Stupid religious email

On the 17th of November I posted a rather vitriolic post about children being abused and murdered under the pretences of exorcisms (see “Demons don’t kill people, exorcisms do“). *Note: This article contains “bad” words, deal with it.

Yesterday I got the following email from someone who didn’t like what I’d said in that post:

J.N. Laubscher
18:04 (18 hours ago)

to skepticdetecti.
I see that “Demons don’t kill…” was posted by you on 17.11.2011. Are these all your own words or is it someone else’s article?
If your own, you have just cured me of ever opening ‘skepticdetective’ again. The colloquial usage is that of a full-blown atheist.
Have you noticed that even an atheist, when confronted by a life threatening situation, calls upon the God that he/she does not acknowledge and professes to despise? And blames Him for that which has befallen him/her?
Somebody once said that even atheists have their own annual public holiday: April 1….April Fool’s Day!

Now, I have to admit, I don’t like receiving emails like this. So I resisted my urge to tell Mr. Laubscher to go fuck himself and penned a lengthy response in which I addressed most of his concerns about my post:

Angela Meadon
09:56 (2 hours ago)

to Laubscher
Dear religious person,

Yes, I wrote “Demons don’t kill people”, every last word (except the section I quoted). Oh no! It seems you have discovered that people sometimes hold different beliefs and morals to those that you cling to.
You are very perceptive to notice that I’m an atheist. Oh, wait, NO you’re not! If you read the byline on the blog you would clearly see that it states the three main areas of discussion of the blog: “Science, Skepticism, Atheism”.
Perhaps you thought I wasn’t being serious about that, oh well, happy to disappoint you.

Have you ever noticed that religious people are full of shit?
To assert that atheists call on a god when faced by a life threatening situation, or to blame bad stuff on just shows how self-righteous you are. The whole thing about atheists is that they are intellectually mature enough to realise that magical sky faeries don’t exist. We learn to draw upon inner strength and the support of our families when bad stuff happens, and we don’t blame anybody’s imaginary friends for things that might go wrong. We learn to accept that sometimes shit happens, we take responsibility for our own actions, and we get on with the business of being utterly AWESOME!

Now, about you never visiting my site again, I really could not care less. I get well over 1000 hits a day on the site and the non-click of one Bible-blinkered idiot is not something that particularly worries me.

A little while ago I received a response (yippee!):

J.N. Laubscher
12:30 (18 minutes ago)

Your email says it all! As well as your addiction to foulmouthed
4letter words.
I pity any offspring you might have produced and can only pray for it.

Well, fuck me if I don’t have an addiction to 4letter words (ARGH! SMS Speak! It’s “four letter” you moron).

Angela Meadon
12:40 (9 minutes ago)

to Laubscher
Don’t pray for me or any of my children, thank you very much.
And I fail to see any addiction I might have to “4letter” words, I swear whenever I fucking feel like it, and don’t give a fuck what you think about it.
And yes, my email does say it all. Yours, on the other hand, says nothing.

Ok, now I know I’m getting belligerent, but I really don’t care. It’s religious idiots like Mr Laubscher who have been molesting our children for centuries, murdering them for having epilepsy and inculcating a fear of eternal immolation. So Fuck ’em. Every one of these self-righteous mother fuckers who thinks he is so much better than me because he submits to the wishes of a bunch of power hungry bastards who threaten him with the eternal ire of a magical sky fairy. The world is too full of people telling us to shut up and not air our views, prejudice against atheists is a very real problem and we need to show people like Laubscher that we are not intimidated by their bible thumping and carry on speaking our minds.

I realise that this curse-filled rant is not the most diplomatic approach, and I hope that my readers realise that I did not fill this article with swear words because I want to be foul, I did it because I have a constitutionally protected right to free speech, and I don’t agree with the missive that I must be careful not to “offend” people. If you take offence, grow the fuck up.



Not all people who hold deep religious convictions are as offensive as Mr Laubscher. This post is certainly not intended to insult the thoroughly decent, honest and kind people such as my friend John.

The ponies will sort me out when I get home.



28 responses to “Stupid religious email

  1. Hahaha! Gave me a good laugh, although I sympathize with you for feeling like you wanted to send electricity through the email!

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  3. I received the following comment from Rupert via email:

    I hope there will come a time when it is not atheists but people like Laubscher (2) whose utterances will be regarded with astonishment. Because I continue to find being openly atheist an alienating, lonely business. The more I hear religious people of various persuasions expressing conflicting yet deeply held beliefs as if they were obvious truths, the more dismayed I become that I was once like them. The fact is that I have become a more consciously moral person after abandoning all religious faith. Enlightenment is a rational thing, not a religious one. We need to take ownership of that word, and push for a new Age of Enlightenment – one based on verifiable evidence and a good, mandatory, state-sponsored education for all. An education, mind you, that is uncompromised by politicians willing to make concessions to a bunch of zealots.

  4. What a coincidence of me being a Laubscher as well, at least it shows Laubscher’s have a moral branch in history unlike i can say for you Angela (Get your name changed to Demona, for you do not share any likeness of Angels in you). I don’t feel pity for atheists and i could not care for them at all. There is nothing a Christian and an Atheist has in common so neither should live together in one nation. There is no point in quarreling, it is useless as we all know, you will either change your ways due to a life affecting situation or one day when you learn the truth. I do not have to quote as it is plain in sight to see but i will any way. (Psalm 14:1) – “The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, they have committed abominable deeds; There is no one who does good.” This is true undoubtably, specially when we look how atheism has today become more prominent in ruling the governments of the world. And with this, atheism, has sexual immorality escalated beyond belief and the acceptance of killing is permitted of infants, and many more ways of living wicked is accepted and cherished. Not one non-believer has morals, not one. For their morals are that of heinous acts and not one can be trusted. Oh yes and i know many who say they are Christians are not, but are of Satan. Anyone can say something about themselves but who you are at heart is who you are. I will give you advice and move to America and do not return, for America is the home of atheists, a home for the wickedness of mankind where they can flourish in their abominable ways just as did they in Sodom. And as Sodom was destroyed so will all of you, but this is near and i say all atheists from Europe and Southern Africa will be exiled to America and be banned from living a life with the Godly. So let the atheists be in joy over their wickedness and let the Christians live with God in greatness and in happiness of the righteousness they hold to. Let us no mix bad with good for what does darkness share with light.

    PS. Don’t bother replying cause i am not coming back here….


    • Yes! Send more atheists to America, please. We need them over here. We’re in desperate need of 1) a wider selection of cheeses, and 2) rational thinkers.

    • Let me paraphrase Laubscher’s comment:

      “I’m so much better than you because I’m a biggot. Blah, blah, blah”

      What an idiot.

    • ONCE AGAIN, you’re trying to prove the veracity of the bible by quoting the bible (thanks for that one, skepticdetective, I shall use it liberally)
      THIS SENTENCE IS FALSE! now what are you gonna do, bitch?

      • I know “it who must not be named” wont reply because it won’t be coming back (that’s right, RUN away…) but that was immensely satisfying! ^^

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  6. Great article, and great replies !! 🙂
    What I do not get about these ‘religious’ folk is why do they feel it is their duty to make everyone believe them??
    Like at schools, I don’t have an issue with a school teaching kids that some people follow X, others Y and so forth. I have an issue when they force X down the kids throats and that they have to believe in it. Religion is a belief… a Personal belief! It should be left out of education.
    My sons’ school has an issue that I’ve thought him not to believe everything in these religions. They say that they teach high moral religion X values and the kids must follow this.
    So I ask. Why do you bash other religions and non-believers? Why are the kids obnoxious, rude and lack good manners? The parents are the same, swearing each other in the parking, driving recklessly etc. So bad did it get that parents are no longer allowed to enter the school premisses as the kids lives we in danger. Other schools have now refused to compete in sporting events due to the behaviour of the parents.
    The reply was, that this is a private school and if we don’t like our kids being though religion, go to another school.
    I used to be a practical joker in the office, but I have stopped! Because it seems that some of them become religions. 😀

    • it’s shoved down everyone’s throats because it’s a pyramid scheme. if for one generation all the religious people never tried to convert others to their faith, it would die out completely. and the new generation, raised without such dogma, would advance on a rolling tide of science to explain the world, and never invent magical sky-fairies again. Having said that, I have my own quasi-religious belief, but I HONESTLY do not expect any sort of afterlife, good or bad, I do not expect my god to give a holy crap whether I pray or tithe or go to church, I do not expect said god to look after or love me or care about my existence in any way beyond the purely physical, for my god is the world itself, this actual planet upon which we stand. it created me through millions of years of providing the right climate for evolution, it nurtures me with its warm, breathable atmosphere and edible foods, and best of all, even these neolithic (religious text of your choice)-thumpers have to admit that it’s been scientifically proven to exist. *glances down* yup, still there.

  7. Excellent post. I don’t know why religious people think that atheists call on invisible sky friends when in trouble. That is an assumption they make with no evidence to back it up. I’m glad you pointed that out to him.

  8. Dear Mrs. Angela,

    To promote skepticism/critical thinking I wrote some questions for the Christian believer. Mefiante from South African Skeptics made a good translation. She is now working at the last part. The most sophisticated questions. Are you able to put the link to these questions at your blog.

    Thank you very much,

    Piet – Rotterdam – Netherlands.

    The original questions
    The translation
    The first one who did this, was Jonathan. This is a good example.

    Ps. I see a person called black sheep is he/she also at Meadons blogrol.

  9. When confronted with an email like this, always remember to reflect on the underlying reasons why people believe in gods. Think on teleology, awareness of our mortality, our brains being evolutionarily wired to seek out agency, our desperate need to belong to a team or group, how we construct ideologies to help us resolve our cognitive dissonance. THEN go tell them to fuck themselves. It’s more rewarding.

  10. Brilliant! You’ve just said what every one of us would love to say to all those sanctimonious, fucking holier-than-thou, religious nutjobs who take upon themselves to tell everyone else how to behave.

  11. having had the pleasure of spending a afternoon with you, husband and kid, you showed how awesome skeptic parents can be, your son is clever and I can’t believe the fucking gal the freak had to say you should not reproduce, like what the hell does that have to do with him?!

    anyhow, wanted to say you guys are brilliant parents and do not need religious fanatics approval. high five.

    • Spot on! Thank you Corrie 🙂
      (My son’s father and I are separated, but I can’t over emphasize the importance of his guidance)

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