An African Science Podcast

Consilience, An African Science Podcast, Episode 1 available for download

I’ve finally done it. After years of talking about it and procrastinating I have finally started a podcast. Michael Meadon, Owen Swart and I have teamed up to produce Consilience. A weekly podcast in which we sit about and discuss science, skepticism and critical thinking from an African perspective.

Today we officially released the first episode and you can download it, and read the show-notes, on the official Consilience blog. Our topics of discussion in this podcast include the South African bid to host the Square Kilometer Array, using tiger poop as a goat deterrent, and an interview with Dr Steven Novella (of the Skeptics Guide to the Universe).

The podcast will not be available on iTunes until we have published three episodes (arbitrary rules), but we will register will the Apple juggernaut as soon as we meet the requirements.

So, head on over to the Consilience blog and download the podcast, leave comments and suggestions, and come back next week for more!


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