Bananas have Consilience Podcast hosts in tears

(of laughter)

I co- host a weekly science and skepticism podcast, Consilience, which covers new science and skeptical issues from an African perspective. This week’s episode has me and my co-hosts in stitches over the claims, made by a Cape Town based aura reader, about the banana eating habits of Chinese and Japanese people.

Although we have a jolly good laugh about the banana claims, there are some more serious issues to be discussed about the claims that people have auras, and that they can be seen or imaged by photography.

Some people believe that the aura is the visual manifestation of a person’s vital life energy and that it can be seen by a sensitive aura reader. Unfortunately, there is no evidence that human beings emit any kind of visible light field and there is proof that aural photography is actually a method of photographing mundane physical phenomena (humidity, pressure, electrical grounding) and then completely misunderstanding the cause of the image and attributing it to unproven “life-energy”.

Head on over to the Consilience blog and download this weeks episode to learn more.



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