Alternative Medicine Not Effective For Smoking Cessation

As this handy infographic illustrates, alternative treatments such as acupuncture and hypnotherapy are not effective in the fight against tobacco addiction. Real medicine works (better).
Stoptober Smoking InfographicDrEd


8 responses to “Alternative Medicine Not Effective For Smoking Cessation

  1. I think the big miss here is the published study a year or so ago that said the best incentive was monetary. I forget the details, but essentially bigger payouts over time had a very high quit %. Something like $1000 cash at the one year mark, but you start out with $50 instant at the one week mark.

  2. I wonder who sponsored the studies? Great to see Verenicline coming out tops and probably best not to mention the downside of potential serious psychiatric side effects, like suicidal thoughts and behaviour….. might spoil drug sales.

  3. This is a very interesting infographic – thank you for posting it. The branding of hypnotherapy as “NOT EFFECTIVE”, though, appears to be misleading. The accompanying text says that hypnotherapy demonstrates “No improvement over any other form of general counselling” – implying that hypnotherapy reaps the same benefit as any other type of general counselling. And since even phone and internet counselling have an 8% efficacy, it stands to reason that general counselling would produce at least this effect. It seems to me that the “NOT EFFECTIVE” label should be removed from hypnotherapy, as it is misleading.

  4. What was the relapse rate of the medical intervention model? — what was average rate of time before relapsing?

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