everything from her sore back to her horses spider bites. Always game for a laugh, I agreed. Twenty minutes later I had a small box strapped to my right knee with pretty lights blinking at me and Lisa sat expectantly awaiting my declaration of miraculous healing. Before I tell you the result of my BEAMER session, perhaps I should tell you exactly what it is and what it claims to do.” <<<
                  Fault-finding or -searching efforts have nothing to do with rationality. It is pure and sole search for negative indicators to put something or someone down. Those methods often are used by lobbys, such as the pharma lobby. Please differenciate between SICK scepticism and a HEALTHY one. In case you intent to follow up with the argument – I had made a final POSITIVE statement WRONG! I just threw a positive effect in the discussion which I felt myself after a few applications, as a counterstatement. That’s it! The idea to test and check on MAS as well is a good one. I will try to do that.

                  • You are a very negative person, and I don’t mean “energy”, I mean attitude. You have aggressively called Angela names and complained about her spelling (look who’s talking) before you even said anything about using the BEMER yourself. Now you’re calling HER “stupid” just because you can’t answer a few super simple questions that I asked you. That’s just plain mean. The only consistent effect that I see the BEMER producing is anti-social behavior. You have some serious anger control issues when you start calling women half your age names. Grow up.

                    Since you avoided the questions to throw a fit, I can only assume that you did nothing to measure your results.

                  • BTW, the only reason I am able to type this today is because of “big pharma” medications that saved my life. And if I stop taking them, I will die.

                    • 1st: I leave it open, who in this blog is of negative attitude or is not.
                      2nd: When someone has whatever pains or e.g. poor circulation with cold feet or hands and pale fingertips, I feel it and see it. There is no need to measure anything, because it’s not part of a scientific research. As a single individual who makes its personal observations (changes in its body after or during a specific application) you can share those with others – right?
                      3rd: Research of electro magnetic field therapy goes back many decades. The positive effects seem to be more than obvious. If MAS, BEMER or another device is superior, I can’t tell – yet.
                      4th: I don’t care if someone is interested in trying the system for himself.
                      5th: I didn’t call Angela being stupid, but her statement. I’m sorry for that, because I actually meant “ridiculous and cynical”. This happened maybe because English is not my native language. I’ve never called her “names” – that’s sheer effrontery, giving you back your educational attempts on me. But – if someone like Angela attacks something in this harsh, impertinent and cynical way, without any real and factual check back and not even knowing the right spelling of the name, it can cause damages on uninformed people who might have an advantage by using such a device as MAS or BEMER or other similar items. Due to this, the whole blog therefore is based on a negative and aggressive, or even ignorant fundament.
                      6th: Your last comment “BTW, the only reason…” is totally inapprehensible! Did anyone advise you to stop your medical treatment and just use el.mag.f. therapie? From my knowledge it should be complementary to other applications and to stimulate certain body functions, such as microcirculation. I do not know if you ever tested one of them yourself, especially without being biased!? I’ve also NEVER mentioned that to take “big pharma” medications was unnecessary. Reread my lines and you might understand the given point.
                      7th: I have said enough now regarding your points and my attitude. In case you want to get on with this sort of conversation – I drop out. For factual conversations though, I’m always open. Take care!

                    • I also believe that making sweeping statements about pharmaceutical companies and modern medicine is even more dangerous to precious human lives than anything Angela has said. Are their problems within this system, OH YES, I have definitely experienced some. But the hard truth is they save BILLIONS of lives every year. People complain about the samples that are given to doctors, but those samples have helped me on numerous occasions, everything from birth control to my medication which costs $10 a pill (an outrageous cost which is one of their problems, but without it, I’m screwed). I’ve had doctors save up their samples for me (such a kind and thoughtful act). Millions of people are born with and suffer from the same incurable disorder I do, and without medication 75% of us will die a horrible death. There is also a miraculous drug that costs $0.10, which saves millions of women from hemorrhaging to death during childbirth, and is distributed for free in many places. Without these advances available to them, women still die from childbirth more than any disease. And here’s where the inherent dangers of decrying modern medicine comes in: in the state of Texas there’s been a measles outbreak. This is due to a preacher telling people to stop getting vaccines, as she believed a completely debunked, admittedly fraudulent, “study” linking vaccines to autism– bad science, promoted by bad people looking to get rich off the desperation of good parents.

                      And conversely, I’m not claiming that there is no place for homeopathic remedies. I use them all the time out of medical necessity– a recommendation from my medical doctors. I use special soaps and shampoos, special creams and lotions, special lip balms, vitamins and supplements to target problems. Because of modern medicine, I am able to treat MY special and specific symptoms with the correct products. I could choose a homeopathic remedy that would be bad for me instead of good, and to the woe of my wallet, I stumbled through trying random product after random product claiming to have benefits in my favor, until I relented and saw a medical professional who was able to identify my specific needs. It doesn’t take a scientist to figure out that aloe directly from the plant is great for various skin irritations, but it does take a scientist to prove it on paper so that all the other scientists are aware of its benefits. There is a rigorous system in place to prove such hypotheses, and if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the lab.

      • Oh, my apologies. I did not realize days of the week and blood circulation were not based on facts in Germany, and that there is no way to measure either. Just so you can learn for the future, saying someone has “Verbal Diarrhea” is also considered abusive language meant as a negative attack in English-speaking countries. I totally agree and do well know that this “technology” has been around for decades. At the very least back to 1896, where in my vintage Sears & Roebuck and Montgomery Ward catalogs, you can buy the exact same devices with the exact same claims– except for one… “cure”. These devices were outlawed in America because of their claims to “cure”. I see that by removing that word from the literature, these device can once again be peddled to the gullible. In the same fashion that helped get them outlawed, the manufacturers have plants, such as yourself, who DO claim cures to the rubes, which absolves the company of any legal repercussions from the use of that word. This device is sold to the public through a multi-level-marketing scheme, also known as a pyramid scheme, or scam. To me, that explains the desperate and bad attitudes by every single person who defends this antique. My family has medical professionals as well, and they own a medical soft goods company, which includes many fine products to actually improve ones blood circulation. I guess we just beat you to the punch supplying all those hospitals, nursing homes and stores with our economical, working goods, gosh darnnit.
        Good Day, Hans.

        • OK, fine! – Finally wishing you lots of pleasure with your further guerrilla efforts in various fields of knowledge in economy, marketing, medical and biophysical science and all the best for your personal future and your health, Take care – Fritz

  3. BEMER studies below. (these using BEMER, there are many more)
    The sad thing is to watch people fight over the legitimacy of studies, when their own experience can demonstrate efficacy. I don’t need doctors or researchers to tell me what works and what doesn’t. Yes its nice to have studies to reassure us. And remember that the meta-studies often point out that medical studies are so often flawed or have ulterior motives. Practitioners tend to be convinced by experience, academics and researcher tend to want data from someone else, not their own eyes and ears. I was very skeptical about BEMER until I saw the results with clients. To learn what I needed to try this amazing technology, I attended a meeting with about 20 medical professionals who have been using BEMERs for up to 10 years. I heard story after story of success. That convinced us to try it with my wife’s clients. Again, great results, not everyone, not every time, but most of the time there has been significant benefit. Usually requiring regular use for 6-8 weeks, sometimes a lot less. Why would we spend lots of money and lots of our life energy using something that doesn’t work. Think about it.
    Its a great tool, check it out yourself. I did and am so glad I did. (or you could argue for a long time, your choice) 🙂

    1. Long-term effects of Bio-Electromagnetic-Energy Regulation Therapy on fatigue in patients with multiple sclerosis. Ziemssen T, Piatkowski J, Haase R. Neurological Outpatient Center, Dresden, Germany. Altern Ther Health Med. 2011 Nov-Dec;17(6):22-8.

    2. Synergistic effect of EMF-BEMER-type pulsed weak electromagnetic field and HPMA-bound doxorubicin on mouse EL4 T-cell lymphoma. Říhová B, Etrych T, Šírová M, Tomala J, Ulbrich K, Kovář M.
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    3. [BEMER (Bio-Electromagnetic-Energy-Regulation) therapy].
    Ostendorf GM.
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    4. Effects of weak, low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields (BEMER type) on gene expression of human mesenchymal stem cells and chondrocytes: an in vitro study.
    Walther M, Mayer F, Kafka W, Schütze N.
    Electromagn Biol Med. 2007;26(3):179-90.
    PMID: 17886005 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

    • When your only proof and support is your anecdotal experience you can’t promote these things to other people. Not only do you degrade the scientific method, but you also promote a mindset where we still have fireplace bellows to stick in peoples bums when the were drowning, like they did in London by the late 1900s.

      My own anecdotal experience with the Bemer-people is that they are dishonest and make claims they can’t support. By your standard my words are equal to yours – This is why the scientific method is so important..

      … That said, I will read the studies as soon as I find the time.

  4. Quackery not. It does have clear benefits in terms of energy levels and for me, pain level reductions. It’s expensive but in terms of quality of life for someone with full body chronic pain, it is worth it. I just bought one after renting it for 8 weeks. Also for my family, it’s a big boost in my ability to participate in the day to day activities.

    My thoughts (being a non-scientist) is that the product has a undefined number of beneficial side effects. Sure, it’s great for astronouts in deep space but not for everyone. I was a happy twenty something in the 90’s before being involved in a shooting. The delayed effects then arrived and the BEMER is the first treatment that doesn’t involve drugs that really helps.

  5. Okay, if this doesn’t convince people, then I don’t know what will. First is an add claim from an analog version of an “bio-electro-magnetic” device that was created in 1888 (yes, that’s 1888). 2nd is BEMER literature from 2013.

    1- “By the application of Dr. Lowder’s Battery, strength and vitality is given to the nerve forces, uniform and healthy circulation to the blood, and nature is assisted in restoring the weak and diseased parts to their healthy condition.

    Dr. Lowder’s Battery acts directly on the circulating system, producing a mild electric current, without shock, and being in harmony with the magnetic laws of the body, it sustains the various functions, thus promoting the health and vigor of the entire frame.”

    NOW- These are the claims of the BEMER:

    2-“The BEMER (Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation) technology promotes inherent responsiveness of the immune system activates by strengthening the body’s inherent regulation mechanisms and thus supports the healing of wounds and injuries as well as all regeneration processes in the organism.

    This results in a wide range of complementary applications and consequently in significantly improved therapeutic application success in numerous indications. A constantly growing number of practices run by doctors and therapists are making use of the BEMER technology with great success.”

    They haven’t even bothered to change the language used on the illegal devices from the 1800’s. Yeah, they’re illegal for a reason.

  6. BEMER, BEMER, BEMER… not BEAMER. You even state BEAMER is an acronym then lay out the words starting with B.E.M.E.R. If you are going to be a smart arse at least check your spelling.

    • Thanks for the list. I will read it as soon as I have the time to do so.
      But until then, I will comment on their “Note: The successes documented here refer exclusively to use of the BEMER Therapy System and cannot therefore just be transposed to other magnetic field therapies without question.”

      This is what I have a problem with. The entire ‘aura’ of dishonesty.. I read this note and scrolled down to the list of references. The very first reference in the list read “… treatment of hyperacusis (Tinnitus) with the described combination is beneficial.” (note that Bemer is in no way involved in this study. Only link is the “combination of pulsed electro-magnetic field anti-oxidants and Low Level Laser light”)

      How is this “exclusively” Bemer ?

  7. i have lyme disease and have had many surgeries and hurt everyday and have no energy normally. i have used this several times since borrowing it a few days ago and cant believe how much energy and less pain i have. it really helps. i am also on antibiotics by iv and im sure it will help them get places not normally able to because of the circulation improvement.also my vision is much clearer.

    • Hi Jeff, I am happy you are already feeling the difference! Bemer has a high rate of success with the treatment of Lyme borreliosis.

      • Mymy, You can’t make claims for efficacy if there isn’t evidence to support those claims.
        Provide evidence, or stop making claims like this on my site.

        • Angela,
          Bemer is a magnetic field that carries a complex signal that stimulates the arterioles and venules that create vasomotion so the blood flows. My son is recovering from a massive brain hemorrhage and many physical limitations which restricts his blood flow even with physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech. His movements were limited, therefore his circulation not optimal. I started using Bemer February, 2012 and have continued ever since. All his doctors and therapists cannot believe how well he is doing. Bemer stimulates his blood flow which amplifies all his therapies and healing. The Bemer company makes no claim to heal anything, but have evidence of blood flow which allows for 30% plus more oxygenation and nutrients to tissues and therefore the body intelligently has the ability to heal more efficiently. There is an extensive data base available to medical practitioners to look up diseases and ailments as well as contribute their own work/research with efficient blood flow as result of Bemer therapy. Information medicine as a biophysical application is on the rise around the world and there is plenty of information and studies out there if you really do your homework. As a desperate mother looking to help her son in a severe acute situation, placebo is out the window, and results make itself known. That is what gets my attention not rhetoric for the sake of argument. My family, friends and clients have witnessed the profound results and are completely open most especially because most people are sick and tired of being sick and tired of the traditional medical practices involving pharmaceuticals so flippantly being prescribed by many practitioners themselves who are unhealthy, have poor diets, smoke and drink soda. I was exposed to the behind the scenes of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries and you do not want to know the truth, I am sure.

          • FYI…Magnetic Field is not Bull Shit. You are surrounded by it and you would know that even in a basic physics class.

            • I would never claim that magnetic fields are bullshit. Don’t make assumptions.

              I’m skeptical about the application of them in this context because the claims are not suitably supported by proper, empirical evidence.

          • I assume based on your disgust at the medical community, that this is very inexpensive? No? It cost thousands of dollars and YOU get a commission on that? The ONLY reason you are pitching this so hard is for MONEY. Deny it. Say you don’t make ANY money selling these, you just want to help people. My sister is a doctor, and SHE helps homeless women for FREE. You put the pharmaceutical companies to shame the way you push and bully people.

        • but you make claims that you cannot support so take a chill pill otherwise close your site. Can you prove that the bemer does not work?? I don,t think so!!

          • The burden of proof falls on the person making the claims of efficacy. I do not have to prove that it doesn’t work. The people who make it and sell it have to prove that it does and as far as I can tell they haven’t been successful in this.

            I will not close my site because you don’t like it. I don’t force you to visit the site. If you don’t want to have your mistaken preconceptions challenged, why don’t you go read the Health Ranger?

            • I agree with Angela.
              It is NOT for the consumer or scientist to have to disprove fruitloopery / bizarre / nonsense claims of efficacy, but for the individual/company making those claims.

              To argue otherwise is simply illogical. And to accept it fair for an anyone to claim, say, that sea sand cures cancer, and to have this regarded as fact until proven wrong is bizarre.

              There is absolutely no reason for Angela to have to close this site – it is a valuable source of assisting consumers to counterbalance false and unsubstantiated claims of advertisers.

              Consider this: Angela makes no money from her claims – the company makes from their claims, even if completely false.

              • Thank you for your support Harris.
                If you (or anyone else) have any questions or medical claims you’d like me to look into, just let me know. I’m always looking for new material for this site.

              • I completely agree. Those are the basic standards for science, and the rigors that scientists put other scientists through. We, who are against fraudulent medical claims and pyramid schemes, don’t ask for anything that we don’t require from everyone else who makes those claims. If one wants special treatment in the medical field, well that’s not going to happen. If one wants to be treated as if their “device” is on the same level as any other medical device, one should not get upset because they were treated like everyone else. This is not a prejudice towards anyone, it is an emotionless standard that is held throughout all the higher levels of science and medicine. If one can’t hold their own, one shouldn’t respond that they’re being treated unfairly.

                That includes people on here with fake PhDs, who use that completely fake degree to pretend that they actually know something about how this device works. The funny thing about PhDs, is that you have to get one from an accredited school for it to count– doesn’t hurt to get a bachelors first, either. I don’t know how dumb you have to be to actually believe you have a PhD in 12 months from a diploma mill AND get sucked into this pyramid scheme, but…. yeah…..

                • BEMER International is currently translating a volume of independent BEMER research that has been conducted since 1998. Once I have this then I’ll be sure to put it on our site and let all of you know that it is ready for downloading.

                  What’s wonderful about BEMER is that it is process-based. It does not heal anything and is therefore not indication-based. The influence of the patented BEMER signal in the microcirculation of all vertebrates is unavoidable. Meaning that whether you’re a skeptic or not it still works. You can’t decide or believe that the physical properties of a force are in your control. That’s like saying that my mobile phone cannot call a valid telephone number because I don’t believe that it can. Any mobile phone can call any valid number in the world because the process of the technology allows it to do so. Your belief or disbelief in the process has no bearing on the phone’s efficacy.

                  Your body comprises charged particles or, to be more precise, ions (atoms and molecules that have a positive or negative charge). BEMER’s very weak but complex signal influences the electron activity of these ions so that they behave as they should. This in turn allows the self-regulating mechanisms in the body to start functioning as they should,

                  Dr Rainer Klopp at the Institute for Microcirculation in Berlin has the equipment to see in real time intravital microcirculation. He has repeatedly recorded and documented how BEMER optimises vasomotion, vasodilation and blood viscosity within 2 minutes of BEMER application. His book Mikrozirkulation, one third of which is dedicated to his BEMER research, has been adopted by several medical schools in Europe.

                  The highest court in the State of Berlin ruled that BEMER is the only pulsed electromagnetic field therapy that has verified its scientific claims that its patented signal has measurable health benefits.

                  So to all the skeptics out there: hop on a BEMER today – your microcirculation will be positively influenced whether you believe it or not. And your cat’s, dog’s, horse’s will too.

                  We recently conducted a 2-year case series with one of Africa’s top lower limb wound healing specialists and educators. She published her work in the Specialists’ Forum (a South African quarterly journal for surgeons). Every single one of her patients enjoyed positive changes in oxygen saturation within a single treatment, by several per cent. Their respective BP had also stabilised. They all experienced rapid wound-healing and other chronic ailments were also relieved.

                  A huge paradigm shift in thinking is required for some medical professionals (and nowadays lay-people) to acknowledge that the BEMER process is repeatable and unavoidable, simply because this is all about physics, not medicine.

                  If any of the skeptics or healthcare students out there wish to set up a bona fide research protocol or case study for whatever condition or even just to verify for themselves the optimised microcirculation parameters then please contact me. We have some of the discontinued BEMER 3000 systems available for such academic purposes, free of charge for the duration of the study. Sending them ex-South Africa would be costly but we are open to negotiate such an arrangement, subject of course to the seriousness and validity of your request.

                  • I will take you up on this offer Stuart. I live in Johannesburg, where are you based?

                    I will design a testing protocol and carry out the tests myself and in conjunction with the Gauteng Skeptics.

                    • Excellent Angela, I’m in Randburg. You can email ( me an appointment or you can give me call (082 709 2526). In the meantime please email me a short bio. Thanks

                  • I am very sensitive to chemicals, would this product help me? Is it safe for people with pacemakers? And how do you respond to a 28% approval rating from surveyed Bemer customers, the number 1 complaint of those customers’ response being “It didn’t work for me”?

                    • Dear Meghan

                      Your body (and everybody else’s body) is supposed to be extremely sensitive to exogenous chemicals so that it can identify them and metabolise them before they cause temporary or permanent damage to cells, this includes pharmaceuticals hence the sections in packaging inserts: warnings, contra-indications, known side effects etc.

                      The intensity of the BEMER signal ranges between 3.5 and 100 microTesla. To give you an idea of how strong that is the Earth’s geomagnetic field on its surface ranges between 25 and 65 microTesla (see Wikipedia) which no human can feel. It’s extremely low and therefore cannot interfere with a pacemaker. It is 100% safe and has been licensed by the respective Departments of Health in every country in which it is officially represented.

                      BEMER can only benefit you even if you were as fit as a fiddle. Top sports people like Roger Federer use BEMER). It optimises your microcirculation which is essential for the transportation of oxygen and nutrients to all the cells in your body. Due to our lifestyles microcirculation tends to deteriorate which ultimately leads to poor cellular metabolism and then cellular dysfuntion. When a very large number of the same types of cells (in an organ) don’t function correctly we start to experience symptoms of a disease/condition. Only then do we seek professional help to try some sort of chemical intervention to stop the symptoms (discomfort) from interfering with our performance. In most cases it takes many years of the wrong lifestyle habits to cause such serious cellular and organ dysfunction.

                      People who have used the BEMER and say that “it didn’t work for me” probably didn’t use it for longer than the time it took them to create the state in which they currently find themselves. However should the physiological environment exist where microcirculation can be optimised and/or regenerated then the BEMER user would experience dramatic microcirculation results and increased ATP production in 4 weeks, should they comply with a 3 application per day regimen. The positive result of a significant increase in microcirculation and ATP then allows the cells in the body to again function as they should. One can expect to feel little or substantial relief from a chronic disease after 8 weeks (some feel it between 1 and 5 treatments – especially those with inflammation, pain or oedema). The underlying cause of the symptom(s) is being tended to and depending of the severity of the disease this could take some time. At the very least the person’s condition is no longer deteriorating – it is slowly being arrested and hopefully reversed.

                      I could give you many testimonials from people with all sorts of diseases and complications but that is not in the scope of this website. Professionally, I can only tell you what I know. The proof for you Meghan would be in the pudding. People come to us daily as their last resort to ultimately regain a better quality of life.

                    • I was genuinely curious about the electric pacemaker, because of the pacemaker cells unique to the heart’s cellular structure. I’m not sure your answer is correct, but whatever. I asked about chemical sensitivity because 1- I have a rare form of eczema called Dyshidrosis (look it up on the web for gross pictures), which causes me all sorts of problems with chemicals people use everyday (sodium laureth sulphate, rubbing alcohol, cleansers, my own sweat, and worst of all water). Stress and high blood pressure can also exacerbate the problem, which shows itself with horrible blisters on my hands and feet. The blisters don’t hurt, but the healing part hurts like hell. There is no real effective treatment for it… And 2- Studies and testimonials from Bemer practitioners and believers, like yourself, say that this device should NOT be used on people who are sensitive to common chemicals, and that it can in fact cause harm to those people (including one of the German medical technicians who worked on the device). They still say it’s good for other things, but NOT people with sensitivities to chemicals. If I were to merely take your word, and actually believed what you just told me, do you have any idea what kind of pain and anguish you could have brought to me? Do you have any idea how horrifically irresponsible that is of you, both as a human being and as a promoter of this product? Do you even care that a bad reaction could keep me from work and life? Even penicillin comes with warnings, for goodness sakes.

                    • Dear Meghan

                      I find it very hard to understand how improved microcirculation could do you any harm because without it we slowly (or quickly!) die. It is absolutely vital to your well-being. This is undisputed.

                      Please send me the name of the German medical technician you mentioned so that we can follow up on the advice that he gave you.

                      What we have found with our clients that have severe chronic eczemas and other frightening skin conditions is that mostly during the first 2 weeks of BEMER application the condition seems to be exacerbated. The body begins responding to the underlying causes of the disease and so the skin would appear inflamed, red and sometimes cause you pain. We hate pain and discomfort and so it is only natural that one would want to stop treatment. After consistent treatment the conditions eventually subside, given that they have also removed themselves from any allergens or chemicals that aggravate the condition.

                      My reply to your pacemaker question was quite clear and factual I thought. But to add to it your heart has its own microcirculation which will be better optimised by BEMER giving your heart all the oxygen it needs to do its special job. The heart would therefore be under less stress to pump blood through the body.

                      Yes, of course penicillin it comes with warnings, it’s so that you have a tough time suing anyone when something goes wrong, because there is a good chance that something might!

                      I hope that you educate yourself thoroughly about BEMER since this is the only way you can make important decisions about your well-being. I promise you that after being in healthcare for 9 years I certainly don’t want to keep you from your work and life. I want you to feel amazing and tell the world how great it is to be healthy again.

                    • Well it’s good to know you think your fellow practitioners are liars.
                      Basically, what you’re telling me is “that mostly during the first 2 weeks of BEMER application the condition seems to be exacerbated. The body begins responding to the underlying causes of the disease and so the skin would appear inflamed, red and sometimes cause you pain. We hate pain and discomfort and so it is only natural that one would want to stop treatment. After consistent treatment the conditions eventually subside, given that they have also removed themselves from any allergens or chemicals that aggravate the condition.” (TERRIBLE side-effect) And that “It does not heal anything and is therefore not indication-based.” Wow, you can offer me intense pain, the ability to drain all the water out of my body (VERY allergic to water), and NOT being healed?! Plus it costs several thousand dollars! WOWWhere to I sign up!?

                    • You said they’re liars Meghan. I asked for their details so that I may contact them to learn why they gave you such advice. Do you have all of their details and web references to such BEMER advice? do you at least have a name?

                      You seem to know a lot of BEMER ‘people’ and a lot about the studies and testimonials and yet you haven’t tried it. You also admit that the multi-billion dollar global medical fraternity cannot help you either after possibly studying your condition for years! Your indication-based mindset isn’t working for you either. So it is very clear to me that you are in quite a corner and take pleasure in lashing out at people like me who genuinely want to help you.

                      Unless you are born with a congenital defect (a genetic abnormality of whatever form since conception) then your body has been designed to fix itself, You just have to give it the right environment to do so and the best way to start is with optimised microcirculation.

                      If you were in South Africa then I would be most happy to meet with you to explain how all of this works. I could only send you what we have electronically or chat to you on Skype if you prefer. We see success every day and maybe you could enjoy that too.

                      If you want to continue engaging with me on this forum then please try to smile when you type! 🙂 It’s just a bit warmer and certainly more conducive to getting you better sooner.

                    • Nice bedside manner, chief. I guess that’s another thing they don’t teach you when you’re not actually in the medical field. Chronically ill people get cranky when they’re in pain, and do lash out quite often, which you would know and be more understanding of if you worked with the truly ill. Dyshidrosis isn’t the only thing wrong with me, I have other incurable disorders that you would rather crap on than find out about. The “people” I “know” came from testimonials. You wanted me to read some, so I read some from practitioners of alternative medicine who used, and still use, the Bemer. You told me to do my own research within the Bemer community, so I did. Your own colleagues are the people YOU are trying to discredit about the sensitivity to chemicals. I didn’t find that info on a skeptic site, and if you don’t know where that information can be found, then you’re not doing your job very well. Don’t lash out at me because you don’t know have a copy/paste answer to my questions.

                    • I should just add, you are completely wasting your time trying to sell me one of these things, because even if I DID really want it, I couldn’t afford it if it were over $50, so trying to getting a few grand from me is kind of freakin’ hilarious. Well, it would be funnier if I weren’t a sick person, but laughter is the best medicine, as they say.

    • I’m glad to hear that you find Bemer to have an effect on you, Jeff.
      But that is irrelevant in this forum however. We’re all anxiously awaiting the promised studies that show with a double-blind test that Bemer has any effect besides Placebo..

  8. You simply provide a lot of hot air without any scientific proof or explanation to back up your argument! Electromagnetic therapy, on the other hand, is backed by over 2,000 double blind studies which can be easily found online and on Government web sites.

    Furthermore, the FDA has “approved” Eletromagnetic therapy for the following uses:

    . Non-union bone fractures in 1979
    . Urinary incontinence in 1998
    . Muscle stimulation in 1998
    . Depression and anxiety in 2006
    . Brain Cancer in 2011

    • Why did you put “approved” within quotes? Are you being ironical?

      However: I think I speak for every one here (that are sceptical) that all we want is to see this scientific proof that you keep going on about. With risk of repeating myself. I have actually been in contact with Bemer Group, asking for the studies, and all I’ve got were these vague tests that, at best, showed on a placebo-effect.

      Funny you should mention Non-union bone fractures. I can’t make any statements about cancer and incontinence. But I will tell you an anecdote of my own:
      An client of mine, who’s developing orthopedic implants (I’m in advertising), actually sells something similar using Electromagnetic Therapy. I asked him about why he sold them and the reply was that it was a last resort for people that were in pain and to fragile to operate, it takes away the pain. So it actually works, healing fractures? I asked. Well, I can’t say anything about that, using this means that we have tried everything else and some people feel better knowing there is an alternative.

      Important to say here is that this device were very, and I mean very, strong compared to Bemer. And very focused on one spot on the body.

      …. And I think you are on very dangerous ground claiming that this can help with cancer.

      All I want is that you (not you personally, unless you’re an retailer of Bemer) can show that Bemer can do what all the proponents claims it can do. Because so far I haven’t seen any evidence of it.

      Please provide any links to these easily found studies, that are relevant to Bemer and can’t be explained by placebo. So no studies about depression, tinnitus, “feeling pain”-diseases. I would love something about fractures, cancer or paralysis etc etc. All diseases that Bemer Group themselves claim that Bemer can “treat” (not cure).

  9. Hey Angela

    Just read this after someone (in my family) asked about the device and my thoughts. I see your post has attracted a lot of true believers (classic cases of anecdote purported as the strongest “evidence”).

    Anyway, for many who can personally attest to having “felt” the benefits of what is almost certainly the Placebo effect and where there is no science-based treatment available (e.g. for certain neuropathy), should skeptics be discouraging it? I know of many respected MDs who would simply say (with respect to pain management), “If you find something that works for you, then use it,”

    Anyway- to all those BEMER punters. I salute your intentions around wanting to help people manage their pain. Hower, placebo effect notwithstanding, the vast majority of professionals in the know (neurologists etc) do not see any mechanism, efficacy, or truth in the claims. Energy therapies and their related theories are so far removed from real science (medicine and physics) that if proven true, there would be a Nobel prize on offer. Don’t be so doubting of scientists. The technology that surrounds us comes from a brilliant understanding of the world around us. You are COMPLETELY dependent on it. Its built on centuries of understanding of the way the world works. Scientific medicine is part of this scientific world and unfortunately there is no true “alternative” medicine.

    So punt the placebo, if you will, when it comes to pain management. But please realise that is all it is.

  10. Fun article!
    I have actually read the studies the Bemer Group provided. There is NO significantly result from ANY of them.. And I have been in contact with them on multiple occasion asking them for their best studies. I have published all of my e-mail konversation on my own site you can use Google Translate to read it.

    It’s sad to see people actually investing money in a scheme like this. A good rule of thumb when trying to determine the legitimacy of a company is to look at their jargon on their website. Nothing really tangible only anecdotes and vague references to studies.

    … One agent actually had the nerve to claim that the Bemer was developed by Nobel Prize winners.

    • If you did not try it for yourself you are not in a position to give valid comment. Whilst I agree the website does not provide real outside information I can assure you Bemer works. When I first was introduced to Bemer, I really thought it was all false marketing stuff. I had to revise my opinion after using it for a couple of weeks. And after a year, decided I want the world to know and try. No more backaches, no more sleeping tablets, no more depression…
      A client, medical practioner, is convinced Bemer is a godsend for many diseases and chronic pain where traditional medicine has not been effective at all. I have 2 diabetic clients whose hyperglycemia goes down dramatically after treatment (2 times 8 minutes per day) – do you call that anecdotal? Or does placebo make sugar levels go dow in the blood?.
      How about an earinfection disappearing withing 2 hours of using the intensive applicator?
      Like someone else said on this forum, people who are determined not to believe will never believe no matter how many stories they hear.

      • Of course it is anecdotal. What you are describing above is the very definition of anecdotal. You are telling me about something that I have NO chance of verifying. Just like the people from Bemer. Even the “best” studies that I’ve got from the Bemer Group themselves says that: If we’re completely honest the participants in the study aren’t satisfied with the treatment. (Roughly translated from German.)

        This you can actually look up. I provided the link on my website.

        And I have tried it myself. The only effect is that I got kind of sweaty from lying on a mattress with clothes on. This is however irrelevant to the fact if Bemer works or not.

        And to comment on your comment:
        “Like someone else said on this forum, people who are determined not to believe will never believe no matter how many stories they hear.”
        – Why should they? Why should they “believe” just from hearing anecdotal stories? That is studid. Do you for example believe all the alien abductees stories?

        Bemer claims they have studies that supports their claims. I have been asking for months for 1 study that shows any (not placebo) result. All they have sent me are either irrelevant or show results that at best has a correlation but doesn’t show a causation with Bemer.

        • I think that in everyday life we give a lot of weight to personal testimonies and most people don’t understand that this cannot be reliably applied to medicine.

          • As a research scientist, I observe that people with the same symptoms, conditions, indications respond in varied ways to treatment modalities and technologies…there are many intervening variables between treatment and effect. I’ve seen more misleading conclusions resulting from statistically significant studies than from personal testimonies (especially, as in the BEMER case where there are many personal testimonies from around the world–and I’m not selling!)
            ….how many people would it take to tell you what is likely to be the result of jumping off the 10th floor of a building. Requiring a “study” to tell you is like lighting a cigar with an atomic bomb…overkill for sure. Of course if you do wish to see studies, they are out there–I like “studies” so I have read everything I can find and am quite satisfied. As a matter of fact so is the Berlin State Court as they have stated that BEMER is the only machine which has verified their claims.

            • Actually a pretty good comment. Nice change..

              But the problem that (at least) I experience is that it is unclear what BEMER claims. I have met proponents for BEMER that claims that their product can make cows produce more milk, make blind people see and cure cancer… and everything in between.

              Can you perhaps inform us misinformed public what BEMER actually claims that it can do? Or refer us perhaps to the court case to which you are referring?

              • Hi Rikard

                Berlin Regional Court Legal No: 52O286107

                I think the third character is the letter O and not a zero. The court has not archived this on any online repository but you can request the ruling from BEMER International AG.


                • Please remember that courts are not equipped to evaluate medical or scientific evidence and they often make anti-scientific decisions. Just look at the Vaccines / autism rulings in the States a few years ago

                  • Hi Angela

                    Rikard wanted the court case number and so I gave it to him. The court case was not about the verification of research and me responding to his request does not have any bearing on whether or not the courts are scientifically capable of testing clinical arguments. From what I can gather the court case was about qualifying whether or not BEMER’s claims have been scientifically verified by recognised scientific institutions, which they have. The general German populace is more skeptical than you could imagine and I’m sure the courts are too! This was all done in the interest of the consumer so that they are not conned by charlatans. The German justice system (and the German national psyche) despises charlatans.

                    Remember that BEMER does not claim to be a medicine nor does it claim to heal anything. Only therapeutic drugs have the right to legally claim that they can heal diseases, whether or not people use the BEMER and claim that they have been healed is anecdotal and we receive testimonies from our satisfied clients every day. But this is not in the scope of this website’s ultimate goal which is to scientifically evaluate whether or not BEMER actually does what it claims to do and, by the looks of it, the skeptic participants are no closer to discovering the truth since this site went live.

                    BEMER is a physical therapy meaning that universally accepted principles of physics (not medicine) apply to its patented composition and it’s influences on ions. The results of these interactions have profound effects on microcirculation, effects that can be measured and successfully repeated on anyone no matter their health status or their degree of skepticism. Skepticism is consciously adopted philosophy, not a physical state of being. The Institute for Microcirculation’s (Berlin) Dr Rainer Klopp’s ongoing research (8 years now i think) has revealed near incredible physiological changes in the body’s smallest blood vessels (50 to 120 microns) due to BEMER application (in under 8 minutes). Read his book: ISBN: 978-3-033-01464-0

                    One doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to grasp the implications of improved microcirculation – something that is impaired mostly because of our unfavourable lifestyles. If governments want people to be healthier and stay out of hospital then they should ban sugar and motorised transport – like that’s gonna happen! Drug companies are spending billions of dollars a year to find the next pill to combat diabetes (how absolutely ridiculous!), which in the next decade is going to be even more of a burden on governments than HIV, TB, malaria and cancers combined!

                    I think once the truly curious participants on this site educate themselves about the physics of BEMER and how it interacts with the ions of living organisms then they might realise that comparing BEMER to medicine or drugs is an exercise in futility. The inevitable global medical acceptance of BEMER as a complimentary modality for all ailments is not an hallucination. It will certainly happen because allopathic medicine is failing the human race and we need to focus on the inherent ability of the body to heal itself and support those biochemical and physiological mechanisms that have been working beautifully and almost magically since existence. The BEMER does this pretty well and it does it every time, whether you are a skeptic or not!

                    It would be a wonderful world if we had access to better food and adopted healthier lifestyles of course, but that isn’t going happen any time soon I fear. I too am a culprit of enjoying things (sometimes in excess) that aren’t particularly good for my health but thank heavens I have a BEMER system.

            • The thing is, jumping off a building doesn’t defy the laws of physics. The claims of the BEMER are anti-scientific.

              • Well, since I keep seeing “it’s not medicine it’s physics” I finally broke down and decided to embarrass myself by pulling out by big card: my friend and theoretical physicist Garrett Lisi. I say “embarrass myself” because this guy is best known for his work on the Higgs Boson, aka “God Particle”. See his TEDtalk here: (I actually got to see this talk in private). He also has his own website, which is his name dot com (I highly recommend it for scientific fun, especially the elementary particle explorer section). His job is getting paid to think about physics (and surf). So really, who better to ask about the physics behind the BEMER than one of the world’s most famous physicists and adventure sports enthusiasts, right? Basically, if you don’t believe THIS guy, you don’t believe in physics.

                So, what did this world-famous physicist say about the BEMER? Well first he said it sounds like “bullshit”, but he went and looked at the research for me anyway (nice guy). Then he told me this:

                “…I admit, this site is VERY polished and professional, so they’re probably fooling a lot of people. If you look at their “Scientifically proven” page:
                the articles they’re listing are in “alternative medicine journals.” These are basically journals that exist purely so hucksters like this can claim to have published research supporting their BS. I think Tim Minchin summed it up best: “You know what we call alternative medicine that’s been proved to work? Medicine!”

                I could go into how and why low frequency electromagnetism has little or no effect on the body, but I think by now you’re seeing enough signs of fraud that you don’t need to even go into the physics.”

                Do you finally get it, BEMER supporters? This man, who gets paid to surf and think physics, says you’re “fooling a lot of people” with a fancy website, and that you’re “hucksters” with research published in scientifically unrecognized journals used to push your “BS”. If you want to reject the REAL physics community, fine, but don’t you dare keep saying this works because of “physics”. Again, if you don’t believe in the veracity of this man’s comments, you don’t believe in physics. Period.

                To everyone who keeps selling this this absolute medical scam: you’re an asshole who sells false hope to sick people. What is wrong with you? That’s what’s truly sick here.

                • Thank you!

                  I was beginning to feel really depressed about this discussion because when I revisited the BEMER site a few days ago I can see how much utter bullshit they try to pass off as science. This is not science, it is sciency. They want the appearance of rigor without doing any of the hard work.

                  What stands out to me among all the BS is this line: “A major difference however is that there are no negative side-effects, no possibility of overdose,”

                  To put it simply, if a medical intervention has absolutely no side effects and no risk of overdose, it has NO EFFECT.

                  Now, I know, I’m going to be barraged with insults and more crap from the people who have spent a lot of time, energy and money convincing themselves and others that this thing works better than placebo and, you know what, I can take it. Because I don’t have to do mental gymnastics to try and suppress my cognitive dissonance the same way they do.

                  Bottom line, BEMER is BS.

                  • You’re totally welcome. I also noticed how they revamped their website, and found it a disturbing overload of false information. They purposely try to talk over people’s heads, to confuse them, and make them think it must be real because they’re using all those bigs words. That’s the nice thing about Garrett Lisi. He takes really heavy concepts about theoretical physics, and explains them in a way that nearly everyone can understand. The BEMER website is formatted in the exact opposite way for a reason, because unlike Lisi, they really DO NOT want you to understand what they’re showing you. The BEMER should be able to back up their piddly little “research” in the same kind of journals Lisi publishes in– but they can’t because they’re career scam artists. Officially, the physics community does not acknowledge this “technology” anymore than the medical community does. So get over your little faux-physics kick, BEMER hucksters. You’ve been shot down by the REAL science community once again. As some have said, physics doesn’t care whether you believe in it or not. That is true. Physics says the BEMER doesn’t work, so stop crying about how we’re being unfair, sellers. It doesn’t care. Wrong theories get dumped in the trash pile a thousand times a day. Welcome to science.

                    Referring to the “no side effects” garbage, these people are very disorganized with their information as individuals. The technology has been researched for 15 years, or 8 years, or decades, or the new pulse that really does the job was discovered 3 years ago. Huh? The website and most people claim it causes no negative side-effects, but one of the sellers here told me it would cause my eczema to be “exacerbated” for two weeks. For me, that would mean breaking out in layers of blisters all over my hands and feet for two solid weeks (OMG), which would be painfully crippling for months. Being crippled for any length of time sounds like a TERRIBLE side effect to me. So which is it, sellers? No negative side-effects, or the “exacerbation” of eczema for two weeks? Can’t be both. I’m leaning towards “no negative side-effects”, because something that does nothing does nothing.

                    Keep fighting the good fight, Angela. At least when people Google “BEMER” now, this thread comes up 2nd. If you save just one person from spending thousands of dollars on false hope, you’ve done a wonderfully good thing.

                    • Sorry, I just want to add, I did prepare myself for Garrett to come back to me saying, “It works. Their research is sound.” Why? Besides the fact he is one of the most intelligent people walking the face of the earth, and more qualified than anyone to speak on the topic of physics, it’s because of how he approaches his own research. He doesn’t care whether or not he’s right, no matter how big the hypothesis turning into a theory could mean. Being wrong just is discovery. It merely opens a door to a different problem to be worked out. That is the true sign a true scientist.

                      For the folks who think we’re being unfair, you’re so impatient about your proof, it’s utterly ridiculous.There are people who have been given Nobel Prizes in science for theories that were later disproven by another Nobel Prize winning theory. It took one guy 20 years to prove how the sun shines, and he had Alzheimer’s by the time he got his Nobel Prize. Hendrick Schön tried to trick the science community into believing he had a major breakthrough with the problem of semiconductors, until his fellow scientists discovered he was completely falsifying his results (he published identical graphs in Nature and other major science journals claiming they were different tests, and what do you know, some of the scientists who read those journals have photographic memories and noticed). The three guys who invented the laser and the ruby laser screwed with each other just so HE would be the one who got the patent (the two patents were split and divided amongst the 3). The guy who created sonar improved it to hunt for the Loch Ness Monster. Scientists can be totally weird, wrong, greedy, down right liars at times, and you wonder why we’re so skeptical.

                    • Yes!
                      And I have no issue with admitting when I am wrong, but I am going to demand high quality evidence to change my mind.

                      Evidence which the BEMER community has failed to produce.

                    • Did you realize that nobody else but Angela is responding on your statements? So I do you the favour! Well – wonderful! Now at last you’ve found a US physicist and sport enthusiast, who disproves hundreds or thousands of other physicists, medical scientists, physiologists, biologists, physicians, physiotherapists and maybe millions of people who testify the efficacy of magnetic field therapies in general and the BEMER system as such. I’m looking forward to see the empirical scientific argumentation of Mr. Lisi, where the shortcoming of all other studies are! Hope you will publish it soon, before I get tempted to buy BEMER, misled by the positive effects, which I and two other family members experienced by now. Otherwise I might get the impression, that this blog is just escalating in a harmonic verbal diarrhoea dialogue of the Angela-Meghan ANTI-BEMER conspiration. Please wake me up and save me from the evil!

                    • I’d like to see some proof of this statement please: “hundreds or thousands of other physicists, medical scientists, physiologists, biologists, physicians, physiotherapists”

                    • Hello Again, Angry German Man. I posted that less than 24 hours ago, so considering the traffic, 3 replies in less than 1 hour is actually pretty good (I know, I know, you’re really bad at chronology, time, dates, units of measurements, etc.). I don’t think that many people are posting here (or maybe I don’t pay enough attention to the cries of babies). I was speaking to Angela and sellers. Angela replied twice, and now you’ve replied. So, that makes you a seller. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck… Other than that, who else is meant to of commented besides Stuart? Certainly not someone who is just happily using the BEMER by himself in Germany, and not particularly concerned with what an artists/porn star like myself is saying all the way across the ocean. Whomever THAT guy is, he’s not posting here, that’s for sure. I am a loquacious little thing though.

                      You, Fritzy, have proven to me beyond a shadow of a doubt (juror’s answer) on more than one occasion that you do not care about, accept or understand empirical evidence. You obviously have a tremendous amount of anger and negative feeling towards Angela and I (two people who are not actually working together, nor even know each other). If you’re not emotionally or financially invested in the BEMER, why are you so angry at us? I don’t even believe you actually know what “empirical evidence” means (you’ve certainly shown that you don’t). I think it’s just something you saw someone else write, and thought it looked super-scientific and cool. So explain to me in detail why I should bother spending my precious time (generally $40/hour), and the time of one of the greatest mind’s alive, gathering basic scientific principles for the likes of YOU? You just snub your nose at it like a child at vegetables when I ask for it from you. You even believe in the “aligning your ions” part, which Lisi also told me is “bunk” (and, again, what does he do for a living? Deals with atoms). As far as you, “looking forward to see the empirical scientific argumentation of Mr. Lisi, where the shortcoming of all other studies are!” You need to look back, not forward, at what I posted again. He did tell us very plainly: “these are basically journals that exist purely so hucksters like this can claim to have published research supporting their BS.” That is the “argumentation”, that the shortcomings in BEMER’s “evidence” is being published in faux-science journals and nowhere else– hence total bullshit. So don’t you dare try to tell me those papers printed up by scam artists are some kind of “scientific empirical evidence”. They’re 100% NOT accepted as scientific publications, they’re a freakin’ JOKE to the scientific community. That is a cold, hard FACT. They made them up just like they made up their own little award to give to themselves (which you can see in a pretty funny video on their website). I can win every race I run, as long as I don’t have to run against someone else, just like BEMER “studies”.

                      It’s really cute how you try to make it seem like Lisi is not one of the most important physicists alive, but he is. No real argument needed there. I think his life’s work speaks for itself. You didn’t even look him up or watch his TEDtalk (which is FASCINATING, and has nothing to do with BEMER “technology”, so why not view it if you’re actually into science?). While you won’t even tell me how you measured your “improved blood flow” (something little children in America do for science fair projects). Instead you threw a little bitch fit, like an American child at a science fair, with more lies and name-calling in it. How very scientific and adult of you. It’s also pretty funny that you’re so negative about him being an adventure sports enthusiast, because BEMER really wants that market, and they are actively going after it. Why don’t you just tell all sporty people not to use it while you’re at it? lol

                      I’m with Angela once again (who I never actually directly spoke to until yesterday), I would LOVE to see proof of the “hundreds OR thousands of other physicists, medical scientists, physiologists, biologists, physicians, physiotherapists.” Again, I know you’re bad at numbers, but if there are “hundreds” or even “thousands” of physicists, medical scientists, physiologists, biologist, physicians, and physiotherapists that “support” this, that is basically no one. In the U.S. alone, there are over 661,400 medical doctors, 400,000 biologists, and 18,000 physicists (we could double that number if you want to include all the other fields). So what if BEMER supporters even had 5,000 of those 1,079,400 medical doctors, biologists and physicists in the U.S? That’s still 1,074,400 that say the other 5,000 are wrong in one country alone, and that’s with using only using half of our scientific and physical therapy community. And you’re talking world-wide, so that’s TENS OF MILLIONS against your “hundreds OR thousands.” They’re viewed in pretty much the same way as the scientists who fight against evolution: dipshits. And millions of BEMER users that have testified? Where are they? Where are these “millions of people who testify”? They don’t exist. Stop fabricating numbers, you’re just making yourself like more ridiculous each time.

                      Whether you want to admit it or not, nearly all medical doctors actually want to help people get better, and will use any device they can get their hands on to help their patients. The BEMER would be no exception (yet you want so much for it to be). You can’t decry the scientific community while claiming to be a part of it at the same time. Which do you want? Are you magically floating above science, or beside it? It can’t be both.

                      I’m sure I will eventually be pushed into bothering Garrett again about problems he figured out when he was 7 years old, but that’s life, I suppose. What’s a little embarrassment for the good of mankind? Right now, I really do feel like I’m speaking to an anti-evolutionist, a creationist full of faith in an invisible daddy, and scrambling to produce fake proof while railing against the scientific community. If you’re publishing papers along side creationists, you’ve got a major freakin’ problem. You can’t argue faith, and what you have, Fritzy, is all faith and no fact. The only thing you will believe from me is me saying you’re right, but you’re not, so I can’t. You’re also the nastiest German I’ve ever spoken with. Unlike you, though, I am not willing to disrespect an entire country just because YOU are an asshole. I still like Germany despite you. If you’re in hell, it’s because you choose to be.

                    • Quote: „…the nastiest German I’ve ever spoken with. Unlike you, though, I am not willing to disrespect an entire country just because YOU are an asshole.”

                      Thank you, poor little boor! – “Was kuemmert es den Mond, wenn ihn die Sau anruelpst!?”

                    • Da du keine beweise für deine sogenannte wissenschaft hast beleidigst du mich einfach auf deutsch…. werd mal erwachsen du vollhonk, ok?

                    • Den Mond kuemmert’s nicht mal, wenn die Sau weiterruelpst! Na – was kommt wohl jetzt wieder fuer ein Quatsch rueber? Guter Rat: Gib’s lieber auf Du Schlaumeier – es wird nicht besser!

                    • Do you have any idea how ridiculous we look behaving like this? We are two adults, who are calling each other names on the internet over an object. If you’re representing it in any way, shape or form, you need to think a little more about how you present yourself to the world. And I am completely lowering myself by even responding to this. You can write more insults back in any langue you like, but I’m not participating in this idiotic behavior with you anymore.

                    • Haha.. ! Great Conversation. I think I also am finished dealing with the BEMER people.. (unless I see some poor guy in a wheelchair, as I’ve seen before, being tricked into paying a lot of money)

        • J Altern Complement Med. 2009 May;15(5):507-11.
          Effect of BEMER magnetic field therapy on the level of fatigue in patients with multiple sclerosis: a randomized, double-blind controlled trial.
          Piatkowski J, Kern S, Ziemssen T.

          Neurological Outpatient Center Reichenbachstrasse, Dresden, Germany.

          Electromagnetic field therapy has been reported to be beneficial in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) with significant fatigue. This study was designed to evaluate the long-term effects of Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation (BEMER) on MS-related fatigue.

          This was a monocenter, patient- and rater-blinded, placebo-controlled trial.

          There were 37 relapsing-remitting patients with MS with significant fatigue in the study.

          The intervention consisted of BEMER magnetic field treatment for 8 minutes twice daily in comparison to placebo for 12 weeks.

          The primary outcome criterion was change in the Modified Fatigue Impact Scale (MFIS) between baseline and 12 weeks. The secondary outcome criteria were changes of the Fatigue Severity Scale (FSS), a general depression scale-long version (ADS-L), Multiple Sclerosis Functional Scale (MSFC), and the Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS).

          There was evidence of a significant difference of MFIS value (primary outcome criterion) after 12 weeks in favor of the verum group (26.84 versus 36.67; p = 0.024). In addition, FSS values were significantly lower in the verum group after 12 weeks (3.5 versus 4.7; p = 0.016). After 6 weeks’ follow-up, verum and placebo groups did not differ in experienced fatigue (MFIS, FSS). Regarding the subscales of the MFIS, there was a significant decrease in physical (p = 0.018) and cognitive (p = 0.041), but not in psychologic subscales only in the verum group regarding the timepoints baseline and 12 weeks. BEMER therapy was well tolerated.

          In this pilot study, we were able to demonstrate a beneficial effect of BEMER intervention on MS fatigue. As this was only a pilot study, trials with more patients and longer duration are mandatory to describe long-term effects.

          [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

          Electromagnetic-field therapy has beneficial short-term effects in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients with major fatigue, but long-term data are lacking. PRIMARY STUDY OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the long-term effects of a specific electromagnetic therapy device (Bio-Electromagnetic- Energy-Regulation [BEMER]) on MS-related fatigue, we designed a crossover control of a previously performed randomized controlled trial and a long-term open-label follow-up trial.

          Crossover and open-label follow-up trials at a single neurological outpatient center.

          Patients with relapsing-remitting MS who had major fatigue (N = 37 patients).

          After a previous randomized controlled trial (exposure to low-frequency pulsed magnetic fields for 8 min twice daily or to placebo treatment for 12 wk), a crossover from control to treatment for another 12 weeks, followed by an open label follow-up trial to 3 years, were done.

          The outcome criteria were the Modified Fatigue Impact Scale (MFIS), Fatigue Severity Scale (FSS), German long version of the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale (CES-D), Multiple Sclerosis Functional Scale (MSFC), and Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS).

          Patients previously on placebo during the randomized controlled trial experienced significant reductions in fatigue after crossing over to treatment. The MFIS and FSS scores were significantly lower in the open-label group than in the control subjects after follow-up. Participation in the open-label treatment was the strongest predictor of low fatigue outcome after followup. Electromagnetic-field therapy was well tolerated.

          In this long-term study, a beneficial effect of long-term BEMER therapy on MS fatigue was demonstrated. Electromagnetic-field therapy may be a useful therapeutic modality in MS patients with severe fatigue.

          [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

          • Yes. Thank you. These are the type of studies that would qualify as an argument.


            This specific study (PMID: 19422286) only points towards a better placebo-effect (where the patients gets to evaluate themselves). I’m completely satisfied to admit that Bemer has an Placebo-effect. This isn’t the problem. The problem is that Bemer Group (and its retailers) are marketing the product as a cure-all-without-any-side-effects and recommends it as the best treatment on the market. I have also read statements on retailers websites where they suggest to their “patients” to use this instead of going to their doctors. THIS is what I am upset about.
            Having amateurs thinking they know more than the doctors about what is best for someone elses body, all the while being unable to explain and understand how their product really works.

            I look forward towards the studies on cancer that you also mentioned. That could be very interesting.

            Contrary to what many of the commentators here think. I would be really happy if Bemer worked as a treatment to as many diseases as possible, but until they can produce any actual evidence I will continue to nag about it.

            (Oh and I also would like a clear list to what diseases Bemer is recommended for.)

            • Thank you for your thoughtful reply. Bemer does not cure any disease! I makes the body do its own job through microcirculation! Please find herewith a list of the pathologies which have been successfully treated, and were either cured or symptoms reduced in the case of incurable diseases such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis.

              arterio-sclerosis, healing of various kinds of wounds (some of which would always heal but more slowly but also the kind of open sores like diabetics suffer from, or bedsores, benign ‘cancer’ sores, type 2 diabetes (regulates the way the pancreas works and therefore diminishes sugar in the blood), chronic and other pain caused by choc, long term illness, torn muscles after sport or accident, eczema, hypertension, impotence, sleep disorder (difficulty sleeping through or difficulty falling asleep, restless sleep etc.), Parkinson, degenerative diseases affecting joints (rheumatism), psoriasis or other dermatologic ailments which cause itching and irritation, migraine, osteoporosis, healing of bones because more oxygen in the bloodcells means the body makes healing tissue and bone cells etc.

              I could go on but reiterate that it is the activated and improved microcirculation which makes the body regenerate and heal better it is not the machine as such.

              If you like I will keep you informed as I hear of more studies being published.

              • Yes mymy it has been my understanding also, after many conversations with Bemer group, that: “it is the activated and improved microcirculation which makes the body regenerate and heal better it is not the machine as such.”

                But would you agree that that isn’t the tone set by many of the commentators in this forum for example? And many of the recommended treatments that you listed can also be explained by the Placebo-effect. Right?

                As I said before, I don’t have a problem with Bemer as a placebo-effect, (Personally I’m not a big fan of placebos, but that is a different discussion.) but that isn’t how Bemer is presented.

                In a perfect world we would have a guy with 2 broken arms. One arm would have a Bemer effect applied on it and the other no external effect.

                Oh, and yes please. If you’d be so kind I would love to recieve any studies that you have in the future.

                • I agree your comment about the presentation and also about the placebo-effect in some cases. But not all! Again anecdotal, but for example my mother who does not at all believe in it has been using the Bemer because I basically forced her (bone graft at age 81 after having caught staph infection in hospital etc. etc.). The bone wasn’t healing at all until she started using it and now she was told just a couple of weeks ago that can have new dental implants, something which the doctors had said would never be possible again. Whilst my mother keeps using it every day she still says it is probably coincidence. When I tell her to give the machine back to me, she won’t. But I repeat, this is indeed anecdotal. I don’t know how blood sugar levels could be regulated by placebo?

                  If you have an email address I can send other links to documentation on treatment with the previous version of Bemer, the Bemer 3000 which basically is the same but the impact of which only lasts for 3 hours as compared to 12-15 hours for the new generation sets.

                    • Has anyone here actually read “Complementary Physical Stimulation of constricted or disordered Microcirculation, Introduction to biomechanical, physiological and pathophysiological bases as well as a selected application option?” (1st Edition excerpt from the German textbook (Microcirculation in the Focus of Research ISBN 978-3-033-014 The last third of the text book is about BEMER).

                      For the skeptics here, Dr. med. Ranier Klopp (German title for a medical doctor), studied at the Humboldt University of Berlin, as a medical specialist. After his research work in physics and biophysics he worked as head physician at the Charite Institute in the area of clinical pathophysiology and later worked at the Institute for Cardiovascular Diagnositics. Dr. Klopp founded the Independent Institute of Microcirculation in Berlin, which has cooperative relationships with several universities and research centers in Germany and abroad. Dr. Klopp has written over 100 original scientific papers, has contributed to medical journals, textbooks and holds several patents. When I tried here to present film which Dr. Klopp did using Intravital microscopy before and after BEMER therapy I was told I was ‘ignorant to present something which had been put up on Youtube.’ Please explain to all of us who are experiencing benefits with BEMER how this look into a human capillary with a 3 million dollar piece of equipment is demonstrating a placebo effect. If any drug, therapy or device can do this in real time it certainly deserves more than the ’shoddy’ treatment it has experienced on this page from this self proclaimed skeptic detective and others who serve to fan her negative little ember. Watch this as it doesn’t matter if it’s on YouTube or the 6:00 news. It is what it is; evidence that BEMER does what it is reported to do. Help the body to heal itself!

                    • I still owe you links to documents, sorry. Will do so as soon as I have a moment. Best regards, Mymy

            • I recently acquired access to all studies done over 15 years but 1. am only allowed to give out to medical practioners 2. all is in German for the time being. I will see whether I can get some of the info to you.

              • I can understand if they´re studies that you pay for. But if they are published on Pub Med, then they are easy to send and I can pay for them myself.

        • Synergistic effect of EMF-BEMER-type pulsed weak electromagnetic field and HPMA-bound doxorubicin on mouse EL4 T-cell lymphoma.
          Říhová B, Etrych T, Šírová M, Tomala J, Ulbrich K, Kovář M.

          Department of Immunology and Gnotobiology, Institute of Microbiology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, V.V.I., Vídeňská Prague, Czech Republic.

          We have investigated the effects of low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic field (LF-EMF) produced by BEMER device on experimental mouse T-cell lymphoma EL4 growing on conventional and/or athymic (nude) mice. Exposure to EMF-BEMER slowed down the growth of tumor mass and prolonged the survival of experimental animals. The effect was more pronounced in immuno-compromised nude mice compared to conventional ones. Acceleration of tumor growth was never observed. No measurable levels of Hsp 70 or increased levels of specific anti-EL4 antibodies were detected in the serum taken from experimental mice before and at different intervals during the experiment, i.e. before solid tumor appeared, at the time of its aggressive growth, and at the terminal stage of the disease. A significant synergizing antitumor effect was seen when EL4 tumor-bearing mice were simultaneously exposed to EMF-BEMER and treated with suboptimal dose of synthetic HPMA copolymer-based doxorubicin, DOX(HYD)-HPMA. Such a combination may be especially useful for heavily treated patients suffering from advanced tumor and requiring additional aggressive chemotherapy which, however, at that time could represent almost life-threatening way of medication.

          [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

    • I copied and pasted some of the findings of studies. If you want to – just go onto Bemer Hungary (Google will surely translate some of it) where Bemer is used widely in hospitals and having good results. The site still mentions the Bemer 3000 but definitely refers to the newest generation Bemer

  11. Placebo effect works both ways. If you are so skeptical that you believe that something won’t work it probably won’t.

  12. As a positive testimonial on Bemer Therapy – my story (from South Africa). I had a horse who was flat out unable to move in the final stages of severe biliary. I had called a vet to Euthanize him. As a last resort, I called Karin Evans (Bemer agent) who came immediately, and treated him. This horse literally came back from the dead, and within 2 day (2 further treatments) was back to feeling stong. Needless to say, I had to cancel the vet who had been on his way out to do the deed. True Story.
    PS as pointed out above – its Bemer not Beamer – you could at least get that bit right :-).

    • Another testimonial, thanks.
      However, the plural of ‘anecdote’ is not ‘data’. While your story is very persuasive to you (you were there, you lived through it), it cannot be considered as evidence for anything because it was not controlled. There are too many unanswered questions.

      Were you treating the horse in any other way? Delayed response to other treatment could account for the animal’s improvement.

      I’m glad your horse recovered.

      • It’s way more than anecdotal evidence to me – it’s a live horse that otherwise would have been dead. I have other examples, but I’m not trying to convince anyone to use it – I have no agenda. I was sharing my story in the hope that others will not be frightened off by scaremongers 🙂

      • Every time a patient feels like he has been remedied by his doctor’s advice is also anecdotal. How can anyone prove that that specific therapy or medication actually healed the patient. And I know of several hundred people who are more damaged after years of “clinically safe” drugs than they were when they were diagnosed. They don’t get better, they only deteriorate.

        Besides, clinical trial protocol approves a drug for mainstream use even though only 60% of volunteers have responded favourably. Tell me Angela, would you fly with a pilot who only got 60% of his landings right?

        • Double-blinded, placebo-controlled clinical trials are not the same as someone “feeling better” after taking medicine or any other treatment.
          I don’t think that the pharmaceutical industry is without fault, far from it, but it is better than the alternative medicine proposed by so many woo-peddlers.
          I would love to see something to substantiate your 60% claim.

  13. Those who think this Bemer quackery is legitimate, are deluded beyond reach. Patrizia seems to be their leader, a complete moron

    • My wife and I have been selling and renting BEMER systems to people who have exhausted all accessible healthcare options (allopathic and alternative) to remedy their chronic diseases or acute traumas. Every single person that has come to us has lost faith in the specialists that have been charging them fortunes for, what eventually proves to be, unsuccessful advice and/or treatment. Every single client in our 8 years of service has experienced almost incredible results with regular exposure to BEMER.

      If you have any doubts then I urge you to contact me via email so that you may personally interview these previously desperate people and their doctors and convince them that they are deluded and you, in fact, are perfectly reasonable and sane and that your scientific understanding of the technology compels you to state publicly that BEMER is quackery. BEMER science is undisputed. The proof is available for even the greatest minds to challenge yet they are in agreement about its positive health benefits.

      Science is advancing at a rate beyond comprehension and, thankfully, it leaves in its wake the arrogant and the misinformed.

      We have recently received a report from one of South Africa’s leading woundcare specialists that has been conducting a case series in Pretoria since 2011. The report provides detailed data on the progress made using BEMER on a number of open wound complications. The results are astounding. Simple SpO2 readings before and after an 8 minute BEMER treatment are a clear indication of the repeatable increase in oxygenation of tissue in the fingers and toes. The reperfusion and BP changes are mind-boggling. BEMER is non-invasive and relatively cheap – it can be applied every few hours in the comfort of your home, office or vehicle.

      The only posts on the Internet that attempt to challenge the efficacy of BEMER are those posted by what appears to be a very threatened Bryant Meyers, a physics teacher and an MRS 2000 agent in the US. The arguments in his posts are scientifically flawed and one is left wondering why he doesn’t stop selling his product and rather put his energy into selling something that actually works: BEMER. He’d certainly benefit a lot more people that are desperate for positive changes to their quality of life.

      I therefore challenge you or anyone for that matter to expose a degenerative/chronic disease patient to daily BEMER therapy and monitor them closely. Just go ahead and try it. Your jaw will simply drop. Ours do almost every day,

      • Please send me your reports/studies. I am glad to read through them to see if there is any legitimacy to them. All I hear is there are all of these reports going around that proves Bemer to have these amazing abilities. But when asked to see one of them I am met with anecdotes and studies that doesn’t really proves anything.

      • Thank you for your voice of reason and good sense. The BEMER 3000 is not even sold anymore, since it was replaced by the BEMER 3.0 (Classic and Pro) systems. These skeptic groups are usually paid by Big Pharma to post pages such as this. BEMER is a quantifiable bona fide therapy, FDA registered as a class one medical device with the full approval process in the works at this time. If BEMER didn’t work as it is reported to how on earth could they ever have gotten these results?

        • I wish I was paid by “Big Pharma”. But unfortunately there isn’t a big conspiracy going on. (I guess that is what i would say if I was a conspirator)

          I can’t figure out what it is that is so hard to understand. It is very simple. Publish 1 (one) paper that supports your claim that Bemer works in a specific way and not just as a placeboeffect.

          “BEMER has at least 50 studies behind it, and 15 years of solid research. BEMER is in discussions with NASA don’t you think they are skeptics? ”

          Where are these studies?? Please direct me to them because I can’t find them, even after been in contact with Bemer Group themselves.

        • “Big Pharma” can send me my cheque any day now. I wouldn’t mind a little extra cash in my pocket.

          Well-run studies that show more than a placebo effect, that’s all it would take here. Yet these studies are about as common as my payments from big pharma – really guys, call me, I’m waiting.

  14. The BEMER is actually fantastic. I tried a few others–they do NOT work other than what a quarter motel bed vibrator does.
    Truly I was skeptical..but after just a few weeks, my knees do not hurt, This is the longest time I have gone without a serious migraine episode. My beard is growing faster and I have to buy more razor blades now. A placebo could not do that, nor give me the enormous energy increase that I now have. You might want to re-think your negativity, re-search with out a closed mind. Perhaps you don’t have a micro circulation issue to address. But almost every person living in the modern world these days HAS A MICRO-Circulation problem. Thats why Heart attack is #1, and Stroke is #3, the direct result of bad circulation. I have seen astonishing results with this amazing BEMER. You are really missing the boat and attacking for the wrong and erroneous reasons.

    • Some time ago, Angela undertook to re-visit Bemer because this blog was written a long time ago with little information available.
      I agree with you Bemer is fantastic and no equivalent exists!

  15. You repeatedly spelled Bemer wrong throughout the narrative of your extensive 8-minute experience with “Lisa’s” Beamer. Are you sure you weren’t just going for a quick ride in her car? Just saying…

  16. You are rather funny! After reading your post It is clear that you didn’t do the real research required to make such unsubstantiated claims to the contrary of what the BEMER research group has made. You stated you tried it once, whoopee, I tried Brussels sprouts once and I didn’t see any positive health benefits directly after either.
    Why don’t you do the proper research by actually renting a BEMER for three months, use it the way it states it should be used, be consistent in your usage other wise it’s like going on an exercise program for three months doing it only a few times a week for the three months wondering why you didn’t loose weight. You may want to try reading the research into micro-circulatio, there are book by Dr. Rainer Klopp regarding Micro-circulation which you can purchase upon request at a book store or a college book store. You will not find it on line because this book is used in some medical schools as a text book. About 1/3 of this book has the research results of the BEMER and its effects. You might like to go on for other books such as Dirty Electricity by Samuel Milham, MD, MPH, Energy Medicine the Scientific Basisi by James L. Oschman, The Body Electric by Robert O. Becker, MD, that is if you’re not afraid to educated yourself. Education and experience is key to anything just make sure you take your blinders off and leave the ego behind as well. We have an amazing universe with unending possibilities, discoveries, and knowledge. I find those not willing to go the extra mile lazy or afraid of the unknown.

    • Hi Angela,
      I am sure a lot of people don’t understant what proper research is all about, ie double blind studies etc. There is not much out there so when I decided to investigate I used the term PEMF pulsed electro magnetic fields and got quite a few hits on pubmed and google .scholar. Obviously they used differeny wave forms and pulses but there was enough evidence out there to convince me that this played a positive role with the body . I am still surprised at the results that the bemer gets and am convinced that it works!!. Good luck with your research I hope you find some positives.


      • That’s exactly what I am looking for David. And then working out what the diffence is between PEMF and what the BEMER does, and finding out if that difference is material or not.
        It’s not easy going, but I’m being as thorough as possible.

  17. First, I am a BEMER distributor and have a wellness/ fitness studio in Spokane, WA.

    My comments:Very interesting back and forth between the author of this blog and its readers. To the author I would say: you make blanket statements and dismiss everyone’s positive experiences with complimentary medicine (no matter which) as placebo (how stupid is that) and assert that because someone has a commercial interest that the results cannot be true. Then what about all the allopathic doctors who prescribe medicines and get kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies to push these drugs and make people guinea pigs.

    To the readers, I would say: a skeptic cannot be convinced no matter what is in front of them. Even if millions report the same consistent results worldwide, it will do nothing. It merely remains in the anecdotal and placebo stage. Very sad!

    • What is sad, Bettina, is that in history sceptical people were the ones that shut their minds to innovation and progress and were responsible for the Inquisition, the Holocaust, burning of books, censorship, fundamental religion etc. etc…. I could go on ad infinitum. While there are still people who want to limit everybody’s thinking into their box and who insist that any other way is wrong and enough people listen to them, then we all remain unenlightened and intellectually poorer for it.

      • Bettina and Patrizia, you both misrepresent the skeptical mindset completely. Something will remain “anecdote” or “placebo” until there is evidence that it works. This is not being close-minded, this is intellectual rigor.

        Furthermore, Patrizia, the suggestion that skeptics are responsible for ” Inquisition, the Holocaust, burning of books, censorship, fundamental religion etc.” is so incredibly insulting and odious that you have officially earned the very first post in my new Hall of Shame. Congratulations. You’ve earned it.

      • Wow Angela, that someone with a tinpot dictator mentality like yours puts me on her “Wall of Shame” will surely leave me sleepless at night. The ludicrousness of your statement apparently completely escapes you! Your sensibilities are offended that I perceive you to be in the same boat as those who try to oppress freedom of thought and you react by putting my name on some silly list of yours that has no credibility? The irony boggles the mind…..

      • I certainly do not try to suppress freedom of thought Patrizia, I encourage it. What I try to fight against is people being conned into believing things that are not true. You clearly have NO IDEA what my intentions are and your equating me with book burners, the Nazi’s and the Spanish inquisition shows just how deeply misinformed you are.

        • Dear Angela, I was not going to get drawn into any discussion on this website again about the Bemer (by the way the Bemer I use is not the Bemer 3000 but the newer version) but I will say it again, people around me using it have nothing but good results from bone healing to improved hairgrowth and people affected by multiple sclerosis being able to walk normally again. Medical practioners confirm that results are due to improved circulation. Please refrain downtalking an outstanding product YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT because you never tried it as one is supposed to (and that does not mean one 8 minute session)! As David Dyson pointed out a while ago, you are never going to give in. I heartily agree with him that that is your loss as before long Bemer will be a household name!

      • Contrary to you, I do not need to “inform” myself to form an opinion of the kind of person you are based on the garbage you produce. You, on the other hand, need to inform yourself more efficiently before you attack subjects you are clearly completely ignorant about. Please stop lowering your readers’ intelligence to yours by assuming that they will accept your version of what is “true”.

      • Hi Myriam,

        I realise that this particular article is out of date and I am in the process of researching a new article. I hope to find evidence to support the good things that you are saying about this device because it clearly has some effect and I want to know what it is.

        It is taking a long time because this is a complicated physiological question. Please bare with me and read the next article when I have finished it?

        • Why not take this outdated post/article down entirely so people who are researching BEMER won’t have it come up on their google search and be mislead by it. BEMER has at least 50 studies behind it, and 15 years of solid research. BEMER is in discussions with NASA don’t you think they are skeptics? It has an insurance billing code as a class 2 medical device in many countries around the world. I think Dr. Ranier Klopp’s research at the Institute of Microcirculation in Berlin with Intravital microscopy is what you should be sharing in an effort to expose the real work and REAL BENEFITS behind BEMER. See

          • Please, don’t link to YouTube to support medical claims. It just makes you look ignorant. Please provide links to the 50 studies supporting the alleged helpful benefits of the BEMER?

            Also, no, I’m not going to take the post down because it is important that people realise that this isn’t as great as the proponents want you to think it is.

      • It’s not really a matter of positive or negative attitude, when I wrote this article there was very little information about these products available and the only “trials” I could find were company materials and not independent. I reported as honestly as I could back then.

        Luckily, a lot more work has been done, with some decent looking trials and I am trying to understand these new trials, and get a good idea of their quality and the reliability of their findings.

        This is the great thing about science, people keep working at ideas and new information becomes available, I am never ashamed to say “I was wrong” and if that is the case here I will be happy to do so.

  18. Angela

    First of all, if for no reason other than to raise your non-existent credibility, as a self-declared “professional writer” I suggest you either edit or get an editor to edit your articles and the replies you post because the grammatical, spelling and punctuation mistakes that pepper your writing embarrass you (it’s “cry foul” sweetie, not “fowl”…. that’s a chicken).

    Secondly, what qualifies you to make comments in the public domain on methodologies/devices other than declaring yourself an “amateur scientist by night” – which does not add any weight to your opinions and articles at all?

    The SCIENTISTS who created and tested the Bemer and those that subsequently investigated it – the independent Institute of Microcirculation of Berlin being one – actually studied science way beyond Grade 8 before presenting a device to the world which has been demonstrated to improve circulation and boost the immune system. The added benefit of this is that if your circulation vastly improves, many associated conditions are either relieved, partly or completely: Medicine 101. Unfortunately, as you’re not a scientist, technically “how” it works would be beyond your ability to understand.

    As for refuting “anecdotal” evidence – what exactly does your doctor do when he prescribes medication?… On the anecdotal evidence that you provide – it worked or didn’t work – he then either prescribes some more medication or pronounces you cured! I understand that you’re refuting anecdotal evidence as being insufficient clinical proof of whether the device is effective, but the purpose of medication is to cure or heal. And the clinical studies and years of experiments by drug manufacturers are more about discovering the serious and often-fatal side-effects of the drug rather than its efficacy. Bemer has helped thousands of people to date and not harmed or killed anybody… can the current medical profession say the same? How many drugs have been tested and pronounced safe after years of studies and then recalled after related deaths or irreversible side-effects? Your comment: “When I hear “No bad side-effects” I immediately think of homeopathy – if it has no side effects, it probably doesn’t have any real effects either.” is infantile and displays a lack of thought.

    Finally the “placebo effect”. You sarcastically glossed over the use of Bemer with animals and thereby completely missed the important (but perhaps too subtle) fact that the Bemer is VERY successful with animals and their various conditions. Animals are not affected by “placebos” as they don’t have belief systems – the method used either works or it doesn’t. There are innumerable farmers, breeders and horse-owners etc. who can testify to the success of the Bemer in relation to their animals’ health.

    I think you’ve climbed onto the blogging bandwagon and as a hook you present subjects that you hope are sufficiently controversial to attract traffic to your blog. Unfortunately most of the subjects you have chosen have been done ad nauseum and nothing you offer is going to be good enough to revive a serious debate, so all you have succeeded in doing is offend people whose livelihood you have attacked or whom you have insulted by suggesting they are stupid.

    Vicious controversy interspersed with foul language does not make for good journalism and if that’s what you’re trying to achieve you’ve failed dismally.

  19. So now you are scraping the bottom of the barrel and attacking my Chiropractic degree. I bet you don’t know how long we study for and what subjects we study? And implying that I don’ t know how to look up research? Looking at the responses to your blog I see many are pro bemer and not too many against – The one from the Gp Harris is predictable although many gps here and in Germany use the bemer. We tend to only believe in what was taught to us in university and I am not just saying this about GP’s but also many of my colleauges as well. It’s called “tunnel vision”, so don’t worry you are in good company. Try and avoid slagging off against me or my profession it does not make you look good, try and stick to the subject matter. By the way what is your degree status assuming you have one??

    • Dear David, many people have no idea that chiropractic studies much longer than, for example, to become a general practitioner.
      This is definitely going to be my last entry related to Angela’s blog, life is too short to be nit-picking. I am a user and do not sell the Bemer so I have no commercial interest whatsoever but would like the world to know there is something else out there than allopathy. Let us start a site being skeptic about skeptics!

      • Thanks Myriam,
        It seems clear to me that Angela would never agree to the Bemer no matter what? But so far her blog is making the bemer look good and keep watching – it’s going to get better!

      • In truth, David, I would admit the efficacy when your evidence outweighs your ad hominem attacks against me. So far… No good.

        • Angela:

          If you’re going to complain about ad hominem attacks, then you should realize that criticizing David on the grounds that he sells Bemers constitutes an ad hominem attack.

      • Actually, I’m not criticising him for it, I am pointing out the vested interest that prevents him from being neutral on the subject.

  20. There is a lot of research on pulsed electro magnetic therapy. Google pubmed and pemf. I spent 3 months googling before I bought my bemer As I was not about to spend a lot of money on something that had no scientific basis. The other thing I like about bemer is the fact that they do not claim that they can cure any disease but help the body work better. I have reccomended the bemer to 7 patients and offered to buy the unit back if they felt it was not helping – so far no one wants to sellback to me!! Please google pubmed and google .scholar type in PEMF.

      • It increases microcirculation and because of more oxygen in small bloodvessels, defence mechanisms work better. I now also use the Bemer Light and any spot or blemish disappears within 2 days – even zinc cream doesn’t do that. I use the sleep program and for the first time in 10 years I sleep through the night. Before using Bemer I would wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning and not be able to go back to sleep.
        A friend of mine ,who is a Reiki adept, broke her right wrist. As she was in considerable pain, she agreed to use the Bemer pad and spot and told me she could feel the tingling straightaway (something which I myself don’t). Moreover, after the first session of 8 minutes the pain diminished and after 3-4 sessions the pain was gone. Yet my friend is against any electrical gadget because she believes in ‘natural healing’ only. Anyway Angela, I am not trying to convince you to buy the machine. But please kindly refrain from telling the world it is useless because you have not experienced it first hand.

      • I have experienced it first hand. Perhaps you should actually read my blog post.

        But I have a few further questions:
        1. How does it increase microcirculation?
        2. How does oxygen in the blood vessels make “defence mechanisms” work better?
        3. How sure are you that your sleeping is not caused by the placebo effect?
        4. Over what time period did the 3-4 sessions of your Reiki friend take place? (one week, two weeks…)
        5. I felt the “tingling” – what makes a person who believes in unproven faith healing any more likely to feel that?

        I’m not going to buy it, and I am not going to rescind my statement that this is a scam and the BEAMER has no real effect, not unless I see some high-quality evidence to the contrary.

        • I apologise for not reading all of your blog – will do so when I find a moment.
          Did you try it just once and did you have a particular problem?
          To me the Bemer works like when you apply an electromagnet to the taps and waterducts in the house. The magnetism makes the molecules bounce around and thus clear the pipes or keep them clear.
          When I used the Bemer the first time, it was at some exhibition and I was waiting to attend a presentation so I had some time to kill. Was not at all looking for anything like it nor did I need it. I dosed off after 5 minutes and felt totally relaxed. Like you I did not want to spend such kind of money but asked if I could try and hire because I wanted to see if there would be any effect on the pain from a longstanding slipped disc. And was intent on giving it back after 6 weeks. When the 6 weeks were up my backpain was considerably less although I still would wake up during the night as I had done for many years- at that stage I was using the Bemer Classic which doesn’t have the sleep program. Anyway, I asked for an extension to make absolutely sure and after another 4 weeks decided to buy one. But I went for the Pro as it has all attachments. And have not regretted the purchase for one moment.

      • Hi Myriam,

        There is nothing magnetic in our blood that would be influenced by the BEMER. The iron in our blood is non-ferromagnetic and is not affected by magnetic fields.

        Secondly, your experience could be influenced by too many other factors outside of your ability to exclude them as a possible cause. I’m glad you have been able to sleep, but I don’t believe that you are getting any effect except placebo from the BEMER.

        Also, before you comment on a post, you really should read it. How can you hope to make a decent contribution if you don’t know what the context is?

        • Dear Angela,
          Like I said before, Swiss health insurance companies do actually reimburse Bemer sessions. Do you really think they would if they thought it did not have any positive effect? Anyway, this is enough as you are clearly intent on being negative about Bemer and other alternative therapies. Please keep your viewpoint and I know I will stick to mine.
          Good luck!

      • Whether or not Swiss (or any other country) health insurance companies reimburse BEMER treatments is not evidence that they work any better than placebo. This is not about whether or not I am negative about a treatment option, it’s about what the evidence shows.

        • Angela, you really should rename your blog “The Skeptic” because you’re not a detective. A detective looks at the clues and doesn’t come into the scene with preconceptions about what they will find. They let the evidence prove or disprove the theory that evolves from the data. Your approach, on the other hand, is to declare that anything you don’t believe in is a placebo effect. If everything you don’t like can be attributed to a placebo effect, then why do people NOT get placebo effects from cheaper devices or prior treatment attempts? Why would people who have tried numerous modalities prior to the Bemer (or acupuncture) not have chosen unconsciously to have other modalities work for them, thus obtaining the benefits of a placebo effect before?

          You don’t really look at the data. Sure, you look at some of the data, but your sense of science and the scientific method is very dated and incomplete. To cite some studies that show that a modality doesn’t work for certain conditions and conclude on the basis of that that the modality is therefore a waste of time would also apply if you were being consistent to studies of the failures of allopathic medicine to cure certain diseases. Does the fact that allopathy can’t cure those diseases therefore mean that allopathy is useless? Of course not.

          Your contention that electromagnetic waves can’t possibly effect the blood flow in our bodies because there is no metal in the blood to respond to magnetism shows that you have a very limited understanding of the nature of electromagnetic waves and their impact on cellular systems.

          Have you any idea what it costs a country in medical reimbursements and do you really think that Switzerland would be reimbursing people for a treatment modality (the Bemer) that was merely a placebo?

      • You’re right Dennis, clearly I need to look at the evidence, OK. PubMed, as suggested by many commentators has a systematic review available. I chose this one because a review of many studies gives slightly better evidence than a single study. Their findings:
        “In some trials sporadic positive effects on health were observed. However, independent confirmation of such singular findings was lacking. We conclude that the scientific evidence for therapeutic effects of whole-body PEMF devices is insufficient. Acute adverse effects have not been reported. However, adverse effects occurring after long-term application have not been studied so far. In summary, the therapeutic use of low-frequency whole-body PEMF devices cannot be recommended without more scientific evidence from high-quality, double-blind trials. Bioelectromagnetics.”

        And from the Cochrane collaboration which also does systematic reviews of high-quality studies:
        “Pulsed electric stimulation as a treatment for osteoarthritis has appeared promising since the stimulation of cartilage growth was recorded at the cellular level; its growing popularity has now called for evaluation of its effectiveness. The literature search and hand searches identified 3 trials with a total of 259 patients. All trials examined knee OA and one also performed a separate evaluation for cervical OA patients. The results of this analysis show improvements in all measurements for knee OA, but their clinical significance from a patient’s perspective was questionable. Only two outcomes favoured treatment for cervical OA trial and none were considered clinically important. There were no reported side effects. The reviewers conclude that there is an urgent need for further large-scale studies of pulsed electric stimulation with a focus on knee OA to establish the clinical relevance of treatment.”

        So what we have here is a treatment that doesn’t offer any clinically significant improvements. This is not my opinion, this is what the literature shows. I wholeheartedly support the conclusion in both reviews that more testing needs to be done. If we can show a clinically significant effect, great! If not, then this is an expensive treatment with questionable efficacy.

      • Morning Angela,
        It looks like you are going have to be spoon fed. I have just googled -pemf pubmed microcirculatio – and- pemf pubmed bone union. Both studies show a marked response with subjects ( guinie pig/ rats) exposed to pemf. There are many more studies, pemf definitely has an effect on living organisms. So sorry to burst your bubble.

      • David, you SELL the BEMER. It is advertised on your website. You have a vested interest in this being true because it makes you money.
        I bring meta-analyses of human trials that show no clinically significant effect and call for more research and you bring rat studies.
        How am I supposed to take you seriously? How can you be considered to be neutral in this debate if the very device we are talking about pads your bank account?
        I don’t like to point out your personal involvement, but I think it seriously colours your opinion here.

    • Hi Angela, I am a Chiropractor and have been in practise for 30 years during which time I have seen lots of Gadgets out there professing to do cure everything so when I heard about the bemer I was just as skeptical. I was introduced to the bemer 8 years ago and fobbed it off as a con. Then two years ago my cousin ‘s friend was admitted to icu with heart failure etc and was discharged after 3 weeks with a bag of meds and a good luck wish. He purchased a bemer so I observed his status. His heart went from 30 % function too 70 % in 1 year and every time he went to the cardiac specialist he was surprised at his progress and wanted to know if he was seeing a “sangoma”. He told the doc he was using a bemer and that is as far as it went. So now this machine had my attention but I was still skeptical and R30000 is a lot of money. I spent about 4 months googling the net for info and realized that if I googled bemer they would just blow there own trumpet so I googled PEMF and looked in the published medical research archives and was pleasently surprised so much so that I bought one for use in my clinic and have since sold 7 to patients. I sold one a month ago to a chap suffering from exema all over his body and has seen many specialists and taken many drugs with no results. I told him about the bemer and pointed out that I could not garantee the results. he has had it for about three weeks and called me today saying that for the last four nights he has slept thru and not scratched all night. If it was a placebo it would have worked from the first night. Angela please do some proper reseach and do some lateral thinking.

      • So, you are a Chiropractor giving me an anecdote. Yeah, like that’s going to convince me of ANYTHING! I did a lot of research before I wrote this article and I found NOTHING at the time that seemed convincing. It has been a year since I wrote this article though, so new evidence may have come to light. I will look for some.
        Just a couple of points:
        1. Don’t insult my intelligence by telling me how I think, you have no idea what went into this article.
        2. Chiropractor offering treatment advice for exema… I’m sure that can’t be entirely within your discipline, such as it is. Unless you are a Straight and you believe in innate intelligence, in which case nothing you say could have any influence on my opinion or writings without serious, high quality studies to back it up.Hell, same goes if you are a Mixer.

      • well, well, well, I seemed to have touched a nerve. Please accept my apologies as I did not mean to insult your intelligence, but would like you to research a bit more. As I said I was also a skeptic and am old enough not ot just accept what a pamphlet or people say. I need proper research. So if you google pubmed and pemf and research you will find lots of studies from across the globe. They might not be the bemer but I believe it is based on the same type of energy. Also check out and research the earth’s magnetic field – fascinating stuff. Also when you ever go to Hermanus go and check the Magnetic observatory – one of 108 worldwide! Sadly I have a sneaking suspicion that no matter what you are never going to admit that maybe there is some positve effects the bemer and other devices like it are benificial to mankind. Medical history has shown us that sometimes we get it wrong like when a certain doctor told his colleauges to wash there hands between
        the cadaver room and their patients as they may be the cause for spreading infections – he was told in no uncertain terms to but out. Finally look up IATROGENIC DISEASE, it has nothing to do with Bemer but it will make you think!

      • Further to my last letter, Your Article that you copied off a bemer pamphlet or web site then found some guy to say that it did not fix his knee or his dads shoulder, where does the bemer claim to cure everything?? They have a pie chart on the pamphlet which shows only 67% of people over a period of time experienced some relief from the bemer and a certain number of people had no benefit at all. So much for all the effort you put into your article! Also what has my profession got to do with whether I can or can not treat people with excema?? And whether I am a straight or a mixer- what has that got to do with bemer?? I would guess that you don’t believe in any alternate medicine, however I have to admit that homeopathy and acupuncture does not really exite me but they seem to help a lot of people!!. But you probably believe in everything your GP tells you. By the way I have a lot of respect for allopathic medicine, including drugs and surgery etc . The human race has come a long way with treating disease and understanding the body but we still have a long way to go. By the way did you know that the third biggest cause of unatural death in America is death by MEDICINE.

      • David, if you can point me at the best study to support your claims I will be more than happy to give it my full attention. This is not a matter of personal conviction, if the evidence is strong enough and the study of a high enough quality I will be more than happy to correct my mistake. You aren’t tellling me my faith is wrong, you’re saying “hey, there’s evidence to show that this works” and then not providing the evidence.
        I read what I could find on PubMed on PEMF (gee! Imagine that!) when I was doing my first round of research for this article and I didn’t find anything convincing.
        Once again, if you can point me to the study that substantiates your claims, I will read it with pleasure. If you can’t do that, I will have to assume that study does not exist.

        And your being a chiropractor makes me doubt your ability to assess any evidence with any amount of scientific rigour. (Looks like I touched a nerve there)

      • Angela, As a Chiropractor I also sell my services, I believe I have found a form of treatment that may help people who are suffering from difficult conditions. Yes I sell bemers but I have told each patient that I cannot be sure that they will respond to the Bemer and that I will buy back the unit If they are not satisfied. Every few months I phone them and inquire how things are going and ask them if they want to sell back to me. So far no one has asked for a refund. I also ask the patients to do some research and not just take my word. About the rats, well why should their circulatory system be different from ours and why would medicine do much of it’s research using rats?? Maybe you debunk all of their research also!!. By the way I looked up ozone therapy and guess what?? There are lots of sites calling it a scam and I agree, but type in Pemf / scam and you wont find too much on that score except maybe your site and a few others, but on the other hand you will find a lot of positves re pemf.

      • Scientists use rat and mouse models as a testing ground, to make sure that treatments aren’t fatal. The rodent model is similar to, but not exactly the same as, the human body.
        Many treatments show promise in rodent models but don’t have the same effects in humans.
        If you present studies in rats that show promise and I present studies in humans that show effects that are not clinically significant, which is more relevant to humans?

  21. I have personally been substantially cured of piriformis syndrome pain by acupuncture. I fought this pain on and off for 8 years with exercise and stretching, and sometimes it got so bad I had trouble sleeping. I have one leg 1/2 ” shorter from infantile polio and this I believe is the root cause of the problem. Let me say that I have a degree in structural engineering and an MBA, am a great beliver in the scientific method and do not believe in pyramid power or the vibrations given off by crystals. But my business partner’s son-in-law become an acupuncturist, this is a guy I play golf with and have known for years. So, I finally went to him for treatment, what could I lose? After the first time 50% better, after the second 95% better. I go once a month or so for maintenance treatments and I am doing great. It slowly gets sore over a few weeks of my walking with a limp, and then the treatment fixes it. Actually it is more sore the day after treatment, but then a lot better the second day. My wife is a health professional and I know what a placebo is. This sceptical, scientifically educated person believes that the actupuncture treatment works, at least in this case. Wnen it happens to you, its not anectodal evidence, its fact.

  22. I have used the Bemer-Pro for about 2 months now and am completely free of back-ache caused by a slipped disc. My sleep has much improved and I feel generally much calmer. During this period I have NOT USED any other medication.
    My 81-year old mother who has had a chinbone-transplant after some surgery gone badly wrong, is now also using as it was Bemer recommended to her by her surgeon and for the first time is free of pain after suffering 2 years.
    In Switzerland where I live, Bemer sessions at a authorised practioner’s are actually reimbursed by health insurance.
    Think what you will, Bemer works for us!

    • Anecdotal evidence is not good enough to prove the medical value of a treatment such as the Beemer. Pain relief could as easily be attributed to the placebo effect.
      When in doubt, go with the explanation that requires the fewest new assumptions.

      Finaly, the plural of “annecdote”is not “data”

      • Angela:
        You really ought to investigate the things that you dismiss so readily as working due to a placebo effect. Does a placebo effect exist under certain circumstances? Yes. Is it the explanation for everything? No.
        Your blanket assertions about Bemer, acupuncture and homeopathy are unfounded by sufficient investigation on your part. To call them magical thinking shows that you are not a scientist, rather it shows that you are a little bit lazy. If you actually did research on these things you would find that they are scientifically supported. Bemer, for example, produces enhanced blood flow in the capillaries and they have a substantial clinical trials literature. Evidence of that enhanced blood flow can be viewed on their website, for example, in video.
        The scientific spirit is an inquiring one that does not make judgments before adequate investigation. You speak as if you are a defender of science but you are not showing a true scientific spirit.

      • Once again, Dennis, you make assumptions about the amount of research I have put into these articles. Instead of trying to attack my methods, which you underestimate, why don’t you provide the best evidence you can find for Beemer, homeopathy and accupuncture.
        Not the whole internet please. If you link the best study / trial you can find for each modality, I will read each with an open mind and fair hand.
        It has been a long time since I wrote these posts and science is always making progress, it is entirely possible that I have missed new evidence.
        I keep as far up to date as I can, but can’t read all the literature on every topic. I would appreciate your collaboration.

        • Angela:

          I would be happy to collaborate but once again, I’m not drawing conclusions beyond what is justified by the evidence. You have made flat assertions without any qualifiers in your outright dismissals of the Bemer, acupuncture. and homeopathy that they are “woo woo” and placebo effects entirely. The evidence you have cited has been extremely limited for your sweeping conclusions. As you might know, scientists would not be satisfied with such paltry evidence. I have already mentioned that you can go to the Bemer website and see for yourself some of the evidence they offer. I am aware of over the years of clinical trials of both acupuncture and homeopathy but I would recommend that you do some searching for these yourself as I don’t have them at my fingertips and I am not the person who has been claiming, as you have, that these are all frauds. Since you are the Skeptic Detective, I suggest that you do the necessary detective work to do a much, much more thorough investigation of these practices before you reach conclusions.

      • Dennis, you are not helping your cause here, once again, I REPEAT, I have done a lot of research on these topics. I have read numerous trials, reviews and meta-reviews on many “alternative” therapies and I think you will find that my opinion does not differ from that of the scientific establishment.

        Every trial I have seen of acupuncture and homeopathy show either results that can be accounted for by the placebo effect, lack of vigour in the trial, a trial that was too small and not statistically significant, or a trial that was plain falsified to show good results.

        So far, from what I have seen, acupuncture does show some benefit for mild, lower back pain. And magical meridians are not involved.

        Since you claim to be so knowledgeable on the subject, I thought it would be reasonable to ask you for your best examples. Your non response, by telling me to go back and read literature I have already read, would suggest that your commitment is emotional and not intellectual.

        • Angela:
          You have not previously evidenced in your comments to people dismissing these modalities that you have done an extensive literature search. Ordinarily if someone HAS done such a search, particularly if they are a scientist, they will cite the nature of that research and cite a specific set of studies that they can name so that others can look them up too. If you are a scientist, then you are familiar with the protocols for that. I’m not asking for a professional journal article since this is merely a blog, but I do expect a more substantial showing. I would further add, as I mentioned earlier, that your rather simplistic statements such as dismissing Bemer’s claims that they can improve people’s immune system that this is disproven by the germ theory show that you don’t understand how germs and our immune systems are in a dialectical and dynamic relationship. That makes me think that you are not really that scientific in your approach.

          I happened upon your blog as I was doing some reading on topics and couldn’t help but notice your cursory dismissals of modalities that I have read and experienced first hand. Do I have the time to go look up all that material? No, I have many other projects that I am engaged in that are much more important than a debate with someone who asserts her status as a scientific detective. You are the one, after all, who has made these bold assertions that these modalities absolutely are “woo hoo.” If you HAVE the studies that prove what you claim, then you should produce them. I would recommend, however, that you might want to qualify this ahead of time and perhaps make more modest claims than you have because you will not find unequivocal findings that support your bold prior claims. For example, I doubt that you can find the studies disproving Bemer that justify your dismissals of it as entirely a placebo effect. (I would also point out, incidentally, that even if, for the sake of argument, Bemer’s effects of getting rid of people’s chronic pain were nothing but a placebo effect, then the machine does work rather impressively given that nothing else that these individuals ever tried has had such a lasting effect. In which case you’d have to admit that it does help people!)

      • Cindy’s comments have been removed because they are clearly marketing for the BEMER and I will not allow that kind of thing on my website.


    • Alright Dennis, since your argument is based purely on attacking my level of knowledge about these topics, I hereby present you with Cochrane reviews. These are meta-analyses of scientific trials of homeopathy and acupuncture, these are unfiltered, I have simply chosen the first three results from each search: – Homeopathy for ADHD
      This review aimed to assess the evidence for homeopathy as an intervention for attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Four trials were retrieved and assessed with mixed results. Overall the results of this review found no evidence of effectiveness for homeopathy for the global symptoms, core symptoms or related outcomes of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. – No evidence that homeopathy is effective in treating dementia. The researchers did not find any good quality trials and so cannot say whether it is or is not effective for treating this condition. – no strong evidence existed that usual forms of homeopathy for asthma are effective. – There is not enough evidence to say whether acupuncture works to treat shoulder pain or whether it is harmful. From the little evidence that there is, acupuncture may improve pain and function over the short term (2 to 4 weeks). – There is no evidence from randomized controlled trials to determine whether acupuncture provides any effect when treating people with vascular dementia – Collectively, the studies suggest that migraine patients benefit from acupuncture, although the correct placement of needles seems to be less relevant than is usually thought by acupuncturists.


      I would like to point out that the correct placement of the needles is considered critical in acupuncture because the whole system is premised on the existence of (non-existent) energy meridians which allegedly flow through our bodies. These meridians were hypothesised by pre-scientific doctors in a culture which forbade the dissection of human bodies.

      The weight of scientific evidence is against the effectiveness of these modalities.

      Finally, your comment:
      “Bemer’s effects of getting rid of people’s chronic pain were nothing but a placebo effect, then the machine does work rather impressively given that nothing else that these individuals ever tried has had such a lasting effect. In which case you’d have to admit that it does help people!”
      is completely ridiculous. Saying that such-and-such might only have the placebo effect, but still helps people is ludicrous and completely betrays your lack of scientific understanding of the topic. If all they have is the placebo effect, why do they have to claim that there is any other effect? The placebo effect is not diminished by knowledge that it is happening. So why lie?

      • Dear Angela, I thought this thread was about Bemer but I have not been able to see it mentioned in the links above. So I looked up myself. One small entry states that in the case of chronic neck-pain, pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy may work better than a placebo. So even Cochrane do not dismiss Bemer so readily as you do. It is also very easy to base your findings on some reports on internet. Have you actually tried homeopathy, Bemer, acupuncture yourself?
        Dr Liu De, a traditional medical practioner who also does acupuncture here in Geneva will confirm that Bemer works. Moreover, acupuncture will have much faster results when used in conjunction with the Bemer.
        I repeat that Swiss medical insurance companies reimburse sessions with Bemer, homeopathy and acupuncture when administered by authorised practioners.

      • Angela:

        I am pleased that you have cited a few studies because that means that you are moving in the right direction by at least providing some evidence. I encourage you to do MORE of this and to not cherry pick your evidence but to do your very best to be impartial, no matter what your predisposition is. Impartiality and exhaustiveness are trademarks necessities for science. If you continue your research on the possible efficacy of these modalities, you will find evidence that they work, not on all conditions but absolutely for some. Let me emphasize that a modality doesn’t have to prove that it can treat all conditions to be efficacious. Otherwise, if we used that standard for allopathy then we’d have to conclude that allopathy is bogus because it can’t treat every single condition!

        A few of the comments in this thread have cited the attitudes towards acupuncture and Bemer in Europe where the willingness to recognize what works is greater than in the U.S. In Asia, of course, acupuncture has an exceedingly long history and it is also widely practiced in France. I will tell you a personal story since you allude to what you called my putative emotional reasons. Before you object I fully recognize that this is anecdotal, at least in some respects, and that anecdotal data is not sufficient in and of itself. My father was an M.D. who took up acupuncture after being in his practice as an M.D. for a few decades. His attitude towards acupuncture was skeptical as he was trained as an allopathic physician. He went into it trying to disprove its usefulness. He discovered to his amazement that he could treat conditions that were immune to his allopathic techniques. He had previously treated me while I was a teen for acne which involved extracting the pimples and squeezing them using a scalpel. A very painful procedure! Subsequently he gave me acupuncture for it (once he learned the technique) and gave me four treatments on my face on I think three or four points. After these treatments I stopped getting acne on my face after eating or drinking any milk products, which used to cause a breakout every single time. He treated countless patients with acupuncture with success such as an individual who had had a petit mal seizure everyday of their adult life and did not have any seizures after the treatments and patients who suffered migraines and he ended their migraines after several treatments. (And yes, of course it matters where the points are placed on the meridians!)

        I could have told the researchers that you cite ahead of time that they are not likely to find acupuncture helping dementia. Just as with any other modality, a given one may not help. Anyone who claims that acupuncture helps dementia needs their head examined as acupuncture cannot address organic conditions where there is, as in dementia’s case, physical damage to the brain tissue. Acupuncture operates on functional conditions and is extraordinarily successful for certain conditions and useless for others.

        I do not follow your reasoning regarding my parenthetical comment about the Bemer and a putative placebo effect. I HAVE run into physicians over the years whose way of dealing with phenomena that they can’t explain was to scoff and say “placebo effect.” My point was simply this: IF an instrument such as the Bemer’s ONLY result WAS that it was having a permanent placebo effect (and I emphasize again that I am only stipulating that it’s placebo for the sake of argument) then one would have to say, “Bravo” because it’s giving the patient what the patient requires. If what the patient needs is pain relief, for example, and the device is doing that for them, then what better result can one get? If people want to deride that and say, placebo, then even if it was a placebo effect, it’s working!

        I don’t know what you mean when you say, “why lie?” Of course a placebo effect is diminished by knowing that it’s a placebo effect. That is the point about why something is a placebo: they don’t think it’s a placebo. In case you misunderstand my point, I am not saying that the Bemer is a placebo. I have seen some of the research on it including the videos of its effects on capillary circulation and I have experience with the product over an extended time and can tell you that I would much rather save the considerable amount of money that the device costs and tell myself that it is worthless, except that it has very definite and dramatic results on my energy and injury recovery! You and others who are skeptics can say what you like but before you scoff, do a thorough investigation. Roger Federer is a user. And yes, he can afford to buy any device he wants, but why waste the time on the device if it’s not going anything?

        If I have pushed you into a corner and made you feel that you had to defend your reputation no matter what, then I was not doing so intentionally. I would rather that you feel on an emotional level that you can gracefully acknowledge where you have erred when you have erred. It is better to leave people a way to gracefully do so then to push them into a corner. I will end this by saying that my job is done here hopefully in the sense that if you’re going to continue to put your blog posts forward under the title of the Skeptical Detective and be a proponent of science, then please do science proud and present scientific findings in a much more comprehensive manner and cite the studies as a whole. Be impartial and go where the evidence tells you to go. This means a lot of work for you but your posts should be thoroughly footnoted and should reflect comprehensiveness in at least their citations if not the discussion. I’m not saying you have to be a medical journal but I am saying that your writing and evidence needs to be similar to theirs if you’re going to claim the mantle of science.

  23. Doctors (and those making money off of mainstream
    medicine) loooooove to call things placebo when it
    does not put dollars in the pockets of the large institutions.

    I have seen people heal from cancer, and use alternative
    therapies for years to keep them out of surgery and get
    completely well.

    I worked for doctors as an alternative therapist and was
    part of the staff. Blended care (mixing conventional medicine
    with alternatives) is widely accepted in Europe and is the wave
    of the future in the USA as effective healthy care that works!

    It never ceases to amaze me that some doctors are still
    so far in the dark ages that they can see a person get well
    right in front of them by means they don’t agree with and
    still say “It is all in the person’s head.” Wow! dcm

    • the only problem with your argument is that it is utterly stupid. You have pushed all the big red buttons; “Doctors don’t even know what placebo is” and “Big medicine is all about making money” and you are completely wrong.

      If alternative medicine worked, do you know what it would be called ?

      • Angela, saying that alternative medicine would be called medicine indicates that you’re not aware of the differences between allopathic medicine and homeopathic/naturopathic medicine. What is called medicine in the U.S. is actually allopathic medicine. It is a particular approach which has a great deal of merit and a track record of many successes, but it is certainly not the only approach and definitely not the only tradition with medical successes. Homeopathy and naturopathy were very popular until the health insurance industry decided that it was going to pay for allopathy but not for homeopathy/naturopathy. Allopathy is based on a mechanistic model of the body and its functions. Useful, but not the greatest model and definitely not the only “medicine.”

      • Dennis, please don’t make assumptions about my understanding of different medical modalities, because you are wrong.
        Health insurance won’t pay for homeopathy because it doesn’t work.
        Your allusion to a “mechanised model” requires further explanation, are you saying that alternative medicine works in a non-mechanical way? What would that be?

        • Angela: I wasn’t making assumptions, I was simply responding to your flat assertion that non-allopathic medicine doesn’t work and isn’t medicine. As I’ve said previously, you should do more investigation and research on acupuncture, the Bemer, and alternative medicine before you make the categorical assertions that you make. If someone says that acupuncture works even if you’re not using the correct points, then I agree with you, that’s ridiculous. But you rely on that one example to prove your point that acupuncture therefore is quackery, which is a poor argument to make because you’re leaning entirely on this one person’s claims as representative of all of acupuncture. As for the mechanistic nature of allopathy medicine, its origins lie in the separation philosophically and analytically between agents such as germs and the body as if the two weren’t in a dynamic and ever-changing relationship to each other. Germs = Disease would be one way of putting it and as you yourself put it previously. Allopathy’s treatment of single organs as if they can be separated from the rest of the body is another example of mechanistic thinking. The body and our environment (internal and external) are in dialectical relationship to each other and subsystems operate in relationship to the systems they are part of. One doesn’t get sick merely because one is exposed to germs. Germs are around us constantly. We get sick when the relationship between our body’s immune system is compromised or overwhelmed by the presence, virulence, and/or size of the germs.

      • Cindy’s comments have been removed because they are clearly marketing for the BEMER and I will not allow that kind of thing on my website.


  24. Angela:

    I have read your dissection of Bemer and of acupuncture so my comments here are based on those two articles. I say the following things as someone who shares your esteem for the scientific method and as a social scientist whose father was a physician. I must strongly disagree with you, however, both in terms of some of your methods of investigation and your conclusions. First, as to your investigation: it is superficial. If you’re going to dismiss a practice that is as old – thousands of years old – and as widely practiced as acupuncture – on billions of people over time – you ought to be a little more hesitant to draw the sweeping conclusions that you draw, that it is “woo-woo” science. You ought to look into the studies and experience with it more thoroughly. When you state that there are no studies showing its efficacy, you are wrong. Acupuncture, for example, has been and is used successfully on animals. There are no appreciable placebo effects attached to its use on animals. It has been used successfully on numerous conditions, with its recipients in many cases, as skeptical as one can expect, yet getting results that they had a psychological stake in not seeing. To think that you can blog about acupuncture in one relatively short entry and think that you have defeated it is silly. While I would agree with you that anecdotal data does not represent valid data from a scientific perspective, you aren’t just dealing with people’s personal experiences. You also have to confront the single and double-blind studies that have been done of practices such as homeopathy, which you also dismiss as nonsense, that show that homeopathy does work on conditions such as diarrhea. Homeopathy is probably based on the fact that substances emit a characteristic and unique vibration.

    As you well know, science does not understand everything there is to understand. There are certain principles the violation of which should make us wary, but for centuries, for example, it was thought that mass and energy were completely separate phenomena and that time was immutable. Anyone who said anything different was considered nuts. Yet Einstein, basing himself on other scientists’ work and evidence from their experiments that confounded them, overturned those earlier views. Which leads me to my final point. You say about the Bemer that its representations about helping people with diseases violates the germ theory. If the germ theory as you depict it were so accurate, then why wouldn’t we always be sick since germs are around us 24/7? You are being mechanical in your reasoning. Germs and our immune systems operate in dialectical relationship to each other. When our immune systems are strong we can resist germs better. That is, or should be, basic medicine. When our T cell count falls, for example, we become sick. When our immune system is weakened, guess what, we get sick. It’s not the germs per se, it’s how vulnerable to the germs we happen to be. That is why some people who are exposed to the same germs as others who get sick, don’t get sick themselves.

  25. I agree with Doti………people all look for the quick fix!!! I have used the Bemer for a couple of years now for numerous problems. I no longer make my regular monthly or bi-monthly visit to the chiropractor and this week successfully treated the onset of shingles over a period of two days!!! Fortunately I know the symptoms and was able to nip it in the bud using the light, and two different settings 5 hourly during waking hours. In the past I had to use really expensive meds. which made me feel quite ill when treating shingles. Yes, I have had it a couple of times 😦 Have also had great success treating a 21yr old male with chronic measles and a badly injured Daschund (car accident) – had plates put into his hip and pins into his one leg…………10days later he was mobile and is now almost 100% fit.

  26. I am a doctor who does clinical research. I see a great deal of placebo responses in my studies. I have seen people write glowing reports like Doti, when they were unaware that the “treatment” was completely inactive! Yes, ziltch. Of course they do not believe me when I reveal the truth. Not many years ago, when surgeons used to bleed patients in order to treat/cure them, they collectively believed the treatment helped their patients and that patients survived longer than when not being bled. What was probably the first placebo controlled study ever done, the doctor (researcher) showed clearly, and to surgeons surprise, that patients being bled were worse off and many more died, compared to a group with the same conditions who were not bled. So Doti may feel he was helped but we cannot be sure whether he is a plant for the company, whether the relief was a placebo effect, whether his symptoms wax and wane like many diseases, or whether the product worked. Having looked carefully at this product, is is highly unlikely to be because the product worked. Don’t waste your money in trying to test a hypothesis based on baloney. Dr Harris Steinman

  27. Would like to know how to treat circulation problems and water retention. (swollen ankles) Which programes do you suggest? After sales service not too good.
    My husband is a diabetic. Any suggestions there?

    • Yes, speak to a registered physician (your doctor), don’t ask for people’s opinion on the internet, there are too many crack-pots out there who will try and sell you something that doesn’t work!

    • Cindy’s comments have been removed because they are clearly marketing for the BEMER and I will not allow that kind of thing on my website.


  28. Hey so, I just tried this thing out today at my Orthodontist office. He used to train for the Olympics and has one in his office upstairs. I told him I had Lyme Disease and my bones/joints always hurt. I laid on this thing for 20 minutes today and DAMN, I have TONs of energy. I googled to find out exactly what the heck this thing really is and found your blog. Your blog is funny and I agree about needing more evidence but, I think you’re also making a lot of bold comments without actually knowing real life people that it’s helped. Let me be one of them. This thing works, my circulation is pretty messed up and so are my energy levels. Today after many days, I feel great. And for the record, my orthodontist, is a genius, so….I don’t think your family friend is an idiot. I think she got results unlike you and you should respect the fact that it has helped people. Your blog is funny though, I’ll give you that, you know how to cut people down in size in a funny way.

    This effing Beamer is awesome, I’m going again tomorrow. Hope your knee gets better….maybe you just need more sessions.

    • Well, I hope he’s not charging you Aman.
      When you say your “circulation is pretty messed up”, what exactly do you mean?

      For the record, your Orthodontist is an orthodontist, you should not let him give you any medical treatment except for your teeth. You wouldn’t go to him if you were pregnant would you?

      I do respect the fact that the Beamer elicits a strong placebo effect, but it has no scientific basis and is made of pure magical thinking.
      Thank you for the compliments.

  29. Did you only try the Bemer once? How long did it take for your knee to be bad. Did youu expect miracles righ away. the Bemer is a very suttle piece of equipment. the more you use it the more it helps your body heal it self. sorry it did not help you. I have had a Bemer for two years and it has helped me a lot. I do NOT USE DRUGS. the drag in my left leg is gone. My sinus is clear. and a few other items. Any way. I would hope you would give it more than one chance. Good luck in your life to follow. How old are you?

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