Demons don’t kill people, exorcisms do

220px-Saintfrancisborgia_exorcismOK, seriously people, what the fuck is wrong with some religious people? This is the 21st century, are we really so intellectually feeble that we still believe in demonic possession? And then kill children during exorcism rituals? How sick are we?

What brought this rant on? This did. A priest and members of his congregation are in police custody after they killed a 7 year old child during an exorcism in the Eastern Cape.

The exorcism is described as “violent” and the 22-year old priest and his 4 accomplices realised something was wrong after as much as 2 hours of shoving her around between them while “praying” over her to rid her of the demon supposedly possessing her.

The post mortem indicates the cause of this little girls death was massive internal injuries. Specifically “on the night of the girl’s death, police found bruises on her body and had noted that her eyes were swollen.”

This is not the first such death in South Africa, and it follows a worrying trend in other parts of Africa where children are “exorcised” for possession when religious leaders claim they are witches and beat, burn, starve and murder these children. In most cases the families of these children take no action to prevent the torture and murder of their own babies. They say stupid things like “God has spoken through the profit prophet. God has not lied.” And these priests charge the families, who are often living below the poverty line, to torture these poor children.

Here is a quote from the USA Today article I linked to in the previous paragraph which nicely summarises the motives of these religious bastards:

The pastors who conduct such rituals are non-denominational, and most have no theological training, says Matondo Kasese of the humanitarian group Reejer. According to Arnold Mushiete, a social worker with a small Catholic organization called Our House, Congo’s atmosphere of religious fervor, minimal education and rampant poverty makes for fertile territory for pastors who convince desperate parents that their children are the cause of their financial, medical and romantic problems.

The most painful aspect of this, for me at least, is that these children are being abused and murdered for nothing.

An exorcism occurs when an evil demon, or even Satan himself, is thought to have taken up residence in a person’s body. In many cases, these “demonic possessions” are thought to be evidenced by things like epilepsy, depression, sleep-walking, changes in personality (such as an extroverted person becoming quiet), changes in body weight, changes in fashion choices, temper tantrums… the list goes on and it doesn’t get any less insane.

If we torture every person who demonstrates any of those symptoms (or even a whole lot of them together) we are not casting demons out of them, we are abusing them because we are superstitious, ignorant bumpkins who still think that a fairy in the sky made the world.

There are too many arguments for the non-existence of God (of any denomination) for me to go into them here.

So I will make my statement: God does not exist, he’s (she’s, it’s) a creation of the human mind.

And back it up with a link to the Arguments Against the Existence of God (and here), and the fact that there simply is no reason to believe in any supernatural being. This includes the anti-God, Satan, evil demons etc.

There is no reason to believe that these supernatural forces exist anywhere except the human mind. We make them up. They are us, just dressed in funny clothes and sometimes enhanced with strange features (hooves, horns etc.)

These bastards who harm children – defenceless, innocent, flawed, beautiful, precious, children – are acting out of greed and malice and taking money and lives away from people who are too ignorant to know any better.

In the name of God.




16 responses to “Demons don’t kill people, exorcisms do

  1. i wanted to add who ever got to me years ago looking for a soul to steal took it and left me in tragic places after i esaped tha fate. they want things same as people and will be vigilant dg it..

  2. I was an epileptic as a child, since I’ve been studying astrology and crystal healing, it’s come to my attention that Gemini’s typically have epilepsy. They are the great communicaters. I realized that the church’s were timing battles and dominating foreign lands with this knowledge, with the movement of the planets and stars, and were then killing off the spiritual advisers and replacing them with books.
    To me god is love, a steady, periodic rhythmic heartbeat, an electromagnet field in balance with all living beings.

  3. Wow I’m actually at a loss for words! We are all entitled to believe what we like and shouldn’t slander the beliefs of others because in theory who are you to say there’s NO God and referring to Angles as fairies in the sky is opening yourself up for attack! I agree whole heartedly about the abuse of children ‘supposedly’ possesed by demons and people should be more educated in these times about paranormal activity. Should consult more experienced priests and not leave it in the hands of the young and abusive! I really don’t think you’ll win people over by insulting their beliefs as most humans live by faith and feel comfort in believing in something bigger than we are! I belive in God and that’s that!

    • Thank you for your comments.
      I really am not trying to win people over. I am angry about something that is happening more and more often, especially in Africa. This is child abuse in the name of religion, plain and simple.
      You can only slander a person, not his or her beliefs (definition of slander: ” Oral communication of false statements injurious to a person’s reputation.”). On the other hand I think that it is essential that we call into question the deeply held dogmatic beliefs of the religious majority, especially when those beliefs cause so much harm.
      I was referring to God as the fairy in the sky, and I welcome any response I may receive.
      I think that a priest is the last person you should consult about paranormal activity because they have a vested interest in continuing your belief in such activity. Especially when no paranormal explanation is needed, and they continue to foster belief in the supernatural. It’s widespread fraud.
      I don’t feel comfort in pulling the wool over my eyes, I feel joy in burning through the dogma to see the world as it really is. Just because something feels good and comforting does not make it good or fair.

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  6. I’m gonna call bullshit on a lot of this what’s the word now? Crap that I just read. Yea I took psychology. Yea I study it. Did we know about super natural things that are talked about in the field of psychology. Yknow, the crap that’s not explained. Lets take somethings into accordance with what helps you sleep at night which this disbelief crap up above. Then take into accordance where I’d like an explanation. Three friends. Zaq, Christian, and Jordan. Christian’s house is haunted. Jordan and Zaq can talk to spirits just as mediums do. There’s a male spirit in the back room where Zaq and Jordan stay when they stay Christian’s. Zaq stays there one night. A few nights later Jordan stays over. Zaq and Jordan are in somewhat disbelief they’re actually talking to the male spirit. Until that night when Jordan stays over. He talks to the male spirit and tells Christian what the spirit said and then Christian says that Zaq had said the same thing. Zaq and Jordan didn’t know each other well enough back then so they never spoke to one another. Two people. Saying the same thing the other said. They never communicated to one another. Your explanation? Let me guess your gonna say telepathy right? Back to the priests. No that was definitely the wrong way to do an exorcism. But Zaq has been possessed many times. He’s tried chewing his own hand off. He’s also tried choking Jordan before. How do you know he was possessed? His eyes were pitch black. Your gonna tell me people’s eyes turn pitch black normally right? Cause the medically and psychologically do not. Where’s your faith? I’ve got my proof of God and the future. You want the real statement of who God is and what he wants? It came from an atheist. Yea. You wanna try with your whole this and that about religion? I’m not a Christian. But I have been bathtised. Yknow what God wants? Well one thing. There’s millions of other species our there. They can all end their race at any given second. God. He’s glad there’s war. He isn’t above or below us. He’s at the same exact level. Only difference? He knows way more. As soon as we’re able to end our species at any given second and be able to live with knowing that is when we’ll be able to move on to the next level. The next step in advancement and evolution is genetictechnology and geneticwarfare. God. He’s not gonna intervein with us nor has he ever done so. I’d like to really see your proof of what you say cause I indeed do in fact call of this bullshit. We don’t go around charging people for money. That is what I call a fucken dick ass move. Everyone that messes with or talks to spirits or dies anything related is an asshole and charges for it cause its all just fiction and make believe right? Your the asshole assuming all that thank you very much. Where do you get off? I mean just all thus and that. Ever seen someone get lifted up in the air and thrown across the room or maybe impaled with a knife just out of nowhere? Or mysterious bite marks on someone? And not earthly bite marks either. Maybe writing just carved all over someone’s body randomly out of nowhere. Can you really Fucken explain to me that? Or someone being pushed or pulled through the house by nothing. Care to explain any of it? You got your fucken explanation its a Fucken demon. The shit you don’t mess with. Which I indeed know you haven’t though I really think you should you’d be so fucked. Its not fun. Not fun at all. But you just fill your head with all those words of crap up above just so you may sleep soundly at night. I mean it really isn’t going to do you any good. You think you know but you really don’t.

  7. Even when we follow the religious logic what they did makes no sense.

    If god is real and has all the superpowers the story book says.
    If the child really was possessed by a demon.
    All that would be needed to remove the demon is the laying on of hands and faith. Nowhere can I see the need for the violence.

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