Forest Ghoul or Creepy Movie?

Sometimes I see things on the internet which really creep me out. The image below is one of those things. But is it a real-life-oh-my-god-it’s-going-to-eat-my-brains Zombie, marketing wizardry for the “New” Spiderman movie, or something even cooler than both of those (although, I have to admit, real life zombies would be awesome)?

Creepy Forest Ghoul

If you can look at that thing and not feel your skin crawl, you are made of tougher stuff than I am. But what is that thing?

The photo was, supposedly, snapped by a hunter who got such a fright he broke the camera after taking the picture. The image was then, allegedly, hosted on the Wildgame Innovations website. My first impression, on reading that, was “OK, clever marketing ploy on behalf of website management”.

So I searched around a little bit to try and find more information on the picture. My first stop was the superb image forensics site,, which seems to indicate that the image has not been photo-shopped. That means it was probably someone / something standing in front of the camera when the photo was taken.

I then googled “forest ghoul”. Hey, you never know what Google might find on the internet! One of the very first links was to an article on the Mail Online in which they seem to be going with the Spiderman angle, although the ghoul in the image does not bare much resemblance to Spidey.

What does seem a little more likely is the link to a Sci-Fi Horror film due to be released in the middle of 2011, Super 8. I dug around a bit, and a lot of websites seem to support this. Also, the site linked above contains a video interview with a cute little girl describing her experiences as an extra on Super 8, which could (possibly) support the link between the two.

I’m not 100% sure that this image comes from Super 8. But right now, the weight of evidence swings in that direction. Ultimately, I don’t think we should be grabbing our miniature hammers and breaking open our Zombie Survival Kits just yet.

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12 responses to “Forest Ghoul or Creepy Movie?

  1. I do believe in ghouls, but not in zombies and vampires. Ghouls are creatures that haunt cemeteries and preys on human flesh, especially on corpses. It will greedily devour a corpse. Some people have said that they are demons or evil spirit, but true is that they are undead corpses that are possessed by some evil spirit.

        • I believe that you think ghouls exist. I do not accept that they do.

          There are far more mundane explanations for disturbed graves than ‘ghouls!’ – try grave robbers.

          • Ghouls are also known as grave-robbers. That rob graves and dine on corpses, either by drinking the blood or eating the flesh. Ghouls can also take the form of the most recently person eaten. They are shape-shifters.

  2. this is real i know its crazy to say that but its real if you go on google vid and write real ghoul theres a video of a border patrol,and they saw a dead skinny body on the ground and a few seconds late its head went up as if it was feeding on something and its eyes and head looked exactly like the one here so its possible that these creatures are real so arm yourself(i think they are found Russia im not sure but people saw that they saw it in Russia)

    • Just remember one thing if you ever encountered a ghoul once in a lifetime. Just be calm, because always remember ghouls never harm the living, but it would try to get you down, but you can easily scare it off. Ghouls only eat dead people, so they are often found in cemeteries.

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