Ann Coulter is Full of Shit

Today I stumbled across the following quote by Ann Coulter:

(Incidentally, this was posted to Facebook by the same friend who sparked my Athiest, why don’t you just shut up? post)

Is it just me or is that statement by Ms Coulter as insulting as it is absurd?

This is a single-sentence lesson in how to create a giant straw man. Coulter obviously wants to make liberal-minded people seem evil and she does this by concocting a ludicrous position (that abortion is less upsetting than chopping down trees) and then unilaterally ascribes this position to a large and diverse group of people.

Why does Coulter try and sell such an obvious straw man as a legitimate liberal position? Because she is ignorant and likes getting attention for saying outrageous things, I imagine.

I consider myself to be liberal, I’m not sure how liberal I am because I don’t really spend a lot of time trying to fit my thoughts into a narrow definition.

I don’t have a moral or philosophical position on chopping down trees. Sometimes you need to and sometimes it can be avoided and I’d like to see chopped-down trees replaced by newly-planted ones. I understand the ecological impact of logging and am appalled by the damage that is being done to the rainforests.

I do have a moral and philosophical position on abortion. In my opinion it is wrong. When I fell pregnant with my first child I was very young, unmarried and unemployed and I considered abortion. I didn’t consider it for very long, however, and decided that I could not terminate a life to cover up my mistakes. That was the best decision I have ever made and I would never undo it for anything.

Does that mean that my decision would work for every woman who falls pregnant? No.

I have a very supportive family, am well educated and have never had trouble finding employment. I knew that I would be able to cope. But many women are not as fortunate as I am.

I don’t think that what I decide to do with my uterus is anybody’s business but my own. By extension, I don’t think that anybody should ever be allowed to tell any woman what to do with her body, especially when the consequences are bearing a child. That is too big a responsibility to be forced into by anybody.

In my opinion, the people trying to force women to have children against their will are the conservative, religious sectors of society. This is supported by the actions and statements of the religious, condemning women and killing doctors for exercising their rights to do with their bodies as they see fit. And I think it is deeply perverted to try and exercise that kind of power against anyone.

And I’m sure that for every “liberal” out there, there will be another opinion. Some may agree with me, some may differ, and some may not give a damn either way. But I think that Ann Coulter should be more careful about her public statements in the future. Saying demonstrably false, stupid, ignorant things might make her feel all controversial and edgy, but it makes her look stupid and ignorant.


21 responses to “Ann Coulter is Full of Shit

  1. I forgot to mention that I’m a vegetarian who believes in animal rights. This is an important part of my position on the value of the life of a fetus.

  2. I’m a liberal and I am more upset by deforestation then I am abortion. Deforestation will ultimately kill actual people. I don’t consider fetus’ to be people so abortion doesn’t upset me as much as negatively effecting the world through environmental devastation. As for cutting down a single tree, I used to do that every Christmas although only in areas that were going to be developed anyway. No I am not upset by the cutting down of a single tree. I think some animists might be upset at the idea of cutting down a tree for no good reason but I don’t think most liberals are animists. Some of them are but not most. As for how upset people ought to be about abortion that is a difficult question. Before the fetus has developed a central nervous system I would say that it is pretty much like a tree morally speaking. After the fetus develops a central nervous system it become more complicated ethical speaking. I think a fetuses level of awareness ought to be compared to other living creatures. How we value the lives of those creatures should informs us as to how we should value the lives of fetuses. I doubt Coulter is capable genuine philosophical thought so this argument will be lost on her. Oh well. Its best just to ignore her the way its best to ignore internet trolls. They both feed on negative attention.

  3. It’s a hyperbolic statement, insensitive and probably counter-productive, but not entirely without basis in experience — at least in the United States.

    In the north central and west central USA we have acres and acres and hundreds and thousands and tens of thousands of acres of dead pine trees. One reason this pine beetle plague has gone unchecked is the bureaucratic mountains (and years) of red tape that must be sorted before the US Forest “Service” can proceed with what they call “timber treatments.” The reason for the red tape is that every time they want to do a timber sale to thin out the forest, they are sued by many groups such as the Sierra Club and others to stop the sale. Clear cutting of public lands in the USA is done only for meadow-land reclamation. In the Black Hills we don’t clear cut at all, to my knowledge, but apparently that doesn’t matter.

    West Coast liberals don’t seem able to understand this. It seems their thinking is dominated by the magic of Disney with movies such as Pocahontas in which “every rock, every tree, every fountain has a life; has a spirit; has a name.” These people can only see the rain forests falling, but that has nothing to do with US forest management practices.

    As a central USA resident, that’s the way I would interpret Coulter’s statement. Here, “environmentalist” liberals do seem much more concerned about what they believe to be deforestation via timber companies (which are in fact, used by the USFS as allies in managing the forests) than they are about millions of aborted babies. I don’t believe these folk mean ill, nor that they think the trees are more important than an inconvenient pregnancy in which THEY are involved. That’s different. Make it abstract though, and yes. They truly do appear to care more about a dysfunctional environmentalist agenda which is emotionally important to them.

    I appreciate your point of view, and the hardships of women experiencing unplanned pregnancies — I just wanted to clarify why Coulter may have said such a thing. I agree she’s caustic as are all US political pundits on all sides of the issues. Not my choice for listening “pleasure.” Still, I hope this explains the cultural context a bit more. Sorry for the long comment.

    Blessings, Cindy

  4. Souning outrages things is Hoe Ann Coulter make a good income, by selling her wares to conservatives, and Christians in the United Stares of America. The irony is that if conservatives won the day for the past 2,000 years, the only ones hearing what Ann has to say is a husband 6 or more kids all tired of her nagging. Where this would be I don’t know because Christianity may not of become into being, much less a United states of America.

    • I don’t see an quick way to correct a typo. Above Hoe was meat to be how. Now natter how my low my opinion is of Coulter, I wouldn’t call her a hoe.

  5. Nicely done! What people won’t do for PR when they’ve had none for a spell. At least she didn’t have double breast removal. JMO Love the comment about pigs above,LOL

  6. As you mother, I just want to say I will be eternally grateful that you did not have that abortion….. What would our lives be without our wonderful Owie??!!

    My opinion is, unless the foetus is shown to be unlikely to survive for any length of time due to physical or mental abnormality, or the mother’s life is in serious danger, abortion is not an option.

    The only area where I am in two minds is when the pregnancy is as a result of rape…. Then I dont know what I would do. My heart says have the baby and put it up for adoption, but my head says no, because the pregnancy was forced on the woman. I really have difficulty with that situation…

    • Yeah, I couldn’t have an abortion. It’s not the right choice for me and I’m glad I chose the way I did. I am pro-life and pro-choice at the same time.

  7. Love the title…agree wholeheartedly. 🙂 Ann Coulter probably cares deeply for babies when they’re unborn, but if they grow up to become poor because their mothers were kept in a state of financial duress due to being undereducated and underpaid while trying to raise a baby, let’s see how much Ann cares about them then :/

    • I don’t think she cares about unborn foetuses at all. think she cares about making a name for herself.

  8. But her point is it’s not an organ…you mentioned your uterus….it’s a human being that changed your life…enlarged your heart…a uterus doesn’t have a soul…and, obviously, a tree doesn’t her. She uses dramatics to get our attention…on that level she is very successful. Her point is missed in the reactions though….if you think about it…not reactionary thinking…but her intent…she is saying what’s more important….where is your passion? That’s all
    I got out of it….she was uses radical illustrations….and she is witty enough to get pur attention.

    • Except that most abortions in the USA and the UK are performed before 6 weeks gestation. The embryo can’t be considered a child at this point.

  9. I get this sort of thing quite a bit. I am always accused of being a liberal. I guess in many ways I am and in many ways I am not.

    This is another example of classifying a whole cross section of the population via hyperbole.

    Remember… generalzations are NEVER true. 😉

  10. Oh, she’s not ignorant. Far from it. But she’s a pundit in popular media. She’s supposed to talk shit. She gets PAID to talk shit. Conservative and liberal media outlets, alike, love her for her shit and make money from it. When she says something that insults someone who identifies as a liberal and who then blogs about it, she hears this sound: “Ka-ching”. Mission accomplished. Media base and relevance extended. Book sales and paid appearances assured another few years.

    The trick, I think, is not to be insulted by people whose career it is to insult you. It’s not like it’s true discourse or anything. It’s theater. Now, if that quote had come from a sitting official or even a religious leader, I would take them to task. But this is Ann. C’mon. She’s already got the intelligence, the stunning good looks, the height, the hair. Quit giving her wealth!

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