GPS error might scupper FTL neutrinos


Is this thing on?

An announcement late last night (South African time) stated that a fault in one of the GPSs used in the OPERA experiment, that measured bursts of neutrinos travelling slightly faster than the speed of light, might be the mundane explanation behind this extraordinary finding.

Sciencemag reports that a source says that a bad fibre optic connection between the GPS receiver used to correct the timing of the neutrinos’ flight and an electronic card in a computer might be the source of the FTL neutrino results reported in September last year.

Of course, the experiment will have to be repeated once the faulty connection has been rectified, just to make sure that this actually accounts for the difference. This is how science works.

But I still haz a sad 😦


2 responses to “GPS error might scupper FTL neutrinos

  1. Ahh! But because of science, here we are ‘talking’ on a keyboard, in real time, from one side of the world to the other! Almost instantly! There is Angela in SOUTH AFRICA! And here am I, in Ohio, middle of U.S.A. !! How interesting is that? Especially to me, a 74 year olf Great Grandmother ! Gotta love it!

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