Quantum-Mind-Power-System will not help you

Seems promising doesn’t it? Like, how cool would it be if my brainwaves were all concentric? I could take over the WORLD!

All I have to do is give you my name and email address and you will tell me the One Missing Key to get my brain working “on all cylinders” and “unlock my heart’s desire”? Gee! Ok!

Ah, isn’t this exciting? In just a few minutes I’m going to get an email that will unlock my brain’s true power… hey, there it is… Wait a second, what is this crap?

It’s the Quantum Mind Power System folks, and it is nothing more than a money making scheme for some douche bag to try and take your money by making you empty promises that sound scientific. Let me explain…

Morry Zelcovitch claims that, by using his “system” you will get

…anything you want in life practically overnight because you will possess The Astonishing Short-Cut Secrets To Instantly Eliminating Self Doubt… Boosting Your Brain Power… And Possessing The Keys To Personal Wealth!

And the secrets? Morry is selling a pack of CD’s with tones, music and spoken mumbo jumbo that will induce your brainwaves into a rhythmic state, known as brainwave entrainment.

Now, before I go any further, it is important that I point out to you that brainwave entrainment is a real phenomenon. It is possible, through some external stimulation (like strobe-lights and aural frequencies), to induce a synchronised rythym in the “brain waves” that is not the normal state of these waves. When we talk about brain waves in this context we are referring to the electrical and magnetic current emitted by your neurons when they talk to each other.

You may be familiar with the warnings at the beginnings of some games that caution epileptic viewers against watching some intro video or the other. This is because of a phenomenon known as photic driving. The rapid, regular pulses of light emitted by a strobe light, or in some videos, can cause irregular neural impulses and this leads to an epileptic fit. This is a common form of brainwave entrainment.

While brainwave entrainment is an interesting effect, it does not have a long-term effect on the patterns of neural impulses. That is, very soon after the external stimulus stops the brainwaves return to their normal state. In fact, there is some evidence that brain waves  are evenly spaced on a logarithmic scale to prevent entrainment and cross talk. Your brain naturally prevents this kind of thing from happening.

In a paper by Karl Steineker et al (Brain Rhythms Reveal a Hierarchical Network Organization) the authors show, by mathematical modelling, that the complexity of these signals is a good indicator of brain fitness. They show that virtual brains modelling diseased states show lower complexity than those modelling healthy states. Complexity is good.

All of the claims that Morry makes on his website for the effects that the “Morry Method” will have on your life are, simply put, untrue.

We now have some idea of what brain entrainment is, don’t let all that sciency-sounding stuff about binaural beats, monaural beats and isochronic tones get you confused. This simply refers to three kinds of sounds that are used in brainwave entrainment.

Binaural beats are apparent sounds, perceived when the brain is tricked. Basically, you play two tones at the same time, one into each ear, and at a slightly different frequency. The interference pattern between the two frequencies creates the perception of a beat. This is what a binaural beat looks like:

Binaural Beats (Image by DPic via wikipedia.org)

This is a graph depicting a binaural beat, it is NOT an image of a binaural beat influencing the brain, as claimed on Morry’s website:

Screenshot directly from Morry’s website

The same applies to Morry’s pictures of monaural beats (two tones that would be used in binaural beats are played in each channel), and isochronic tones (regular beats of a single tone). He is showing you the shapes of the sound waves, not the effects on a human brain. This is very important because it is deliberate deception.

The bottom line is that these sounds can produce synchronised neural activity, but that activity has no permanent, or even long-term, effect on the brain.

The rest of the website is a very, very, very long list of vague claims about how much this product could cost “if sold separately” and how it will unlock your potential, help you get rich, healthy and gain control of your life. It’s all absolute bullshit. Absolutely nothing he claims that his product can do matters, because it is a tower of crap built on a foundation of lies.

And the site is so full of red flags that it is almost unbelievable. Every time someone promises you enormous returns for no effort, you have to know you are being conned. There is only one road to success and that is the long, hard road.

And it sure as hell has nothing to do with quantum! Any time you read the word “quantum” in connection with some kind of self-improvement scheme, you are being conned. The only thing quantum about it is the discrete quanta of cash that Morry is extracting from everybody who buys into this rubbish.

Something that really bothers me is that Morry claims to be a “credentialed brainwave entrainment engineer” and I can tell you right away that this claim is unverifiable. I can find no trace of any training offered in “brainwave engineering” anywhere in the WORLD, except out of this creep’s own mouth. There is no professional training for this kind of thing, and there is no regulation either. He could sell you fart noises, call them “quantum-brainwave-ticklers” and he wouldn’t be breaking the rules of any professional organisation that exists on this planet, except every organisation that tries to promote sound medical treatment.

The pictures of pretty colours overlaid on a brain, that Morry uses to hook you into reading this garbage, are often referred to as “blobolgy” and the truth is that it tells us nothing useful whatsoever about the brain. Another big red flag. He’s using nebulous concepts to impress people who wouldn’t know any better. Just because it looks like science, doesn’t mean that it is.

Finally, although his website is overflowing with personal testimonials it is important to realise that these are utterly unverifiable and might as well have been written by Morry himself. There is no reason to believe that they were not.

The “Morry Method” is, as I have said before, a way for one sleaze bag to make his wallet thicker by taking money out of yours. That is all it will do. You might buy the product, spend hundreds of dollars on it and listen to the whole thing, and you might feel better for a while. But it will be an improvement brought on by personal conviction and the commitment of a lot of money to something you believe in. A placebo.

For more information on brainwave entrainment, from the keyboard of a bona fide neurosurgeon, please read Dr. Steven Novella’s fantastic article on binaural beats.+

Please note; I do not know Morry personally and do not have any personal vendetta against him. I use terms such as ‘sleaze bag’ in this post for the same reason that Penn & Teller call people ‘assholes’:

At the beginning of the first episode of the first season Penn pointed out that the series would contain more obscenity and profanity than one would expect in a series dealing with scientific and critical inquiry, but explained that this was a legal tactic because, “if one calls people liars and quacks one can be sued…but ‘assholes’ is pretty safe. If we said it was all scams we could also be in trouble, but ‘bullshit,’ oddly, is safe. So forgive all the ‘bullshit language’, but we’re trying to talk about the truth without spending the rest of our lives in court.”[2]


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  1. I tried Morry’s sounds and it really worked for me. Try it. Should work for everyone. It’s really great

  2. “There is only one road to success and that is the long, hard road.”

    Well, actually…
    There are two.
    The other is:
    Be very, very lucky.
    As in:
    Win the lottery.
    Come up with something — a song, a game, a story — that happens to catch on big, and then either be clever enough, or plug into one or more people / enterprises clever enough, to be able to monetize it.
    Be born into a family of dynastic wealth.
    That the author appears not to have considered these fairly obvious exceptions to the principle that “real success only comes from long, hard work” implies that she doesn’t consider any of them to constitute real “success.”
    Many might agree with her — but I suspect that, at least in the America of the 21st century (the America that would make Donald J Trump the presumptive nominee for the Presidency of the Publican Party), the majority would not.
    (I’d bet some surveys have been done on this — suggesting a possibly amusing exercise for the interested reader. Discuss among yourselves, if you wish.)

  3. Thanks Angela, I used to be an intelligent person! now my problems leave me open to this stuff. Have you checked out Colin Hiles? he talks a lot of seemingly good stuff about influencing our subconcious negative thoughts, and he also talks abot brainwave entrainment. I desperatley need to get over negative back ground thoughts that derail my efforts in life so I am tempted by his programme.



    • U can listen to brain entrainment music and or beats/tones on YouTube for negative thoughts (or anything else u want) for free. They work for me. Wether it’s a placebo effect or not I don’t care they are working for me either way. And they are all free.

  4. Have you looked into Mind Movies, USM (Ultimate Success Masterclass) and Natalie Ledwell? I would be curious to know what you think.

  5. I am not sure whether the Morry product works or not. But what I am sure about is that their marketing style stinks. They keep sending emails and spamming my mail box; this has been going on for three years. Of course the fault is mine. I responded to one of their mails (forwarded to me by a friend) and downloaded a sample file from their website. Since then I have received umpteen “FINAL NOTICES” about Morry product deals which close at midnight and the way these are sent in close succession and sometimes in duplicate is aggravating and annoying. Any product that needs to market itself by using such tactics is suspect in itself. If Morry wishes to benefit the human race he can begin by quitting these spamming and flooding activities and let his product sell itself on its own merits, such as they are.

    • Have you tried unsubscribing from his emails? Or, just emailing his site with a request to remove your email from his database? In my experience, internet marketing doesn’t stop unless you follow the unsubscribe protocol stated in the fine print in the email, more towards the bottom. Perhaps one of these things would help you to stop receiving such emails. Best.

      • Thank you for responding. No! I did not try to unsubscribe primarily because I am concerned that if I do it may invite further spamming – I read a warning to that effect on some discussion boards. I would try the ‘unsubscribe’ option if convinced it will stop further mails and not result in more unwanted spam. Possibly I will have try it anyway.

        • Just mark at as spam and then it will go to your junk folder. In a recent email Morry claims that his triliminals are “scientifically proven”. I emailed asking for for an explanation but I got no response. I think Morry claims to be a scientist himself so I guess that’s how it’s “scientifically proven”.

        • Bruce’s suggestion should work. Although, I think that true spam is from unknown senders. Morry’s emailing you because one time at his site you “subscribed” by giving your email. I think that his site won’t keep emailing you if you follow the unsubscribe protocol. It’s not the quite the same as those random Viagra ads from spammers you’ve never had any contact with, which if you try to unsubscribe from will more likely spam you even more. Best.

          • Thank you Jeffrey and Bruce. Finally I did unsubscribe about five days ago. I received an on screen notification that my email address has been removed from their mailing list. But the mails continue to arrive. I have received about 5 mails after unsubscribing including one ‘FINAL notice’. They are all from a person who signs himself off as:
            song chengxiang
            Quantum Mind Success International
            Geylang Post Office PO Box 080
            Singapore (913803)
            I have now marked these mails as Spam and hope this will close the nuisance.

            • Wow, hope it’s resolved for you. I actually clicked unsubscribe as well (on about Nov. 17) and I haven’t had any any more emails since that day. Best.

  6. Honestly, I have zero affiliation with Morry Zelcovitch. I’ve found that listening to the monaural audio track 2 in the self confidence system while working as a freelance copywriter and in my day job at a law office has truly helped me to focus and work better and more efficiently. (I copy write for a Fortune 100 tech company’s web site, nothing at all like the marketing you critique above. The freelance work is not yet on my linked in. Also, they don’t offer public writing credits for the blurbs I compose).

    I don’t know about all the other stuff–yeah it’s marketing hype maybe but the fact is I have truly experienced a lot of benefits in my work performance similar to the way people describe feeling and performing while on ritalin or while taking supplements to make their brain work better. Is it just placebo? I don’t think it’s just placebo since I’ve tried other tracks online and even within Morry’s system and his other stuff like the subliminals doesn’t seem to help me. If it works it works and you can say whatever you want but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s working for me.

    It’s offensive to me, as someone who has genuinely been helped by this product for you to come out totally disclaiming it. Ok, the marketing of it, fair points, but please don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater so to speak. It’s like who are you to speak about my personal experience as if I’m nothing but the victim of a dupe, first by Morry, then a dupe of my own mind for falling for a placebo? The article comes off so presumptuously, I feel.

    I’ve used his audios periodically over the years and have found benefits while using them and generally my days as a whole seem to go a bit better if I listen to them. You’re claim that it’s nothing but a placebo for me and any others who feel they’ve gained benefit from Morry’s products is also unverifiable! It’s a big claim you’re making I don’t think it’s a fair one. The personal attacks on Morry are also unjustified, just because he uses marketing hype online for a product that some people have found very helpful doesn’t necessarily make him a “creep, sleazebag, scumbag, etc”.

    In my customer support experience with his website and emailing back and forth with him, and in hearing his interviews he really seems genuine even if his marketing is over-hyped. Jeez, last I checked he offers a money back guarantee!! So he’s not ripping people off. If people don’t like the product they got to use it free and keep it and not pay!

    Try the product yourself, see if it’s helpful, then write a more balanced review. Or perhaps you’re too willfully against it to even give it a fair chance. Jeez, stick to the critique of his marketing, stop attacking a man you don’t even know and a product you’ve never even tried and by inference people like me who’ve gained real life changing, performance enhancing benefits from using it. I get that you don’t have a personal vendetta against him personally but your words suggest otherwise. For someone who’s railing against imprecise language in Morry’s marketing stop offensive curses against a man you don’t know. I don’t care if Penn and Teller do it, I don’t think it’s fair here.

    I appreciate your article’s critique as a whole and it seems you’ve got a good mind for things and offer good content on your site. But for the reasons I mentioned above this article particularly agitated me due to my sincere experience of being helped by his product. I just don’t think it’s fair to conflate Morry and his product with his over-hyped marketing, especially since you don’t know him and have never given the products a real go. I don’t care if Penn and Teller do this kind of thing. I still don’t like it here.

    Also, I’ve found pretty much any internet marketing for self help products uses a very similar format to Morry’s site, whether it’s for dating or healing from a certain condition. I’ve found real benefit from some such marketed products, not the unbelievable benefits promised but certainly some benefit that made it worth the cost to me. So, really you could critique internet marketing as an industry with the main points of your critique above. Cause that style seems par for the course. I’m personally very glad I took a chance on certain products, they almost all offer hassle free money back guarantees anyway (which I’ve often taken advantage of). But yeah it’d be nice if the marketing was just more on point. Then again, what can I say, I might never have tried the products and gained the benefits without the glimmer of hope that the benefits could be life-changing. But as I stated above Morry’s product for me really has been and for the benefits I gained from the other products, I’m still glad I got them and but for the cheesy overboard marketing I might have never have done so.

    Thank you for your contributions to the internet and for reading this. Best.

    • I also noticed there are links to his website on here which tells me they’re affiliate links. The review tells me its being promoted in a negative way but in essence its still promoting the product in hoping curious people will click on to the links and buy, ching ching that commission. Nithing wrong with tryinh to make a buck but at least state that with honesty or if it id honesty remove the links. I like your comment Jeffery, I couldn’t have said it any better.

  7. I didn’t read all the posts but I suspect that some of the reviews that say that it works are Morry himself. It seems he is trying to give good reviews but not too good so it’s obvious that it’s him. Just my opinion though.

    I can’t how much garbage his website spews though. I feel bad for Angela having to deal with all of these (potentially/probably) fake accounts saying that it actually works. Anyone who actually paid a 100 and something dollars for something claiming to give instant change in their lives wouldn’t be saying that you had to try it for a few months first (past the money back guarantee time frame I assume). I read some of his website and most of what he was saying was large words (garbage) that only half make sense together but only aim to confuse someone into thinking it’s science and science works. Some of what he put was blatant deception and lies. In my opinion if you can spot one deception or one lie, the whole concept is tainted. My favourite quote of his was:
    P.P.S. “Those who come to decisions slowly, are equally as slow to proceed with their decisions,” said the great magnate Andrew Carnegie—billionaire extraordinaire. Don’t make the mistake of “thinking about it”. Make the decision now, act now, and in just a few days, your life will change—permanently.

    It’s obviously a scam (by scam I mean money making scheme) though because if he wanted to help peoples lives like he said he does he would have the option to send through internet files to be cheaper or offer it for free and have the benefit of advertising since it’s so incredible the whole world would be watching it on youtube everyday = advertisements = $$. Instead he charges an incredible amount of money per person.

    I really have better things to do than to post on here but after reading these reviews thought I should give Angela a hand or at least balance the conversation. To warn people reading not to buy it because there’s no evidence, way overpriced and there are heaps of other products out there that are cheaper and or free!

  8. I agree with you.

    But Skeptics unless they see overwhelming peer review science on the matter none will submit to a users experience based on the knowledge of the placebo effect.

    I do believe there is enough evidence. I did my research all I could dig up was 6 controlled experiments . 5 out of 6 showed positive effects on vigilance. Also most of the studies showed a significant decrease in anxiety in the moment of listening.

    The latest study which used white noise in comparison to binaural beats showed little no difference in the users experience of both phenomena.

    So until there’s a consensus among academia on the subject skeptics will disregard the matter as tricks of the mind.

  9. You really do not need any help if you firmly decide to change Your life. Meditating and repeating affirmations twice a day at a minimum, plus believing it will work. Why would you need any “magic” sounds to help? It all depends on your convictions and work on yourself.
    Came across Morry’s webinar today as I am curious to check out what’s going on in the world and love to learn. Reading from a screen or paper in your webinars is such shame. Throwing some smart sounding words solely to overwhelm people, not nice 😦
    I have started meditating on my own over two years ago and have been very committed to my practice; I also read quite a bit about different ideas on self improvement but have Never followed any particular “system”. Since than every time I had something in mind however unattainable the idea might have seemed at the time (vacation on a private island, traveling all over the Europe, getting into an Ivy league school, getting a job of my dreams with a super amazing boss and a very generous salary, meeting the man of my dreams) all happened after understanding I deserve it, focusing on getting it and making myself believe I can do it. NO SOUNDS NECESSARY!
    just an fyi few years ago I was picking up free candy samples for dinner as I didn’t have money even to buy bread, and unfortunately was dumped by a boyfriend who turned out to be married.
    I am sure the real reason for every person who thinks the program has helped them, is that they finally started thinking outside of the box, but you really do not need the program in question or any other program for that.

    Angela, thank you so much for the article and clarification of the concepts!!!

  10. can’t believe I fell for this scam. I’ve been using Morry’s products for 5 or 6 years (as directed in the instructions) and it simply doesn’t work. And I’m tired of him spaming my email with junk from other scammers in his emails. he pretends to be a nice guy in his web talks but it’s not difficult to see through it.

    • I found them to be by far the best entrainment product I’ve used,how come you spent 5 years using them?Seems a long time and with this sort of thing you usually know within a couple of weeks

      • Ok I guess my “review” might’ve been a bit harsh. I purchased this system approx. 5 years ago and have been using it on and off since with no real results. Probably it works well for some people.

        • Is it possible to remove my original post above? Think I’ve been a bit unfair with my comments!

          • It is massively overhyped though. “Give me seven minutes or less and I’ll magically transform your brainwaves from this… to this…..” He really sets himself up for criticism with that sales pitch.

        • All well said.
          I am invested in many different companies entrainment recordings.
          All I can say when I first started I got like feelings of small headache in areas of my head. I would continue with sound and pain went away. listen to another recording and and same thing would happen.
          Best thought is I was opening up path ways building a strong network from left and right sides of brain.
          My thoughts are faster now. I am happy every day all day long.
          Friends and Family have asked what changed with me. So I would say they work and well worth the money.
          Abundant Love & Blessing -Bob

          • Bob,

            Same here, I feel like my reflexive thought process and my ability to communicate in a more effective and persuasive manner has increased a lot. I am sharp and confident the way I present my ideas and in general the way I carry myself.

            Have fun!

  11. Thank you all for posting to this thread! I was just on a (likely pre-recorded) Webinar about this with Morry Zelcovich and Natalie Ledwell. I had serious concerns, and now will continue on my journey using old fashioned meditation and positive visualization techniques. There’s NO WAY I need to pay for “brainwave entrainment”!

    • My take on the triliminals is this, even if the theory above that the brainwave entrainment sucks or whatever, the point is, there is impounding of positive affirmations from right left and center, which is a great process to tell your mind to shut up any negative chatter.

      I find this to work instantly, just for example, when I am not feeling well, I listen to one of the triliminals and immediately I start feeling reassured that I am on the path to recovery, so that takes away a huge amount of mental stress. It’s pretty simple, what goes in comes out, so this is a great way to put the good programming in your mind.

      Now all you intelligent people out there can feel free and critique this as much as you like, but if there is someone as dumb as me, they can go ahead and enjoy the benefits of this system by ignoring supreme intelligence found here. Yes I am being sarcastic for a reason.

      take care.

      • “Now all you intelligent people out there can feel free and critique this as much as you like, but if there is someone as dumb as me, they can go ahead and enjoy the benefits of this system by ignoring supreme intelligence found here. Yes I am being sarcastic for a reason.”

        Perhaps you only think you’re being sarcastic…

        “Once in a while you get shown the light
        In the strangest of places if you look at it right.” — Robert Hunter, “Scarlet Begonias”

  12. Angela,
    I have used this program successfully. It has changed my belief system and helped me rid my mind from my parents and grandparents beliefs that were taught to me as a child and resided subconsciously hindering happiness. Those beliefs were outdated and irrelevant to the present time and needed to be cleared. You seem to have a valid reason for debunking scam artist which is a wonderful gift when used in the correct context. You understand that someone teaching a child how to survive through the Great Depression would not be relevant to this day and age and to carry those beliefs (hidden subconsciously in the mind) could seriously hold a person in a “poor man” frame of mind. So removing these subconscious thoughts through the combination of repetitive sound, light, and hypnosis might actually work for people who are open to this type of brain entrainment. There are many successful people who use this exact type of training to achieve goals, remove blocks, release phobias, etc. I could list many corporate entities, billionaires, successful athletes, inventors etc…but given your current state you might pick them apart bringing to light there negative side. We all have good and bad…and generally have to learn by bad to rise to a good status. Even Mother Theresa endured the dark to spread her light. So I will list just one that I am not fond of because they use this exact technology to program our society for illness …if your going to debunk an untamed animal, big pharm would be a challenge…good luck (;

    • This is the first semi coherent post ive seen in a long time in regards to this topic. I agree the skeptic philosophy that has emerged out of new age atheism should be applied to things like big pharma, the government, the food industry etc. But people observe the skeptic philosophy almost religiously. And if one was to delve into such topics as big pharma and so forth, would one almost certainly be scrutinized as a conspiracy theorist. Angela is out to debunk pseudo science etc. There’s too much empiricism in pharmaceuticals for a skeptoid to happily weave a tale of discontent. But I apologize if I come off as speaking for her, because I don’t and I can’t, i’m just going off of our minimal message board interactions.

  13. She is an adherent to the skeptic philosophy. This philosophy purports that there basically is no truth. Now because of her disposition towards anything outside of accepted mainstream science she does not beleive she needs to try the product in order to know if it works or not. We have been through this rodeo many times and she is an empiricist who will not pivot from her stance.

    • “This philosophy purports that there basically is no truth.”

      That’s called “nihilism.”
      Skepticism and nihilism have no — that is a Kelvin zero — overlap.

      “she is an empiricist who will not pivot from her stance.”

      Boy, those empiricists and their silly, stubborn insistence on “facts,” “observation,” “replicability” — buncha killjoys, amirite or amirite?
      Elitist know-it-all libtards, all of ’em.
      Now let’s all go vote for Trump.
      We’ll show them!

  14. All I would like to say is this, the pen is mightier than the sword, it is like that for a reason, because – Words have power.

    We as human beings have always come to understand our life and our so called reality through sounds and eventually words which hold a certain meaning.

    We believe what we believe because we have heard it over and over, where something eventually sinks in our subconscious and becomes real.

    A clear example is the advertisements, why keep repeating the same ad over again and again? it’s simply because the intention is to create a memory and an impression on the human mind. That is what works.

    Triliminals which are being talked about here, do the same thing, they suggest the mind a series of positive affirmations over and over. Same as in the previous example of ads. So it creates an imprint on the mind and changes the internal makeup.

    If a billion dollar industry banks on the concept of repetition, we do NOT need further proof here.

    You be the judge.

  15. Ok – folks I really feel I need to weigh in here concerning the much discussed “placebo effect!” Yes I can see how if you’re an avg middle class person & plunk down a few hundred bucks, you’d have a vested interest in a said product or service working for you and you may skew the results you’re getting to show you made a good investment. None of us wants to be the person PT Barnum was talking about! 🙂 So I agree the placebo effect exists! And I’d be willing to say that my own experience with Morry’s TMM programs maybe just that, “IF”, it was the only self improvement product that I’d ever tried. However I’ve tried quite a long list of self improvement products over the years.
    When it comes to evaluating if a program is actually any good, I can be quite determined, especially after paying good money. I’d always give these programs several months & in some cases several years to prove to me that they actually work! And as much as I wanted them to, eventually I’d have to admit to myself, given the amount of time I’d invested in them, that they just weren’t delivering what was promised! So TMM is far from the only self improvement product I’ve tried and after having used it diligently for several years now, I’d have to say it’s the only self improvement program that has actually produced tangible positive results in my life! I don’t have results of a random double blind placebo study to give you, but unwittingly I do have the results of my own personal experiences to rely on. Morry is an honest and ethical, man of science and I highly recommend TMM for anyone wanting to a real positive difference in their lives and the world around them!!!

    • Joe if your trying to do Morry and his product any justice you wouldn’t come off so facetious. It really seems like you have a more vested interest in “TMM” than just a consumer. Also how do you know that your “self imrovement” was due to “TMM”. What reasonably logical evidence can correspond directly with your use of “TMM”?

      • Oh Ryan please lets keep things in perspective. I don’t think trying to inject a little levity into this contentious debate is unwarranted! Also I am just a regular paying customer of Morry’s programs. The only things I’ve received gratis are the free bonuses that anyone else would get! As far as evidence of positive benefits gained by using his programs, all I have is anecdotal, so I’m not going to waste my time going over those by someone that is just going to summarily dismiss them out of hand!

        • I’m an advocate of Binaural beats and their efficacy. I just believe Morry to be a conman utilizing a valid technology backed by pseudo science and outrageous claims. I am interested in knowing exactly what improved in your life and the overall progess you claim is an effect of quantum mind.

    • Studies on Binaural Beats: http://www.mindalive.com/articleeleven_Entrainment_Tones_and_Binaural_Beats.htm

      Study 1: Oster (1973) used an EEG oscilloscope to conclude that binaural beats produce very small evoked potentials within the auditory cortex of the brain which means that they are of little benefit in producing AE.

      Study 2: Foster, another researcher of binaural beats, found that binaural beats in the alpha frequency produced no more alpha brainwaves than listening to a surf sound. His conclusion was:

      The analysis of variance of the data revealed that there were no significant differences in alpha production either within sessions across conditions or across sessions. Although alpha production was observed to increase in the binaural-beats condition early in some sessions, a tendency was observed for the subjects to move through alpha into desynchronized theta, indicating light sleep. Subjective reports of “dozing off” corroborated these observations. These periods of light sleep — almost devoid of alpha — affected the average alpha ratios.

      Isochronic tones and photic stimulation do entrain.

  16. I have been following this Angela person for quite some time now interested in learning what her possible motivations could be and what possibly could have happened so horribly in her life that she would be filled with such spite and hatred for someone like myself who she doesn’t know anything about.

    As a matter of fact it wouldn’t surprise me if this post never makes it to her website because it would show everyone out there that her opinions although I advocate her right to express, are the farthest thing from being educated or fair, not only fair to me but fair to those out there who might otherwise benefit from this technology but won’t now because they believe in her bile based rhetoric.

    Anyone who knows me or knows of me understands that I only want to help people to help themselves and I give free full effect recordings to anyone who wants to try my technology out for themselves to see if it’s right for them.

    I do not need your email address except to send you the recordings, I will not market to you as a result of this either.

    I just want to help, really.

    Anyone who is interested in making up their own mind, feel free to email me (morry@themorrymethod.com) with your request and I will be more than happy to send you these recordings at no-cost & no obligation so that you can make up your own mind.

    Don’t listen to me, don’t listen to her, listen to yourself.

    I’m here for you (regardless of what Angela thanks 🙂


    • Yeah, so you defend yourself by attacking me? That’s called an ad hominem and it is a classic tactic of fraudsters.

      You can’t defend your product so you try to turn the tables and make me the problem. You don’t know anything about me, you are throwing an insult at me and hoping it sticks.

      It won’t because, like your product, it’s absolute bullshit.

      • I’m sorry you see my response as an attack, I’m truly very sorry for you and wish you find happiness and contentment sooner rather than later…

        • The biggest problem here is the “make up your own mind” argument. Sure, it sounds great for you to tell people to judge for themselves if your methods work, but if they REALLY worked there would be evidence to support your claims.

          Anecdotes are not evidence.

          • I have bought and used some of Morry’s products and they are superb. They are excellent for mental focus, calming the mind and just a general feeling of wellness. I appreciate that may sound vague, but try explaining your experience after you have tried this.

            Morry has different brainwave tracks for different issues. I used some of his tracks for general well-being and to aid my studying.The effect was staggering and I was demonstrably more productive, calm and focussed. I do not need to be hooked up to a machine or answer a bunch of questions in a lab to KNOW something has improved my well-being.

            I think you have to separate the quality of this product from the marketing. Morry does not write his own sales copy, I understand. It is a business and the marketing has to generate sales.There is a degree of hyperbole and over-generalisation in all advertising – rightly or wrongly. You could get into a moral debate about marketing or what you think companies should not be allowed to claim. However, I can personally attest to this product not having a placebo effect.

            It works extremely well.

            Science on mind effects “proves” nothing per se. I have studied it enough. It picks out trends and generalities, and we are guided by these.

            Of course it is anecdotal that my experience with Morry’s products was overwhelmingly positive, but surely it is shortsighted of you to dismiss ANYONE who has had a positive experience with these as naive, inexperienced or prone to the Placebo Effect. I have tried enough products to know what works for me and what does not. You can dismiss this as being a “scam”, Angela, but until you try it….

            Anecdotes are a form of evidence. They are evidence that something worked or did not work for someone. These guide us everyday. As well as rigorous testing, medical science still requires anecdotes.

            More to the point, Angela, I have emailed Morry several times in the past and he has always been helpful, friendly and courteous. I am not sure why you chose to attack his character and his good work in the way you did. That was not a fair or rational review. It was an attack and an unfair one at that.

          • Anecdotes most certainly are evidence. Experiment n=1. If it works for you, it is 100% effective. Science is flawed because it is based on the erroneous theory that everyone is the same, and that something should work for everyone or it’s “unproven.” If vaccines worked, for example, you wouldn’t need for someone else to be vaccinated in order for you to not get sick. Science becomes more like a religion every year..

            • That is the best rebuttal I’ve seen to this blog post in 3 years. Your right, there are so many variables that make up what a person is & what stimulates them that to debunk anything that has had a certain amount of efficacy for anyone is comparing apples to oranges. I do believe people who consider themselves purist skeptics are prone to a certain disposition much like religious cult leaders are prone to being psychopaths ( no way am I calling skeptics psychopaths, just a comparison to archetypes & behavior) .

    • Thank you for posting this, Morry. I agree that Angela is very full of hate for her to lash out with her outlandish insults and criticism. Keep up the great work….your program has helped me and that’s all the proof we need, if it works on you, it works on you, no matter what the “naysayers” may have to say. There will always be skeptics who like to sling mud and insults, but don’t let that stop your great work.

      • I am an irrational thinking theist who believes binuaral beats works great. That being said the only one slinging shit is Mr Monkey Morry. Angela while denying binaural beats which I disagree with is has pointed out the lies and inconsistencies in the Morry approach. He flat out lies and make things up out of thin air. These aren’t insults and since there is no goverment agency to regulate things like these in the US. So we need good guard dogs like Angela who are willing to put people under microscopes because you or any other Morry zombie certainly won’t.

        • Uh, thanks, I think.

          It is difficult to acknowledge when you agree with someone who’s fundamental principles are so different to your own.

          I really do appreciate it.

      • Full of hate? How about concerned that other people might be led to believe something untrue? That they might end up spending a lot of money on something that doesn’t work?

        I have no hatred for Morry, I don’t even know the guy, for all I know he’s a wonderful person… who makes a living by taking money from strangers for a product that doesn’t work.

        • But Angela, are you saying you have tried and it doesn’t work for you ? How can you say it would not work 100%.? I challenge you to try it and than write this post again.

        • Angela, Morry offers a very generous 365-day money-back guarantee. Name me one pharmaceutical company that will refund your money if their toxic poisons, which are completely legal, “regulated” and approved by a fraudulent FDA, do not work, or if they harm or kill you. If you really are “concerned that other people might be led to believe something untrue,” your time and energy would be better spent crusading against the crimes of Big Pharma who, in your words, “makes a living by taking money from strangers for a product that doesn’t work.” Lots more people are defrauded and outright maimed and killed by them than by someone like Morry, whose product I am sure has harmed or killed no one. Get a life, Angela! People can try things out and decide for themselves. You look like a freaking attack dog who snarls and bites at anyone her handlers tell her to. Don’t you have something better to do? You’re the one who needs brain entrainment. I hope you find your bliss through means other than attacks on people who are trying to help.

  17. Dear skeptic,

    When I was much younger, I used to read in the ladies’ magazines articles from doctors that would say that exercise cannot change the size of a woman’s breasts. They’d ask some medical doctor, and he’d say the breast is a glandular tissue, not muscle, etc., etc, etc.

    Years later, I found out something that all the bodybuilding ladies now know: incline press, flat-bench, decline press. That routine does wonders a woman recovering from pregnancy or of a certain age, because it lifts things up and makes a nice shape. It probably doesn’t affect a lady’s glandular mass, but it is terrific for her cleavage, and after all, the cleavage is what women want, regardless of the business about gland size.

    I read your article, which is mainly bitching about how brain wave entrainment is an ephemeral phenomenon. I am glad to hear that. I’d hate to think that some conditioning exercise of any sort would have permanent results. “Permanent results” invariably means damage.

    Physical exercise, too, results in a transient effect. I remember reading a Reader’s Digest article debunking aerobic exercise because it resulted in “no more increase in circulation that a hot shower.” And yet, now physicians will uniformly say that regular, vigorous physical activity is essential to health maintenance.

    So, my questions about this particular type of technology, and the quality of this product, remain unaddressed by your article. If your site pops up on any other searches, I will not look at it, because this article has led me to conclude that you are no scientist, and no detective.

    • Looks like entrainment effects do last: This trial used 14 Hz: After 4 weeks, [Beck Depression Inventory] testing revealed “a huge drop” in self-reported depression scores in the treatment group, compared with no change in the untreated group, said Dr. Cantor.
      QEEG testing also showed neurophysiologic changes in the treated patients (but not the untreated group) that corresponded to their reports of improved mood. “The QEEG changes we saw were noted in the frontal regions of the brain that have been shown by other studies to be involved in mood regulation,” he said.
      The groups were then crossed over, so that the untreated group received treatment and vice versa for another 4 weeks. Similar results were noted in the newly treated group, but the group that had received the first phase of treatment showed a sustained effect of treatment, both behaviorally and neurophysiologically, even after 4 weeks of discontinuation. “That is suggestive of an enduring effect of the therapy,” Dr. Cantor said

      • Who would bother to discredit another person if they had nothing to gain? This article is genuine because in my 12 yrs experimenting with binaural beats, one company after another uall got jealous of Holosync/Centerpointe’s success and they just imitated them promising the same results. The red flags though, are these copycats cant leave well enough slone, they all somehow discovered additional “secrets” they will let you have for free if you order their course. Now Bill harris, the inventor of Holosync had been experimenting for yrs before coming out with his product. I still dfont know if it works or not. But how long have all these other companies been around? And what “verifiable ” credentials do they have? I just today had a session with binarals, and after 12 years am not where I want to be. Lets be honest, the minute any company tells you they have ‘secrets” or that their credentials are something special nobody else has….run! Conclusion: If you want to give bi-naurals a try, use a company that will give you a trial or a low cost entry to see if their product works. And the minute you hear the word SECRET…….RUN!

        Thank you to the person who took the time to write this article. Whether its BS or not, more people need to step out and talk about things they think are scams so we can restore the Internet to a reasonably honest place, not the Wild West as it is now where people can say almost anything they want and get away with it. Funny, I notice that cd’s on how to feel better and accomplish goals, herbs to improve your sex drive, concoctions to get big muscles or lose weight and courses to make money day trading are all over the internet like a cancer. Why do you think those 5 subjects proliferate?

        • Actually Holosync/Bill Harris are copycats too – originally it was Monroe who íntroduced the binaural technology to the masses. Wikipedia:

          “The effects of binaural beats on consciousness were first examined by physicist Thomas Warren Campbell and electrical engineer Dennis Mennerich, who under the direction of Robert Monroe sought to reproduce a subjective impression of 4 Hz oscillation that they associated with out-of-body experience.[15] On the strength of their findings, Monroe created the binaural-beat technology self-development industry by forming The Monroe Institute, now a charitable binaural research and education organization.”

          I also recall Bill said he was sued by someone at some point, he didn’t say who but it was probably the Monroe Institute. They didn’t win the case though AFAIR.

          I’ve been using both Holosync and Morry’s stuff for years, both works fine for me but the effects are different IMO. In my experience the effect also seem to vary according to your actual mental state, but that’s quite normal for stuff that affects your brain (e.g. LSD and other hallucinogenes).

    • I never met Angela, nor Morrie,the subject of the article, but in praise of Angela, she might not be a detective,but everything she says makes sense. Red flags that are used by a con-man in one industry are used in most of the others. I too at age 55 , being an ex stock broker, salesman of all kinds and telemarketer, I can verify Angela is right on the money. She may be wrong….but dont bet money on it!(after all you might believe those late night commercials about penis enhancement pills working too.) I say it is 90% she is right. My red flag was when Morrie said he studied with the number one binaural researcher in the world,….as ANGELA SAYS….how can anyone prove that? And the fact that he leaves out a name or a credible university is also a big, big double red flag. Morrie may have the keys to the kingdom, but after all Ive seen at my age, if you want to give him $200 to find out, go ahead. Id love to be proven wrong. I will buy the program myself. You can also go to You tube and find dozens of binaural beat audio/videos for free. Might not be professionally engineered(and maybe they are!) but if you dont like what you are listening to, you can just try another and another. Great article Angela!

  18. seriously it works, all of it, I know, Im certain, used for 3 years, changed my life, think about what you read, this article is misleading to the worse standard and plus morry will give back any money to anyone who doesnt feel that there getting results anyway. I may not have scientific proof or anything but this is one of the best things out there and your spoiling it with your scepticism. I doubt the placebo effect can get rid of depression or chronic anxiety or panic attacks suffered for 15 years and for christ sake try something before you start writing articles on it. Seriously this was the one thing that worked for me and if it worked for me it can work for others, science isnt always right it once thought the world was flat so you should double check all your research with personal experience.

    • Actually the placebo can get rid of any mental ailment and also have an effect on some physical ailments as well. I agree with you in that binaural beats change state of mind and consciousness. But Morrys claims are absurd and he does cite science that he made up out of thin air. Please go listen to his “attract wealth” track every night for a couple of weeks, and tell me if you’ve acquired more bread.

  19. It’s funny, because I found this page when I was searching on Google as to why short isochronic tones seem to work better than long isochronic tones, and I think what you said about there being evidence for the brain resisting changes in the brainwave pattern might be the answer. I make my own isochronic tones you see, and they do work. I don’t know if that’s what you were saying with brainwave entrainment being a real phenomena, but isochronic tones and binaural beats do work. I’ve never tried monaural beats though, and binaural beats have a small chance of causing seizures. but isochronic tones are the most powerful. I said the word isochronic quite a few times then and Google Chrome gave me a squiggly red line each time. But I also find that other than the Unexplainable Store, the best vendors for such audios are the ones providing them for free.

    I agree though that this is a con and a scam, there is no such thing as a brainwave engineer, and the process of brainwave entrainment itself is nothing to do with quantum physics. It has the element of truth to it, in that brainwave entrainment is awesome and can help you in a number of ways, but then he just went on to include a load of bullshit to make himself money out of it, when you can easily make it yourself for free using Audacity.

  20. OK so you do not like how this particular vendor of brain wave entrainment audios markets his products. Fine.

    But how is it you toss out that brain wave entrainment has lasting effects? That’s like saying if you practice playing the piano consistently you won’t be able to play any music on the piano. I mean, lasting effects are going to happen from any form of sitting down and relaxing over time. If you relax into coherent brain waves or harmonious states you will have a healthier brain. You will be less stressful and have more resourceful responses to life. Your behavior will be less habitual and you will have more awareness in choosing how you react to what ever stimulus you encounter.

    The effects are cumulative. You can not conclude that, if you take a subject and have them listen to brain wave entrainment for 30 minutes and then see their brain “return to normal” as soon as the entrainment stops, that entrainment doesn’t have lasting effects. Just like learning to play the piano. If you take someone and have them hit some keys in a certain order (play a little melody) for 30 minutes they will not be a concert pianist after those 30 minutes.

    Effects of brain wave entrainment are not placebo. Brain wave entrainment is a form of relaxation or meditation. Lower brain wave states are non ordinary states of consciousness and allows the right brain to be more active than normal waking consciousness (beta).

    You cite an article about complexity of the brain waves being a good thing. That was interesting. I am not sure how you are using that in this context. Like, how does that relate to lowering the base brain wave state and having both hemispheres active? That article seemed to be studying beta brain waves of normal waking consciousness and not non ordinary states (alpha, theta, delta). My take is that using binaural beats for entrainment is not trying to change the complexity of the brain wave power spectrum. It is giving the brain stimulus that allows it to follow a certain base frequency and stay at that frequency during the entrainment. That produces a relaxation response and non ordinary states of consciousnesses. Binaural beats produce a beat frequency that the brain will sense as a warble in volume that is below audible frequencies and targets a certain beta, alpha, theta or delta frequency. The binaural beat does not contain higher frequencies and therefore is not aiming to entrain the power spectrum of the brain waves. When that article uses the word “entrainment” it is NOT entrainment to a stimulus (like listening to binaural beats) that they are talking about. What they are talking about is entrainment of systems of neurons to each other, I gathered.

    In other words, binaural beats entrainment helps your brain target a base frequency (relax) and maintain a base frequency (focus) but does not reduce the complexity of the higher frequencies that would cause neuronal entrainment at harmonic frequencies like the article is talking about. Perhaps you took the information in that article to mean what you wanted it to mean, in your bias, instead of being open minded and understanding what they are saying. This is the kind of thinking (bias) that spending time meditating or relaxing (possibly with binaural beats) helps people realize is occurring for them.

    So yeah, it’s like you are calling meditation or relaxation a placebo. That doesn’t make sense to me. If I sit down to meditate or just to relax and chill out, how on earth can the calming effect of directing myself into a calm state of mind be placebo?!?!? It would make no sense to tell me that because I believe that I will be calm, if I calm myself down, it is a placebo. And what about sleep as the ultimate form of relaxation? Are the effects of a good night’s sleep due to a placebo effect? No. Pull an all nighter and see how much more stressed out you are. This is the same for putting in time and learning to relax and to have whole brain synchrony. If you do put the time in for being in a relaxed state of mind, like I said, you will have less stress and thus less habitual responses. This frees up your mind to be more flexiable and able to pursue your goals as well as feel more motivated because you are not stuck in habitual worries.

    Anyway I ran into this blog because I was listening to a conference and this guy is one of the speakers. Might be interesting for some here.

    • I agree that meditation and brain entrainment are more than just a placebo effect. But the placebo effect is very powerful and through experimentation involving things like prayer have shown an improvement of health in the subjects being studied. I believe brain entrainment has more to do with the actual beat itself and the stress relieving effects these beats have the mind. I site this swedish experiement that proves drum beats alter consciousness. http://www.transpersonalstudies.org/ImagesRepository/ijts/Downloads/Kjellgren%20&%20Eriksson.pdf. This article is not an attack on meditation. This article is an attack on morry and the morry method and the outlandish claims this man makes to sell his product. He has a track that he saids if you listen to it, it will bring you wealth. Angela even though she doesn’t agree with efficacy of brain entrainment is mainly exposing this asshole for being an asshole who lies to people.

      • You say: “experimentation involving things like prayer have shown an improvement of health in the subjects being studied. ”

        But, actually, evidence shows that people who know they are being prayed for tend to have worse medical outcomes than people who are not being prayed for.

        This article discusses the flaws in a meta-analysis that showed benefits for intercessory prayer. The fact is that these trials are not being done properly and their findings are misinterpreted and misrepresented.


        • I meant prayer on ones own body has shown efficacy due to whats called subject expectancy effect. I haven’t been convinced that non local healing is a real thing. There’s still too many wackos claiming it’s benefits and not enough research.

      • There is an attack on entrainment beats not producing any lasting effects. And the linked article talking about complexity of brain waves does not support that erroneous point.

        Since it is admitted that entrainment can occur with these kinds of audios, and entrainment is like meditation or relaxation, then over time there are effects that will last – just like meditation or relaxation.

  21. Ah, you know, I don’t know you, and I don’t know Morry. What I do know is the following. When I saw mindmovie.com and read the articles on binaural beats I thought, let’s have a try. Instead of buying the expensive package, I made a cheap selfmade mindmovie with the free moviemaker of microsoft and a free mp3 with delta binaural beats. I looked at my mindmovie 2 times a day, It blew my mind. I had a goal, and it worked….. So the article above is interresting, but misleading. I can tell that for my own experience. I did not buy the expensive package of Morry and his friends, because I can make a mindmovie with free binaural beats completely free. I just used their theory, so to speak, and it blew my mind. So if you write an article? Please, be sure that you are right……

    • Well done Robbie, that’s a clever way to circumvent the system. However, your anecdote doesn’t count as evidence that your mindmovie had any effect beyond placebo. I’m sorry. I’d love to tell you otherwise, but I can’t because you haven’t done anything to control for the placebo effect, or rule out any other mechanism that might account for the change you think you felt.

      Our minds are really good at tricking us, especially if we don’t train ourselves to spot that brain-deception. There is no evidence, and no rational reason, to suggest that binaural beats, or your movie, have any effect beyond placebo,

      In fact, whether you like to admit it or not, there is evidence that it has no effect other than placebo.

      • Hi Angela,have you heard of investigator bias?
        Can I suggest that you have a good look at the concept.
        to do that effectively it is essential to have some kind of ability to know about personal motives beliefs habits etc. as far as I know no one has experienced a scientific study yet there are researchers who collate results, facts about an others experience.The subjects have some kind of experience.
        seems to me like personal experience is all there is, the rest is simply borrowed knowledge, brain facts which are never personal truth.
        be a true scientist have your own experience, get the product it has a money back guarantee then you can slam dunk who you want but it still does not make your right just the experience and emotional responses you had are true for you.
        you might like to look at your attitudes to money among other things as an exercise in personal truth since they shine through your pseudo scientific writing style.

        • Excuse me for butting in, but I believe if Angela were to test the product her embedded skeptic philosophy wouldn’t allow her to give the product creedance. She is in fact right when she states that morry is a con man using pseudo science to dupe people. I am 100% behind brain entrainment, I am 100% against people like morry utilizing a technology to capitolize on peoples stupidity. He saids if he listen to the wealth track you will accumulate wealth. Thats abosulte shit, because I’ve listened to every track myself numerous times, and I can tell you that the accumulation of wealth has been at the same plateau for a couple of years now.

        • “be a true scientist have your own experience,” This is such a poor argument. We don’t have to re-test everything just so that we have experienced it. If we did, science wouldn’t progress. We build upon the knowledge and experience of others. That’s how science works.

          “you might like to look at your attitudes to money … your pseudo scientific writing style.” > > Eh, what?

    • it was watching the movie that did it….binaural beats do not work…..isochronic tones do work…the effects of binaural, monaural and isochronic beats have been analysed….google it

  22. I could have told you this is crap just by glancing at the top pictures, the “blobolgy”, was the term? the reason being, the brain is made up of distinct segments that perform distinct tasks. ANYONE who knows ANYTHING useful about the brain knows this. I don’t know which end of the scale is meant to be which, but I’ll guess that the bright pink at the center is the highest activity, in which case, his cd returns you to a primitive, emotional, instinctual state because that, ladies and gentlemen, is what the Medulla Oblongata controls. If I’m wrong, and it’s the other way round, then frankly I’m not sure how the (to name a few) motor functions and body-sense, visual processing, and higher thought areas are supposed to all be active at the exact same level at once…

    • Yeah, anyone who is scientifically literate could say the same thing. These kinds of pictures are aimed at the gullible however, and they work.

  23. Angela, Hi!
    Have you checked out Morry’s latest Live Vibrantly just a couple of days ago. Now its 6 minutes instead of 7. Would love to hear from you!!

    • I’d personally like to see angela apply her skeptic philosophy to valid “fringe” science like NOOtropic supplements etc

        • I read the entire article. He’s basing his conclusion on the attack of one ingredients in Alpha Brain called Alpha GPC. Even though this is only one ingredient of many in the supplement, he still proceeds to dismiss it. He leaves out the other ingredients such as cat’s claw, L Tyrosine, Vinpocitene, Huperzine A, L Theanine, Bacopa and other ingredients whose benefits have been cited in many placebo studies. Alpha GPC has through a lot of research been proven to be highly effective in improving cognitive ability. I posted references for from studies at the bottom of my response. I myself take Alpha GPC but only has a support with another NOOtropic called OXiracetam. Alpha GPC as Novella has cited is a precursor to Choline which is needed when taking with a Cetam because when the Acetylcholine (ACh) receptors are stimulated buy any of the cetam family they need to be replenished. Also I’ve taken Alpha Brain before, it’s effects are very mild and the price is an absolute rip off when you can purchase much more powerful nootropics in larger quanities for half the price tag.

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          23. Di Perri R, et al. A multicentre trial to evaluate the efficacy and tolerability of alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine versus cytosine diphosphocholine in patients with vascular dementia. J Int Med Res 1991 Jul-Aug;19(4):330-41

    • Why would you want to hear what Angela has to say? She’s a blithering fool….lol

      • I applaud your enthusiasm but lets keep this discussion in an intellectual frame work. Attacks will just cause any one to filter anything you say out of sight, or so I hope. Even though I disagree with the skeptic philosophy, Angela is still an intelligent person who does the right research and bases her conclusions with pretty much no bias. I’m a mystic myself, and I find people like you deplorable because you only verify to the scientific community that most spiritualists are smarmy assholes. Choose your words wisely homie.

        • The thing is, her advice is extremely dangerous and ignorant. Meditation is an ABSOLUTE MUST for real human beings. I would go as far as to say that Angela is possibly a cyborg (Not 100% human)
          No offense intended but why would humans be giving out dangerous advice to one another? It makes no sense. EVERYONE PLEASE RESEARCH THE BENEFITS OF MEDITATION!

          • Angela’s article is about Morrys Quantum Mind scam, it is not about meditation. She never dismissed meditation any where. She dismisses Morrys outlandish claims that his system will bring you riches etc. Listen I’m doing my best not to attack you, but it seems as though you need something better to do because your manufacturing a conflict out of thin air. Do you have a passion? Do you have something that makes you feel like your in your element? Something that makes you happy? I hope your not filling your void by trolling on message boards on the internet, it just doesn’t seem like a full filling past time.

            • I admit, I am filling the void although I was speaking what I thought was true. I apologize but I am not happy as everything in life was taking from me…including my meditation and my brain.

              • Hey man I’ve been there, but I replaced the void with music, hip hop, philosophy, and many other things. Don’t feed into the conspiracy, it may or may not be true, but time spent dwelling on it is only succumbing to the daily holocaust we all allow to happen. Find what you LOVE, run with it and don’t look back. I appreciate your honesty and I only hope you find your passion.

                • Thanks Bro…Good advice! I actually am trying too…I’ve done a lot of crazy things in the past which has led to my current unfortunate situation…It can only get better from here!

                  Take care and good Luck to you with what you’re doing as well.

                • Hi Ryan,
                  Is there any way I can talk to you thru e-mail?
                  You might be able to help with all the knowledge you have about the brain. If you do not mind, please e-mail me:fayezare@cox.net
                  Thanks for extensive writings.

  24. Hi Angela,
    You write that after external stimulus is stopped, brainwaves return to their state. I just wonder if you’d still believe this to be the case if the external stimulus, i.e. brainwave entrainment, is repeated daily for months on end. Could you then believe in the possibility of “a long-term effect on the patterns of neural impulses” ? [using your quote]

    • Having been drawn back here by email notification due to the above replies, I can report that after a month of consistent use of brainwave entrainment, I have noticed some beneficial psychological changes. I guess that answered my own question on long term effects and neuroplasticity. Note: I don’t know anything about the Quantum system.

      • Binaural beats will change your state of mind and will lead to peace or an increase in creativity. Brain entrainment is a real technology. Morry is bull shit who uses a beneficial thing to rob people. But if you fall for his promises you deserve to learn a life lesson.

        • Well I apologize to Angela if she is not dissing meditation but I could have sworn that she said she has never tried it before…Well anyone I did try Morrys and I can say that it sucked, possibly even harmful since it was just a bunch of noise that made me feel very uncomfortable, I turned it off within a minute…thank god I didnt pay for it…lol Try QUANTUM BRAIN POWER on youtube for a good free mind meditation that makes you smarter…and this one WORKS but you need to download and have stereo headphones while listening.

          • I think you’ll find that I said nothing about meditation at all in this article.

            In fact, there is good evidence that shows that meditation can be helpful. Yeah, sitting and relaxing and clearing your mind is good for reducing your stress levels. No great surprise there.

            • It just seems like you’re arguing against Mind meditation….and it does a whole lot more than just reduce stress. Meditation is known to CURE CANCER, and many other diseases…which the mind is the primary cause of. Mind over matter. And transcending is also a part of the process…you seem to just be a sckeptic or a disinformation agent to me. It’s not helping anyone to put down something, when you could praise it instead. I think if anyone tries Morry’s system and it doesn’t work they can simply ask for a refund. Placebo effect is nothing compared to REAL results….Placebo is a “Scam” Don’t be fooled by that word because only crazy people would think their cancer is cured, when it infact is not. Curing cancer is REAL RESULTS…

              Take care everyone! And don’t forget to try the QUANTUM BRAIN POWER! I make absolutely nothing by writing this, so I have no reason to lie.

                • Well that’s what the “programmed” response is to people like me, when you go against the norm and the PTB (powers that be) then you get all kinds of critisiscm. The fact is WE ALL NEED TO THINK FOR OURSELVES AND DO OUR OWN RESEARCH, and NOT TRUST FLAWED OR RIGGED STUDIES DONE BY THE GOVERNMENT. The truth is out there (even though it’s normally curropted with lies) the truth about curing cancer with the mind has been PROVEN and this is a fact, not just my crazy opinion. Please do some research…90% of our problems are caused by viruses in our mind which were programmed into us over the years. Meditation is the fastest and only guaranteed way to break free from this demonic “Net” it’s like finding god, without having to be religious and have “Faith” you will KNOW when you meditate what “God” really is…and it is a higher power than our limited conscious.

              • Just because it’s on the internet doesn’t mean it is true. So, I googled it and the first study I found (on Pubmed) says the following: ” Critical examination of these beliefs finds evidence in their support to be lacking.”

                There is no evidence that meditation cures cancer.

      • The problem is, beau, your testimony here doesn’t count as evidence that this effect exists.

        You can’t be sure that the positive effects are not caused by the placebo effect. If you haven’t controlled for placebo (which I’m pretty sure you haven’t), then this is not useful as evidence.

        • I thought you were not putting down meditation, that is what Beau is talking about, he admitted he never tried Morry’s system, so what is the point of arguing with him? See I think I smell a rat…..and which case I would remove my apology if you are infact a disinfo agent, I have no apologies for you, other than I am sorry you got sucked into the web of evil and now you’re working for “Them” ….Basically brainwave technology is the ONLY way to meditate without taking YEARS AND YEARS to learn…it does it automatically for you, so stop shooting it down if you’re not into “Mis-Information” because many people have attested that it works and have cured their cancers by doing it. Just GOOGLE MEDITATION TO CURE CANCER if anyone wants to save themselves or a loved one. Also Apricot Kernels will kill cancer cells as well and are harmless.

          • In other words Angela, why not use your energy to make articles that can SAVE people’s lives, rather than waste time putting down some “Scam artist” ??????

            Peace to all

            • I will spend my time in which ever pursuit I see fit and I don’t need people like you to tell me any different.

              • Hey I was just asking “Why”….But I guess the answer is getting more and more obvious. And you’re right about one thing- Never believe what you read on the internet!! I know it works because I DID IT MYSELF! I dont believe anything I read, unless I know it’s true from experience.

        • I don’t see how it’s possible to control for placebo.

          Whatever the case, and it COULD be simply facilitating a state of meditation more easily than other methods like listening to music or the sound of one’s own breath, personally it works.

          I believe neuroplasticity is a real phenomenon that applies here whether the science is able to back it up or not.

          • Neuroplasticity is a valid science. It’s been proven through diet, brain exercises, life style changes, changing up your daily choices, and learning anything new that at least some what perplexes you will lead to a higher IQ and an overall well adjusted person. I took an online course on Neuroscience and it is quite extraordinary what you can do with your brain.

          • You could play similar sounding music that wasn’t “binaural beats” and see if you have the same reaction. You’d have to have two groups of people, play one group the “binaural beats” and the other group the regular music and not tell them who was listening to the “binaural” music.

            Not as difficult as it may seem.

            Science is not built on what you believe, it’s built on what stands up to rigorous testing. You can believe whatever you want but until you can prove it, there is absolutely no reason why anyone else should agree.

            • There are plenty of binaural beat arrangements around with and without any music overlaid. As far as I’m aware, most do not have any music superimposed. The presence (or absence) of binaural beats or isochronic tones in a recording is obvious to the listener.

              As I implied before, I think it’s more effective than just listening to music or the sound of one’s breath to reach the desired state of interest. With consistent application over time, adaptation (this is where ‘neuroplasticity’ came in) is possible. That was my main point.

              You too can believe whatever you want but I believe one must have a personality conducive to ‘receiving’ such stimuli or at least have the inclination to be influenced, in a similar vein to regular meditation and hypnosis. (e.g. no one can be forced under hypnosis or prove they have been; only their resulting behaviours and attitudes can be observed indirectly from the outcome.) For this reason, it’s hard to set up a meaningful test scientifically by direct means.

              • Just as a curio and a bit of fun, has anyone listened to the following track? According to the description, (click “Show more” to reveal) it took Uni researchers and audiologists 4 years to compose!!! Personally I have a lot of trouble listening to it:

        • Ha ha… having thought about this, after having read all the interesting responses, of course it’s a placebo. You could argue that every experience you have produces an unavoidable placebo effect, every thought process, including your skeptical bias, to create your perception of “reality” and the limitation of your consciousness with only 5 senses.

          We’re not talking about Vulcan digital-like logic here.

          Life is the biggest placebo effect!

  25. This is the 1st article by Angela I have ever read….and I am hooked! I love the profanity and honesty! Great writing and overall NO bullshit! Penn & Teller, yeah! They RULE massively! Recently I have been avalanched by emails about brain entrainment, and my logic always had said: “not possible”. Reading through Angela’s review has reaffirmed my position.

  26. From the way camabelu writes, I get this sort of cult-member vibe. You know what I’m sayin’?

  27. Nice article. Had me rolling on the floor laughing, too, with some of your humor spaced throughout the article. Very informative. Thanks!

  28. That makes me really happy, Angela. It’s funny how easily my brain wants to believe slick advertising claims. I have to constantly remind myself to stay vigilent and skeptical, especially about extraordinary claims.

    And camabelu, the last Quantum Brain SuperCharger program I bought actually made me omnipotent and omniscient. That’s how I know that you’ve been a very naughty girl. Luckily, you’re on the right path now in life. I don’t want to tell you everything about your future, and ruin the surprise, but good things are coming, and your future is bright.

    • Sean, Thanks so much for your reply. I can tell you I”ll be sleeping better at night knowing there’s a rosy future awaiting…just one thing…please don’t say this means I have to stop being naughty?! What fun would anything be without that?

        • Well that’s a relief then. After all, “everywhere” includes heaven. Remember to use that power of yours wisely! (I don’t know how I’d handle the responsibility, but maybe that information comes with the instruction manual.) 🙂

  29. Angela,

    Thanks for posting this article. I really appreciate it.

    I have, on occasion, been suckered by stuff like Quantum Mind Power. I was considering buying it, googled it, and your article came up. Your article reminded me of how gullible I can be, just long enough to close the Quantum Mind Power window on my browser… and saved me a bundle of dough. Thank you again.

    P.S. I can assure you that despite her assertions, camabelu’s intention with her unsolicited advice, was definitely NOT to help you “increase your audience”, or to help you in any way whatsoever. She has her own agenda and problems. Luckily, it is apparent by your response, that you already know that. Keep up the good work. 😉

    Some of the other commenters, such as J A Burton, sound like hacks that don’t understand the scientific method or placebo effect, or outright shills employed by Quantum Mind Power douche; or possibly the douche himself in disguise.

    Thanks Again,
    Sean Watts

    To J A Burton:

    • A copy of your comment was sent to my email; I suppose that’s because you referenced me. It’s nice that you are supporting Angela with your comments. I do mean that, whatever you may think. Nevetheless, you cannot assure anyone about my intentions, as they are mine and you have no access to my brain. I can tell you that you’re wrong and I genuinely wanted to help Angela, but to what end? You’ve made up your mind about me. I hope you learn to open it at some point. Not everyone has a hidden and negative agenda.

    • Hi Sean,

      Thank you for your kind words. I am very glad that my article helped you as that is my main intention.
      I don’t let people like camabelu get to me, although sometimes it is very challenging.
      One comment like yours makes it worth all the bickering though.


  30. Angela is 100% correct! “Organising” your brainwaves cannot make your wishes come true, even if you BELIEVE and BELIEVE until it hurts. I notice that none of the “benefits” mentioned by the believers above include great wealth, as promised by the Quantum Mind Power” advertisement…. only the usual benefits you would expect of a placebo. How surprising!
    The harm, people, is that this charlatan takes your money and gives you nothing in return! I don’t know about you, but I don’t like it when I get scammed out of my hard-earned bucks.
    Angela, it’s a good blogpost, and I ENJOY the profanity, so keep it up 🙂

    • If you believe Quantum mind will bring you riches, you deserve to get swindled. But it does help me delve into a meditative state of mind easier when I use it. You and Angela are justified in your criticism toward his ridiculous fucking claims. But I do believe binaural beats is a legtimate technology.

  31. Hi Angela,

    Very interesting argument you have going on over there. Here are my thoughts…I don’t disagree with what you are saying, but at the same time, I also believe things in nature are greater than the sum of the parts. This “new-agey” stuff is often written off as the placebo effect and perhaps it is but either way, if something creates a positive effect in a person then whether it achieves it because of the science, or the perception that science is being performed, it is actually irrelevant.

    Despite my scientific and engineering background, I am an avid reader and user of all sorts of self-development techniques, courses, books etc. many of which a skeptic would find completely ridiculous (in some cases, similar products to the one this argument is about). Through these methods and the change of mindset that has occurred over time through usage, I am a better, happier, healthier person and thus to me, it simply does not matter how scientific or unscientific they are.

    I would urge you to try these things for yourself but your preconditioned bias against them will likely prevent any benefit you might gain from them. After all, we see what we already believe, placebo or otherwise….

  32. Surely just the advert and the name “Quantum Mind Power System” scream “scam! scam! scam!”? People like Deepak Chopra use the word “Quantum” to bamboozle the public, and others hop on the bandwagon. If there is science behind it, where are the research papers?

    • Ttheres research on binaural beats, you can wiki it. All Morry is doing is putting his own spin on a proven technology. So hes wrong for passing it off as his own invention.

    • Unless it has been taken down by either Angela or the poster, there’s already a very full list of the research done on these products. I suggest reading the entire message and its comments before blathering like that.

    • I agree that the use of “quantum” in the title is a massive red flag. There is nothing quantum about binaural beats or the product that Morry offers.

      Anybody with even a rudimentary understanding of quantum physics would be bale to tell you that.

  33. I’m not writing with an opinion one way or the other about Morry Zelcovitch’s product(s). I’m writing because I feel compelled to share with you how you come across – at least to this, reasonably intelligent and well written, woman.
    The hatred fairly flies off the virtual page Angela. Why? Do you have a personal vendetta against Mr. Zelcovitch? I’ve not used his brand but have made use of brainwave entrainment and am able to say I’ve experienced results that I would be hard put to believe are simply a result of the placebo effect; that is to say they have been measureable in terms of my ability to produce and they have been long lasting (well over a year). I was diagnosed with complex PTSD as a result of a pretty ugly childhood and have struggled to make lasting changes to, among other things, my sense of self worth and a strong inclination to procrastinate. Years of therapy have been part of my attempts to alleviate this struggle. I have found brainwave entrainment to be, by far, the most effective tool.
    You mention that you are a professional writer. I’m curious about that given the rather nasty language you so often use. People with sizeable vocabularies (and writers tend to fit into this group) are not usually inclined to resort to “4 letter words.” Just an observation.

    • Hear, hear! And I’ll also add that to me, your self-evaluation appears accurate. Your comments as to vocabulary and language use are particularly relevant to this professional writer of both fiction and non-fiction for nearly 20 years.

    • Hi Camabelu,

      I am glad that you are feeling better.

      I have no personal vendetta agains Morry, I’m just calling him as I see him. It is my opinion that he is a fraudulent scumbag using false credentials to sell a bogus product.

      I use four-letter words because they are succinct. I have a serviceable vocabulary and choose whichever words fit the situation and my mood at the time. One of the important skills a writer should possess is the ability to adjust his or her diction to suit the circumstances.

      You’re welcome to question my credentials, I will still receive a pay slip every month with the words “Technical Writer” under the occupation field, and as far as I’m aware that makes me a professional writer.

      • Four letter words are not succinct. They are, in fact, very vague. Think of how many interpretations there are of the word/phrases such as “Shit!” Or how about “Oh, Fuck!” Without additional information, the 4-letter words are vague and open to interpretation. There’s no reason for a non-fiction writer to employ them; there should always be better word choices available to you. Simply using vulgarities does neither the writer nor the reader any good.

      • Angela…A word of advice then, if I may. You mention somewhere here that you are young. I think you’ll find your readers will give your message – whatever it might be – more consideration if you resist using such off putting language. As an avid reader I can tell you that the words you say you choose in an attempt to be succinct not only fail to achieve that end but also encourage readers to make unfavourable inferences about your intelligence and motives in writing about the subject matter in the first place. This is true whatever the circumstances. You also date your work by choosing such colloquial language.

        • I just don’t understand the problem here. I have found one instance of the word “bullshit” in the original post. I didn’t use the words “fuck”, “cock”, “bitch”, “arse”, “assmonkey”, “bastard” , “clusterfuck”, “dickhead”, “dumbfuck”, “fuckbrain”, “fuckstick”, “jackass”, “jizz”, “nutsack”, “piss”, “prick”, “shitbrains”, “skullfuck”, “suckass”, or any of the myriad other expletives available to me.

          Personally, I really don’t care what judgements you might make about my character based on one little “bullshit”, because if you are the kind of person who get’s all hot under the collar on one instance of such a relatively inoffensive little word, then you are obviously not the kind of person whose opinion I would value.

          It’s a swear word. This is the internet. It could have been a lot fucking worse.

          (Please note, I do actually choose my swearwords quite carefully, and I do try not to cause too much offence to people who I feel are prejudices by society for unjust reasons. I did not, for instance, list any of the numerous swearwords used to refer to homosexuals, female genitalia, or people of colour.)

          • The use of swear words in an article is completely acceptable. I wouldn’t listen to these posters who I think are attacking what ever again because you encroached on their beliefs in Quantum Mind or Binaural beats. Plus studies have shown that people who use swear words tend to be more honest. Here’s an article about it.


          • Angela, My advice was given in the spirit of helping you to increase your audience by improving your writing. If you feel it’s of no worth to you then so be it. I will finish, though, by pointing out something I WOULD advise you to consider carefully. When you refer to “swear words” concerning homosexuals and people of colour, you are speaking of something entirely different. Do what you’d like, but you’re starting to sound now like a racist.

            • Alright dude don’t throw words like racist around. Its completely irrelevant to the discussion. She has not crossed the bigotry line at all. I think at this point your just putting her under a magnifying glass undeservedly so. Your coming off as an agitator that needs to be right all the time. In my eyes you’ve lost all credibility in this discussion with your abrasive rhetoric.

              • What I said was – Angela is starting to sound like a racist. That’s a far cry from putting her under a microscope. My opinion is just that – my opinion. You don’t have to agree with it but I’m as entitled to one as you. You might also notice that I mentioned the spirit of my comments, which is to help Angela improve as a writer. Like it or not, writers must choose their words very carefully because, ultimately, it’s the reader who decides. As you just did with what I wrote. You call me “dude” which tells me something about your age. Not all of us were fortunate enough to be born in a generation so wonderfully changed when it comes to matters of homophobia and race. (That’s a bit of a generalization; I assume you’ll take my point.) But not all of Angela’s readers will be in your age group and someone who makes their living as a professional writer needs to be cognisant of this unless her audience is very limited – As Angela’s clearly isn’t.

                • My use of the word dude has nothing to do with my age. I know people of all age groups who use the word loosely and it was used to get your attention because I think your too far off base to even say “starting to sound racist”. I was throwing my opinion at your opinion, its fair game on this message board. Your perspective on how a writer should write an article has nothing to do with age, it has everything to do with who you are and your belief system. There’s has been numerous successful and highly intellectual writers in the past who have not shyed away from using swear words because they felt at the time it was proper in the context. I’m sorry that you find swear words offensive but not everybody does. I don’t know Angela personally and I don’t know if she’s actually racist or not, but everything she’s written would indicate to me that she’s not racist at all. We need to stay on topic which is the effectiveness off Quantum Mind. You have inadvertently (or maybe on purpose) directed this discussion into an attack on her credibility as a writer. I believe your wrong to do so, lets stay on topic here.

                  • Ryan,
                    You’ve said quite a bit so I’ll try to address each of your points. I haven’t heard anyone over 30 use the term “dude”. I don’t live a cloistered existence so I believe there is some validity to my observation.
                    This is what Angela wrote regarding race, etc. :

                    (Please note, I do actually choose my swearwords quite carefully, and I do try not to cause too much offence to people who I feel are prejudices by society for unjust reasons. I did not, for instance, list any of the numerous swearwords used to refer to homosexuals, female genitalia, or people of colour.)

                    Like it or not, the writer holds the responsibility for how his/her words come across. My inference from that statement is that we, the readers, should somehow be grateful/happy that she chose not to use any of the
                    “numerous swearwords used…..”. Why? Swearing is one thing, offending specific groups is quite another. The way Angela worded the above comes across as suggesting she may well have used such words but decided against it. As I said, generations older than yours are likely more sensitive to these issues than yours.
                    I am not offended by swearwords. I use them on occasion. The risk a writer runs in choosing words like Angela did is that attention is taken away from the point(s) s/he is trying to make and placed instead on the stronger words. This doesn’t serve the writer – or the reader for that matter if the article contains valuable information that goes unnoticed as a result.
                    I made it clear from my first contribution that I was not writing to comment one way or the other on Morry Zelcovitch’s product. My intent (for the third time) was to sincerely attempt to offer advice about effective writing. As you can see from what I wrote above, I stand by what I said. It may be worthy to note, however, that the comment I DID make about entrainment MP3s working for me elicited nothing more from Angela than “I’m glad you’re feeling better.” She did not address my experience at all.
                    Lastly. In the same way I hold Angela responsible for the response she evokes in her readers, I take the same responsibility and, therefore, apologize for clearly offending both you and her.

                    • Your stuck on the word dude and this is the last time I reply to your passive aggressive antics. I don’t use the term dude really in any situation but in that moment I was appalled by your commentary and all I heard in my head was voice that said “Hold On Dude!”. Also I do know people over 30 who use the word dude. Numerous actually, I live in Palm Beach County Florida where you have many middle aged surfers, rednecks, and surfer/redneck hybrids that use the word dude A LOT. I hope to god that quells your thirst to further argue with me about my relative experience. Now to Angela, she never came close to indicating that “she may well have used such words” She was merely illustrating the point that when it comes to offending people she only concerns herself with the sects of society that deal with prejudices every day. She is obviously passionate about what she does and she obviously feels like Morry is harming people more than helping peoples so she uses strong words like that. That’s probably who she is, it’s her disposition. Someone is always going to get offended by anything, it’s not her problem that feelings about such words are different from hers. And I don’t think this is the conduit to try to school Angela on her career, these things are done better in private through e-mail. Criticizing her in front of an audience makes any thing you say seem like your trying one up her. Great me and you agree that brain entrainment works. Wonderful, we just discussed the topic at hand, the only thing I ever intended on doing.

                    • I’m glad we’re done Ryan. If the only thing you were interested in discussing was entrainment MP3s then you should never have responded to me in the first place. I’m getting tired of saying that from the first line of my first comment I made my subject matter clear and it wasn’t that. You’ve said we’re done so let’s be done. Unless you’d like the last word, in which case, have at it.

                    • Wow! I think Ryan was right when he called you out for being passive aggressive Camabelu.

                    • I forgot to add that the only thing I’ve said that’s passive aggressive was my last sentence.

                    • I’d like to make it absolutely clear that I don’t give a rat’s ass about what you think of my word choices camabelu. You have spent a lot of time saying “I’m a conservative, and I think you shouldn’t offend me.”
                      I’m sure you can guess my response.

                    • Angela, I will not take up any more of your time. My intent was always and only to let what seems to me to be a promising writer know where she risks losing her audience. As far as my being conservative? I have been called many things in this life; conservative has never been one of them. So thank you for the chuckle. Whatever you may think, I wish you all the best in your career as a writer.

                    • Thank you Ryan.
                      I agree with everything you said, except the part about brain entrainment working.

                    • Please get over yourself. I said “bullshit” once, and was trying to illustrate the fact that I don’t swear indiscriminantly. I notice you accused me of racism, not homophobia or sexism, which leads me to believe that you are full of faecal matter.

                      I didn’t comment on your feeling better because your anecdote has no scientific weight (it is your subjective experience, with no control for external variables and cannot be considered evidence of efficacy).

                    • If it makes you feel any better, I’m a cracker and a queen bitch of a faggot too! ^^ and I’m proud of who I am to the point that those (presumably) offensive words have no effect on me. if you were to burst through my door and scream QUEER!! at me, I would be surprised, sure, but after that I’d just say: “and?”

            • This is so offensive that it barely deserves a response. However.

              How does my conscious decision not to perpetuate gender, sexual and racial stereotypes make me come across as a racist? Please enlighten me Camabelu?

              As of this comment of yours, I agree with Ryan, I think that you are here to stir the pot.

              • Angela, I did not, at any point, accuse you of being a racist. I attempted to caution you that you were starting to SOUND like one. If you read my response to Ryan you will see my point about your responsibilities as a writer. When a reader misinterprets what you’ve written, any teacher in “Writing 101” will tell you that is your concern, not the reader’s.
                I am not here to stir the pot. I made it clear from the first comment that I was sincerely attempting to give you feedback that might improve your writing. You said in another post that “Personally I really don’t care what judgements you might make about my character….” – But, Angela, if you’re serious about your writing career then shouldn’t you care? Do you really believe that I’m the only person who reacted to your writing this way? And by the way, at no point did I attack your character.
                Since I’m communicating again, I might as well point out that early on in this exchange you said you’d only used one swear word. I went back to read the original post and found these words: “douche bag, a tower of crap built on […], creep, sleeze bag.”
                These are not swear words per se, but they ARE words that carry a big charge and serve to take the readers’ attention away from the points you are making. If you don’t care about that, then go for it. I saw some good writing in your article and thought you’d want to know where you lost this reader, who also writes (in part) with what she does for a living.
                I’ll finish by reiterating the apology I made to you in my response to Ryan. I make this apology for exactly the reason I have been trying to explain to you.

  34. “Angela is a professional writer by day and an avid amateur scientist by night. With a growing sense of wonder at the beauty and simplicity of the natural world she tries to keep her eyes (and her keyboard) firmly targeted on the truth. Angela dedicates most of her free time to smacking quacks, debunking chain e-mails and exposing myths. Whenever possible she pursues nerdy activities such as reading and playing role-playing games.”
    Really? Writing blogs & a novel about zombies or vampires doesn’t make you a professional writer-don’t flatter yourself.Role-playing games? Seriously?
    I’ve noticed you don’t call yourself an investigative journalist-that’s even more obvious
    by this rant that you call a blogpost.
    You read an article or two about something and decide to attack Morry over your own ignorance. Calling his product a scam and him a sleazebag without knowing anything about
    either. You might want to consider this: People might take you a bit more seriously if you
    actually try a product before you review it………I’m just sayin’.

    ” The rest of the website is a very, very, very long list of vague claims about how much this product could cost “if sold separately” and how it will unlock your potential, help you get rich, healthy and gain control of your life. ”
    -this is how internet marketing is done-have you never seen this before?
    “It’s all absolute bullshit.”-this is how all “professional writers” make their point
    “Absolutely nothing he claims that his product can do matters, because it is a tower of crap built on a foundation of lies.”-more professional writing.
    “You sound like someone who can’t use the English language properly.” -insult the people
    who come to your blog.You sound like the bully who yells the loudest so no one else gets
    to be heard. Another fine example of a “professional writer”
    “Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory
    Normal Person+Anonymity+Audience=Total Fuckwad”-more professional writing at its’
    finest. I’m glad I stumbled across this. A fine example of the “Professional writer” you claim to be.
    I’m sure your response to me will be equally as professional.

    • Steve, I am a professional writer, I work for a company that pays me to write all day, every day. This blog and my novels are completely separate from my career. In case you are wondering, my boss reads my blog and loves it.

      I don’t need to try something to know it doesn’t work. That’s what science is for, when it is done properly you can accept other people’s findings.

      Yes, I’ve seen internet marketing, this is a good example of it. He uses a lot of words to say nothing. He makes very vague claims with no evidence to back it up.

      “Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory” is the name of a meme. I didn’t make it up, I merely referenced it when a commentor was being a really rude douchebag (his word, not mine). If you read this link you will see that I didn’t make it up, it is a well established phenomenon.


      So yeah, thanks for the ad hominem attack and everything, but I think you’ll find that I don’t give a rat’s ass.

      • that was less scathing than I expected. I read one of the articles that you referenced:
        ” For more information on brainwave entrainment, from the keyboard of a bona fide neurosurgeon, please read Dr. Steven Novella’s fantastic article on binaural beats.”
        It looks to me like your “creativity” came directly from that article.The only difference is that you attacked a different product.While not quite plagiarism-it’s close.

        • Interesting, considering I didn’t read the article before I referenced it. I listen to Steve’s podcast, The Skeptic’s Guide To The Universe, so his style has definitely rubbed off on me. I did not copy his article though.

      • Exactly *what* are you paid to write, Angela, by this firm? Are you by chance a technical or specifications writer? (No offense to either profession; when done well, both are a considerable writing achievement.) You don’t appear to have the imagination to do fiction, or educational materials (possibly you could do textbook revision) or copywriting. So i’m curious.

        • I am a technical writer and a published fiction author. I’m young, so I’ve only just started out on this path and I have a lot to learn.
          I think imagination is one thing I sometimes have an oversupply of, you know how it is, you start one project because the idea intrigues you, then you get halfway through and another great idea comes along and you have to try and avoid jumping over to that one?

          Chuck Wendig wrote a great blog on 25 reasons why you won’t finish your novel and one of the things he said there really stuck with me. He said”Finish your shit!” I try to keep that in mind now whenever I get the urge to jump to another project.

          He also said something about how changing to a new novel is like having an affair, that also stuck with me.

          JA, I am sorry if you took offence at anything I’ve written, that certainly wasn’t my intention.

          Have a lovely day.

          • Your words per se didn’t offend me, but rather the sloppy research and a so-called “review” that was just a hatchet job. Since you say you’re young, perhaps you don’t realize that the primary requirement of a review is that the author has to have eaten, drank, played with or simply played, listened to, watched, read, or actually physically interacted with whatever the hell the thing being reviewed is. Otherwise, it’s just an opinion piece, and not a review. I’m afraid this piece is just plain bad, on any level of critique I could give you. I’ve been a pro writer for over 20 years, doing both fiction and non-fiction, and I promise you, you laid a stinker this time.

            Now, that’s okay. We all have to learn. But the response on this piece needs to be understood and the lessons they contain must be processed and kept handy for the next time.

            I don’t know who Mr. Wendig is (my loss, I’m sure) but Robert Heinlein had these rules for writing:

            1. You must write.

            2. You must finish what you write.

            3. You must submit your work to people who will pay you for it in other than pinto beans.

            4. Never re-write, except to editorial specification. (Note: he doesn’t mean you can’t do multiple drafts. It means that when you’re ready to send out a piece, then no more tinkering with it.)

            I found them very useful when I was a young writer. Perhaps they may be of use to you as well.


            • This is actually a review of the claims and the way that Morry has perverted science to try and make money out of people who are ignorant of his deception.
              The simple fact is that I don’t need to try the product to be able to tell you that the scientific claims he makes are not true.
              I don’t have to try the product to tell you that the qualification he claims to have does not seem to exist.

              I love Heinlein’s work, thank you fir sharing.

              Of course, I take every response seriously (except the one’s where people just call me names and move on), and consider every response a learning opportunity. I’m not a great writer, but I am improving.

        • you are one smarmy mutha fucka huh? And no matter what your passionate about you must idealize your self as a consummate professional even if your making little or no money off of it. Right now I make very little money off my music and I work my 9 – 5 until I can find that sweet release into freedom. When people ask what do I do? I don’t say electrician I say Musical Composer and Rapper.

  35. Try it. Dont be lazy. Try it and see, it wont take long to work. I have yet to try it, but I have tried other companies which all worked well. This is for REAL, you are just someone that is obviously into science and therefore you dont believe in what god truly is. This technology you are dissing unleashes the power of god, so make sure to try this out and delete your hub if it changes your life!

    DONT keep limiting your mind by saying “I dont need to try it to know it doesnt work”
    The truth is you DO NEED to try it, because you are dead wrong, the technology does work. But as I said I cant speak for this particular co. But I am sure it works as long as it uses the Biniral Beats or whatever they are called.

    • And honestly, you should be able to think enough for yourself after reading the responses on your hub, that this does work. Why would all these people come on here and say it works if it doesn’t? If you don’t try it, you’ll get zero results. If you do try it, and find a good company I absolutely guarantee it will give you real results, and you will agree with me 100% if you manage to do it for at least 30 to 60 days. You may even notice results after just one session, as I did. But it’s a subtle process which builds over time. doesnt take a lot of energy to do it, so there is no good excuse to not at least give it a week and see if you notice anything. You can try some for free online first before you purchase. What reason do you have now? Will you please agree to try it so we can resolve this?

      Thank you, I am only trying to help ya. I have absolutely zero money to make from this I dont even sell this stuff myself.

      • Do you know what the placebo effect is? It accounts for “all these people who come on here and say it works”.

        Occam’s Razor. The simplest explanation is usually the correct one.

        • Actually ANY explanation could be the correct one, it all depends on what you believe in your mind. Personally to me, the truth is extremly complex. No single thing or thought could be true. So you’re pretty limited the way you are thinking. This is exactly the reason why mediation will open you up and help you. It all starts with your thought. God originally thought us all into creation. We are a part of god, so continue to use your thoughts and keep thinking of the benefits you could get for a lifetime if you just take 20 minutes to try this.

          UPDATE- I tried this company and I have to say either there was an error in the file or this company sucks. It sounded like a lawn mower going off and sounded quite evil actually. I recommend Kelly Howell as she is very good and knows what she is doing. Try one of her mediatations for 1 or 2 months THEN Come back here and tell us it doesn’t work! Until then you’ll just sound ignorant if you continue to judge or assume something about something you have never experienced.

          Best of luck to your path in life…TRY IT RIGHT NOW! Dont put it off, as that is the comfort zone in your sub that is doing that, as it tries to prevent positive change at all costs. This has been engrained into you by the powers that be. Submit to the meditation and allow your mind to let you take control back of your life!! I shit you not, this is real baby

          • I disagree with Angela about quantum mind, as there is scientific data that proves binaural beats does have a positive effect on the subjects mind. It was a small study, but results are results. But don’tbeignorant you cannot talk about your relative experience as if it’s being experienced by all, Yes I believe in god and so do you. But your relationship with god has nothing to do with Angela or this message board. This is about Quantum mind and if it actually has an affect be it real or illusionary. Let’s keep the discussion confined to the topic. When you start bringing up god and spirituality it turns to different discussion that becomes one sided because some one might not share your belief.

            • That’s true, lol I dont know why I even mentioned the word God. The point here is for her to try the meditation. But if she’s that easily distracted by me using that word, then that is another problem here. People need to focus on themselves and stop looking outwards. That’s the first step in finding “God”

              • And Meditation allows you to easily and autmatically start focusing more inward and you get all kinds of answers. Boy if Angela only knew how well this worked and the miracles it creates, she would feel so ignorant for going so long without even trying it! I understand you should follow what you believe in, follow your heart. But ignorance is not heart. In order to follow your heart you must first connect with yourself and in order to do that meditation is the best and easiest way. There is asbolutely no reason or excuse (no good one at least) for Angela to not give this a chance. It’s 20 freakin minutes. lol like it’s the end of the world or something to take a risk on losing 20 mins of your life? Believe me you will be surprised. You know very well if you have common sense that this makes people feel good, so even if it were placebo (which you have asbolutely no proof it is, you just assume) arent you interested in turning your life around and feeling good with part of the most powerful force in the universe(your mind) Your years of programming and doubts is what is holding you back. It’s like the devil inside you that doesnt want you to meditate and break free of the spell you’re under. It would rather stay in ignorance as it is afraid of testing new waters. You need to break free. Trust me, it’s not painful. It feels very good. You may cry and jerk while you meditate but that’s part of the power it has..so let it happen.

                • She never discounted meditation or even touched on it. Meditation is a proven method, I do not think she would discount it. Again lets keep the topic confined to Quantum Mind and if it works. I see both sides of the argument even though she bases all of conclusions of her own opinion and not research or experiment. She seems to be a pseudo scientist who watched too many bbc documentaries and believes she’s Erwin Schrödinger. Angela I challenge you as a scientific mind to to take an objective approach and experiment with Quantum MInd with you and other subjects. Write down logical results and report them back here. If you do not do this you come off as a miscreant criticizing a method which has changed some peoples.

  36. please, you sound like a 15 years old girl, now that’s your actual brain capability to understand… i didn’t pay for them and i can tell you it works, nothing placebo, try it and you’ll find it

  37. Im sorry Angela, but WHO exactly says they are UNTRUE……. YOU? and where do you get the basis for your claims that this program doesn’t work????? Also, what gives you the right to refer to Morry as douche bag and a sleeze bag, do you even KNOW the man? I think your article is pathetic and covered in red flags signaling a bitter nasty woman who isn’t happy with her own life! Get a grip sista!!

    • Totally agree! What’s amusing is that she tries to couch he critique in pseudo science despite knowing littleto no brain research of this type.

      • Exactly!!! And, just the fact that “Angela” refers to Morry as a sleezebag, etc. shows me what little brain activity is being used to write this review. Even if you knew and hated the man it still has nothing to do with the product, which actually does work btw!!!!

    • He is a fucking sleazebag, he lies like when said listen to this track and you’ll attract more money. Liar taking advantage of gullible people = despicable evil asshole. I believe the technology works in changing state of mind with relaxation as an effect, but no more.

  38. LOL! I enjoyed your article. I find your premise that sound waves have no long term effect on the brain (even with exposure over weeks, months or years) truly amazing!?! All the Steineker papers shows is that healthy well balanced individuals brains shows higher levels of organisation. Meaning they are able to dissipate enough entropy to their environment. It doesn’t mean that one’s brain is fixed at a particular level of organisation and that there are no means available to push the brain to higher levels of organisation associated with healthy well balanced individuals. That’s despite years of research to the contrary attesting from personal experience that it works and can even have the brain scans to prove it!

    It’s clear your the type of guy who believes that at the end of the 19th century would have been running around telling everyone, that there is nothing left to discover. Just some details! May I suggest you read a bit of Ilya Prigogine, Karl Pribam, Dr. Lester Fehmi, et al and maybe do a bit of research on CIA and KGB programs in this area. You might learn something for once!

      • I guess you never heard of google!?! You can find all the relevant research on a google search as well as the links on their wikipedia pages. Laziness is never a good trait especially when you’re criticiziing others.

        • I did a lot of reading for this article and would appreciate it if you could provide a few links to the best sources. Thank you.

          • Here you are:
            Ilya Prigogine – Prigogine, Ilya; Nicolis, G. (1977). Self-Organization in Non-Equilibrium Systems. That explains the importance of dissipative structures in self-organizing systems.
            Pribram, Karl (ed.) (1994). Origins: brain and self organization – Understand the holonomic model of brain processing that can be described using Gabor wavelets.
            Dr. Lester Fehmi – A too numerous to cite number of publications on the benefits of brainwave synchronisation and biofeedback. He is director of the Biofeedback Center at Princeton, Here is a link to a smattering of publications http://www.princetonbiofeedback.com/resources/publications/
            Tina L Huang, PHD, and Christine Charyton, PHD – “A Comprehensive Review of the Psychological Effects of Brainwave Entrainment”, – That concluded that binaural beats is an effective therapeutic tool for people suffering with cognitive functioning deficits, stress, pain, headaches & migraines, PMS and other behavioural problems.
            Rhodes, L. (1993). Use of the Hemi-Sync super sleep tape with a preschool-aged child. Hemi-Sync Journal, 1l,4,4. and Wilson, E. S. (1 990). Preliminary study of the Hemi-Sync sleep processor. Colorado Association
            for Psychophysiologic Research – These concluded that binaural beats increase relaxation, meditation, pain management, improve sleep, and reduce stress.
            Hiew, C. C. (1995). Hemi-Sync into creativity. Hemi-Sync Journal, 13, I, 3. – This paper concluded that binaural beats help to increase creativity, relaxation and meditation
            Dr Vincent Giampapa, MD, New England Journal of Medicine – Cannot find the title for the paper – Conclusion was binaural beats significantly increased the production of three hormones directly related to longevity of life and overall well-being; cortisol, DHEA and melatonin.
            Dr Siegried Othmer – on research looking into binaural beats impact of BWE on IQ and intelligence, the following conclusions were reached: 1. brain wave entrainment usage was shown to produce average IQ increases of 23%; 2. where the IQ was lower than 100 to begin with, the average IQ increase was 33 points; 3. BWE usage showed dramatic improvements” in the subjects’ visual retention (i.e. memory), auditory memory, reading and arithmetic; 4. Further studies showed “major” long-term improvements in self-esteem and concentration, and “significant” improvements in sleep patterns, irritability, organisation and even handwriting. Link to research and books is here http://www.eeginfo.com/doctorothmer/
            Dr. Gerald Oster “Auditory Beats in the Brain”, 1973, Scientific American – The research proved that Binaural Beats do cause Brain Wave Entrainment (i.e. That Binaural Beat frequencies DO affect the brainwaves by entraining them)

            I hope this helps.

          • “A lot” is a rather vague term. You obviously didn’t do much digging, or you’d know that this stuff works. NLP, which was considered fringe science in the ’70’s is now considered completely valid and its use is endorsed by virtually anyone in the field. Some commercial NLP products, certainly the minority, but some nonetheless, employ a somewhat similar layering technique.

            I also don’t know if anyone pointed out that the Quantum Mind products, like most hypnotic self-help, takes about thirty days of use for the full effect to be reached. Your mind has to be trained, just as one would have to train one’s body to know how to swim well. It’s not an overnight process. That applies to their subliminals and hypnosis downloads.

            But I can’t believe you even *tried* Digital Coffee. I, myself, was very skeptical of that one, never thought it would work on me because of the state of my health, and I’ll be damned if I wasn’t up and bustling about as best I could about halfway through it. My husband looked at me as if I were possessed, but after giving it a try, he put it on his work computer and now everyone under him in his department, as well as his boss and his boss’ boss, has grabbed it and are groovin’ on it.

            Some of their programs are a little vague in their purpose statements — the Whole Brain Gratitude program, to be specific. But their two main syncing components appear to work well. I say “appear” only because I haven’t had myself hooked up to a machine to verify it. But, of course, brain synchronization is generally considered to be a very good thing, according to all the mental health (traditional) practitioners I’ve spoken to about it, which is more than a couple hundred by now. (Workshops and all that stuff for CEUs.)

            You might want to rethink your position on this one, at least moving it into the “don’t know” category, before really doing your homework. I have respect for anyone approaching virtually anything from a skeptical perspective, but one also has to keep an open enough mind to the evidence, even anecdotal. Think of Tesla.

            Someone upstream mentioned the Placebo Effect and pooh-poohed these sorts of programs on that basis. If I’m having battlefield surgery, they’re out of morphine, but are able to put me under trance and tell me that I’ve had my morphine shot and I manage to get through the surgery *thinking* I’m under morphine, then who cares whether or not it is placebo? It *worked*.

            What is placebo anyway, but convincing your brain to change its neurochemical response to a specific stimulus? Pretty cool stuff,huh, to be able to change your own neurology? Damn skippy.

            And a “thank you” to JayTe for those notes; there’s a couple things there I’d missed that look interesting.

            • Very well put. Now what argument can Angela come up with to not try this? None, there is no valid argument to not try it. So, either she will try it now or she’s been exposed! (Meaning she actually had a whole different agenda here…)

  39. The 1st time I tried Quantum Mind power, I was up all night making a song on my computer. I went to sleep at 6am and put the Isochronic track and monoraul track playing consecutively. I awoke at 7:30 am, I felt like I slept all night. I felt no anxiety, I went for a jog which I hadn’t done in months, the duration it took for me to read books went from about a week to 3 days (depending on the size but this was a general description). My attention to detail got better overall in every facet of my life. I was a skeptic before I tried it, I had it sitting on my computer for months before I tried. I tried it for shits and giggles. I was amazed at the difference in reality overall. Now maybe this was all in my mind, who really knows. I’m inclined to think that this product does work.

    • Which would be a great example of confirmation bias, You’re a skeptic, so you know what that means.

      • I don’t think you understand what confirmation bias means. I went into Quantum Mind questioning whether this was legit, I was not looking for it to be legit. My mind set was, I don’t know if it works let me try to find out. I wasn’t leaning toward one outcome or the other.

  40. Seems to me this clown has no idea what he is talking about. Give a go and then comment. Nothing placebo about it.

    I’ve tried all the brainwave technologies around (Centrepointe, Perfect Meditation etc) and Quantum is the best. These products are basically meditation enhancement tools. If you’ve ever studied the brain of a Monk I’m sure you’d find some pretty serious positive long term effects on the brain. Please stop spreading disinformation.

      • Evolution didn’t stop 100 years ago. Your really not a skeptic if you haven’t tried it. Do an experiment and take notes. Your arguments hold no weight other wise.

        • This has nothing to do with evolution.

          It is not necessary for everybody to test something before discussing it. The weight of evidence (from what I found during my research on the subject) shows that this is a money-making con. If you can provide evidence that shows otherwise, I will be more than happy to read it and consider it.

  41. I found this 3 paragraph ‘review’ of the Morry Method claiming how well it works: http://ezinearticles.com/?Quantum-Mind-Power-Review—Is-The-Morry-Method-a-Scam?&id=1092108

    Then I googled segments of that ‘review’ and found the same review on 7 different different websites posted by 7 different people. 3 paragraphs – almost verbatim with a few words switched around. That’s either quite a coincidence or it’s a scam.

    I’m going with scam.

  42. So according to the article above, you’ve basically give the aforementioned product a negative review without ever trying it out which IMO makes your article a useless read. Thanks for wasting 3 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back. BTW I think it would be alot more helpful to the readers out there if you actually tried the product first before giving your review.

    • This is not a product review. This is an examination of the false claims made for something that someone is trying to sell you based on lies and pseudoscience. I don’t need to use this to know that it won’t work.

      I refer you to a comment by Varun Simons below in which he says:

      I have been using the program quite a bit for around a month. I downloaded it from isohunt.
      And I believe it has had real Benefits on me but almost entirely because of the placebo effect after reading this. For me this whole mind power program has been like the power balance bands, scam all over again,

      • Please see the part of my comment upstream about what exactly the Placebo Effect is and how it applies in this situation.

        Not to put words into another commenter’s mouth, but I believe the comment about evolution not stopping 100 years ago was not to introduce evolution per se into this, but to point out that our knowledge is still expanding. There are many ways to employ the word “evolution” without referring to the Darwin model.

      • Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory

        Normal Person+Anonymity+Audience=Total Fuckwad

        Proof that Plato’s Ring of Gyges was a prophecy.
        In Plato’s Republic, Socrates proposes what a person would do if they were given the Ring of Gyges, which turns a person invisible and essentially anonymous. Would they still have an incentive to be just under such circumstances? We now know what’s like because of the Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory.

        From Urban Dictionary

      • No you’re the fucking IDIOT & DOUCHBAG. I was merely implying that a product should be tried out for yourself before discrediting it. As far as the fuckwad theory goes , you & Angela are perfect examples of that.

      • But you are wrong Mike, it is not necessary to try something yourself to know if it works or not. If it was, then we would never progress as a species because everyone would have to repeat learning that has already been tested and verified. Right now, we can build upon each other’s discoveries (when they are proven correct).

        Would you say that I’m an idiot because I know that PowerBalance bands don’t work as advertised, or would you insist that I try that out myself?

        • It is not always necessary, most certainly. But when new ground is being broken, and this entire field is quite comparatively new ground, and different methods and methodology are being employed, and it’s really no skin off your nose to try it, since you can play the two major components in your sleep, then I don’t know why you *wouldn’t* try it. It’s not as if someone’s asking you to eat unprocessed tapioca root.

  43. Brillant. Thank you again to spend the time to write these articles to put our “shoes” back on the ground. ” Every time someone promises you enormous returns for no effort, you have to know you are being conned. “

  44. I want to Thankyou.
    For this blog.
    And especially for this article which
    Is the only such article / blog post..
    That I have found on google thus far ( I believe I am on the third page of google results ( search term, “morry zelcovitch scam”
    I have been using the program quite a bit for around a month. I downloaded it from isohunt.
    And I believe it has had real Benefits on me but almost entirely because of the placebo effect after reading this. For me this whole mind power program has been like the power balance bands, scam all over again, and I fell into that scam as well some years back but actually did an exchange for a pair of shoes eventually and I still wear those runners to this day.
    Thank-you for that blog as well and also the one above this one about religion/evolution.
    I agree with you on all points.

    Yours Sincerely Varun Simons, 24, from Victoria,

    P.s, I’m sorry I’m unsure of your name at this point but I would like to keep in contact.

    • Hi Varun,

      I’m really glad that my article helped you, and you will now have more of the tools to spot these kinds of scams in the future.

      The biggest thing to remember is that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

      If you circle me on G+, this should show up on my stream on the day I posted it.

    • Varun, So despite the fact that the program had real benefits for you, it must be a scam?!? Maybe you should try reading actual research on the benefits of binaural beats. Just see my previous comments where I left a long list of research links which your dear friend Angela of course couldn’t respond to because she’s sorely lacking in any understanding of binaural beats or neural science in general. Merry Xmas, JayTe

    • I posted it on Google plus, I guess you could +1 the link 🙂

      (If I’m being too literal-minded I apologise, glad you like the post Anslyn.)

      • Hi, Angela could you please share the google link you posted so I can +1 it and share it as well..

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